Focus T25 Workout Review – Shaun T Does It Again?

By | July 7, 2016

So far I have covered Insanity, Cize and now it’s time for Focus T25 workout review! Insanity has been…… well insane and cize took a whole different approach.

When it comes to DVD workouts then nothing really sticks out like beach body productions, the founder of all Shaun T’s and many other coaches, but for me, I love the enthusiasm of Shaun T and his true passion and the way he delivers a powerful, challenging workout.

The question of this DVD is it milking the cash cow of insanity? Can it top insanity? Why even choose this over insanity? I mean if you haven’t heard of insanity where have you been the wilderness? Will you lose weight?

I went into the Cize review basing it on the insanity and I was disappointed as although Cize is amazing it wasn’t aimed at the insanity market, however, I have heard that focus T25 is!

But hold on…. If it is aimed at the insanity market why wouldn’t you just go out and invest in that? There is a reason and I will get to that shortly if you haven’t worked it out by the title of the DVD.

What Is Focus T25

Focus T25 is another workout series from beach body and Shaun T, it does what it says on the cover, you focus full intensity for 25 minutes that is performed 5 days a week.

Shaun T ran an experiment on himself for a year after research suggests that you can get the same benefit and results in 25 minutes as you can in 45-60 minutes.

You’ve heard of High-intensity Interval training, right? have you tried it? if the answer is yes you will know how good and rewarding this method of training is, now, this is where T25 evolves that this is FIT ( focus interval training)

Never heard of it? neither had I, it’s the same as High-intensity interval training but without NO rests……. say what!!

That’s right, you’re going to be panting, sweating and begging for the timer to end.

Shaun t in his experiment has stripped everything out you don’t need from longer workouts to bring you the same or better results in less time.

Shaun T and beach body bring you 10 explosive workouts in two phases,Alpha and Beta! If you’re curious about what these workouts are here’s a description of each one.


Alpha Cycle – is your first month’s workout and this is the foundation stage that you will do 5 days a week with 2 rest days.

  • Cardio – 25 minutes of heart-pumping cardio to torch calories 
  • Abs Interval -midsection workout to shape, sculpt and burn stubborn belly fat 
  • Speed 1.0 – Burn fat by turning up the tempo
  • Lower Focus – lower body workout, the key to unlocking your metabolism
  • total Body circuit – tone and rip the whole body without lifting any weight

Beta Cycle – same again with 5 days a week and 2 rest days but this month will focus a lot more on the core and up the tempo from the first month.

  • Core Cardio – Progressive from the first months DVD but focus on core
  • Dynamic Core – Crazy core workout that will see you standing one minute and on the floor the next
  • Speed 2.0 – Time to take your speed up a notch from the first month
  • Upper Body Focus – sculpt your body you have dreamed of
  • Rip’t Circuit – time to take the circuits to the next level

With the Focus T25 Workout Set, you also receive a get started guide, workout calendar and nutritional guide.

Focus T25 Workout Reviews

What do I Think About this DVD set…..


So far I have enjoyed all their products but as with everything I do have my concerns about certain things that I will get into shortly.

The Idea of just 25 minutes a day is extremely appealing as I have an extremely busy lifestyle there is a downside to this though because it condensed your not going to rest if this puts you off then  don’t stop reading as there is a solution.

This DVD can be a scary prospect as it is mega challenging, however, with all Shaun T’s workouts there is a modifier as most people can’t keep up with Shaun, just look for one of his colleagues who does an easier slower workout he will point out who that is, in this case, it’s Tanya

My second issue with these DVD’s are if you’re looking to lose weight then fantastic it will most certainly slim you down if you’re looking to shred yourself may be more challenging as your not using any resistance you may see a slight improvement but don’t expect too much.

When I did this programme it was a real blast and sweat fest just because it’s 25 minutes don’t make it easy I found this harder than insanity. I felt my fitness was really starting to improve and as I was in good shape already I didn’t see much difference regarding muscle tone.

The little issues aside I think this is a great investment for anyone who is looking to lose weight or increase cardio fitness.

images (17)

What Do Others Think

In my reviews, I always like to take snippets of what others are saying about the product just so you have more than just my opinion. ee below for some screen shots and snippets and will be linked at the bottom of the page to read for yourself.

It has an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon

Coco – After running for most my life this is an incredible workout.

Emily – Good workout, but couldn’t keep up  as I am terribly unfit

Shaun – Arrived in good time and seeing results

The majority of the reviews are singing the praises if you buy this for the right reasons such as for weight loss and fitness I think you will love it too.

Pros And Cons

Time to see what is in great and not so great about this workout series


  • Effective for weight loss and fitness
  • Quick
  • Great value for money
  • Online support
  • Bonus Items including extra DVD and resistance bands
  • Nutrition guide


  • Even with modifier can be difficult to follow for some such as elderly and beginners
  • May not get some results if looking for toning and shaping


Q) Is it safe with medical issues?

A) With any fitness programme ALWAYS seek permission from a professional medical body  (personally wouldn’t recommend to anyone with heart problems it’s very intense)

Q) Can you mix and match the two different cycles?

A) There is no reason why you can’t but it is a 10-week programme and best results are found following it properly as set out.

Q) Is there a nutrition guide suitable for vegetarian

A) Yes, it does consist of meat and is heavily focused on protein so swap meat for something of your choice high in protein.

Final Word On Focus T25 Workout Review


Hope you found Focus T25 Workout Review Helpful just to summarise this DVD is great for weight loss, fitness and if you looking for the next challenge after insanity but if you’re looking for bulking or really shredded physic then this is most  likely not going to be for you.

I Have no doubt that you will lose weight following this 10-week programme but be warned it isn’t for everyone and you may need to follow the modifier.

If you want an hours result in just 25 minutes then click the relevant button below, you can also look at other buyers reviews on this product

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Love to hear your thoughts, leave your comments below

31 thoughts on “Focus T25 Workout Review – Shaun T Does It Again?

  1. Julie

    Hi Steven,

    I couldn’t agree more, this is one of my favorite workouts … we loved it more than Insanity.
    Insanity was a bit extreme.

    Thanks for the awesome review.

    Thanks again

  2. Marques Pizarro

    I can tell you put a lot of effort into this article because you covered so much content with detail! As a teenage bodybuilder, my goal right now is to lose some weight and get cut, and this product seems right for me. Also, I am glad there is a nutrition guide with it. I am going to invest in this program, thank you so much for sharing this, and I will come back for more reviews like this one!

  3. Marc

    There are about a million takes on training out there. I really love your breakdown though! The days staggered with specific focus on body areas looking forward, as in preparing for the next evolution, is awesome!

    I am a big HIT fan as I have a busy lifestyle. The thing that makes your post great is that it breaks down fitness into an “I can do this on my time” type of program.

    Have you looked into the 4 hour body? Great stuff.

    1. Steven

      I havnt looked in to the 4 hour body but i am super intrested now to see what its all about

  4. renan

    Hi Steven,
    On your article about Focus T25 Workout is being recommended at least 25 minutes of daily exercise that seems reasonable and ease access to all kinds of people.
    I have only 1 question, according to your experience, if one day you can not do the exercises, could double the time the next day? or is it better to skip that day and return to normal?

    1. Steven

      Hi Renan,

      I wouldn’t recommend doing 2 sessions in one day unless you got a death wish…… I would either pick up as normal or just extend the programme by how many days you missed.

      Good luck with this workout

  5. Roopesh

    Hey Steven
    I must admit I too love working out using these home fitness programs. I am a huge fan of Tony Horton and am currently on the P90X Extreme home fitness workout.

    Unfortunately in my country, the Insanity is not available and would have loved to try that out. Now reading your article on T25, sounds like a challenge that I am up for.

    Would definitely like to give this a go. Sure 25minutes is short, but I am sure after you done, you really do feel like a million bucks.

    I am not into the physical muscle building stuff. I am only interested in getting a lean body and I think this is going to fit just perfect into my regime.

    Thanks a mill for this

    1. Steven

      Hey Roopesh,

      What country are you from as insanity is world wide.

      25 minutes will feel a lot longer when doing T25 as your body will be burning (in a good way

  6. Daniel

    You did an excellent review of TRX training in which you covered everything about it from its beginning. I also watched the video which gives a detailed explanation how to use the equipment.
    The thing I like about it more than anything else is that it is lightweight and durable, and you can use it in a variety of different settings such as your garage or basement, or that you can take it with you when you travel. I am also impressed by the fact that it is part of military training which speaks volumes about its effectiveness.
    You have suggested a maximum weight of 350 pounds for people using the equipment, but that seems high because TRX doesn’t appear to be for overweight people trying to get into shape. The training in the video is very intense and seems more appropriate for lighter individuals already in shape.
    I like the equipment but since I am an older guy is there any suggestion on age limit to use it?

    1. Steven

      Hi Daniel,

      TRX is perfectly fine to use if your over weight and a little older in life or even both.

      The way it works is from body weight and how far you “lean” in to the exercise, just like a regular push up you can do them the way “beginners” are taught with knees on the floor or like a regular push up where your toes are on the floor.

      Meaning the intensity as all down to how hard you make it.

  7. Gindy

    That’s a great review, extremely well laid out and informative. Sounds like the the T25 would probably kill me in the first 10 minutes, lol. I can tell you have tried this workout personally, right? Did you find it easy, or hard to stick to the plan? I know 25 minutes doesn’t seem like long, but when it’s high intensity, at least for me, it can be hard to turn it on. What would you recommend for a beginner?
    Thank, Gindy

    1. Steven

      A lot of people dont know that there are modifiers on beach body workout, what I mean is there will be some one next to Shaun T who takes it “easier” so just follow along to them.

      Yes i have tried it for reasearch purposes and its great

  8. Ted

    Great article, the pros and cons were invaluable in making a decision as to its worth and if it would work for me. Thank you for doing the footwork to help me out.

  9. neil

    I had no idea you could lose belly fat like that. This really helped me a lot with losing weight. I love the workouts! I’ve never heard of shaun and t25 but now I know and Im probably going to buy the product. I hope I can lose my belly fat by following his trainings

    1. Steven

      You certainly will lose weight if you follow any of Shaun T workouts there brutal but in a good way.

  10. Matt's Mom

    I think Beach Body has a lot of great videos to lose weight and/or get fit with. I personally have p90x. How do you think it compares with T25 which I had never heard of before? Would you recommend one over the other? Which one would that be? They all seem simple to do at home, but p90x kicks my butt!

    1. Steven

      Beach Body are by far the the best closely followed by Les mills but he as kinda branched at in health clubs and gyms where as beach body are at home.

      P90x is similar to insanity for intensity and that too will kick your butt, Focus T25 is a condensed version of insanity its the same intensity but with no breaks and done in 25 minutes.

      I wouldn’t recommend any over the other as there all killers they also have a dance DVD out not as intense but wasn’t designed to be it more fun and its called Cize

  11. Xaric

    I have tried many types of exercises in my life with success!
    It seems like a valid training program and if you are a little more experienced you could alter it a bit according to your knowledge of your body and your goal and get maximum results very fast.!

  12. Racheal

    I love Beachbody products and have recently done the 21 Day Fix. I have also done HIT in a different setting live and I happy to see T25 has the same set up…but without the rest periods. I imagine this workout program would be great for anyone who wants to up their intensity and really tone their body. Thanks for the great review.

    1. Steven

      Never tried the 21 day fix!! What is it like I know about it and the principles of how it works but is it easy to stick to?

      I love High intensity workouts I really promote that over everything else it is so powerful have you tried Insanity as thats a real blast but you do get breaks although short ones!!

  13. Josephine Crawford

    I have never used a ShaunT DVD before, mainly because they seem too advanced for me at this stage, but your review had me encouraged and motivated to try. Thanks for posting.

  14. summerly

    I have been looking into more HIIT workouts lately and this seems like it may fall into that category. Although it looks pretty intense in the beginning, is it offered in a beginner stage? I don’t mind working out and being active, and for less than half an hour a day is great, but if it is too difficult at the start I get discouraged and tend to stop.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi summerly,

      They have something called a modifier which is basically someone who takes it easy to follow along to for people such as yourself, and because your at home you can catch your breath when ever you want to

  15. Jeremy

    I’m a huge fan of Shaun T but usually stick to the Insanity workouts. After seeing your review the T25 I’m excited to give this a try. Like you mentioned, a 25 minute workout is very appealing. Thanks!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Its definatly a good challenge and if your familiar with the Shaun T series then this will be right up your street

  16. Matt

    Although I never had a Shaun T product I can tell just from the commercials that the enthusiasm is there. This one seems really hard and I bet you would need all the enthusiasm and motivation you need. 25m of straight, intense cardio is crazy!

    I like how Shaun’s programs aren’t lose weight fast schemes. They are legit as high intense workouts for short period bursts are backed by science to be effective. This probably is surfing the money wave after insanity but it seems to be legit nonetheless.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It is Matt I found it way harder than insanity although longer you do get a rest, I do think there is a special place for this as it’s quick and if you looking for a challenge then you’re good to go.

      Science does back high intensity and following this will almost certainly assist with weight loss.

  17. Kathy Keith

    Well this was an eye opener for me, as I have never heard of any of these programs, other than Beach Body. I think that has been around for a while, but after reading this, if I were interested in this type of training, this might be the ultimate workout. Very well reviewed and set up with Pros and Cons. Thank you for posting this!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you for stopping by, i am glad your eyes are open! this isn’t for everyone but everyone could do it if you know what I mean


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