An Easy Diet Plan to Lose Weight (5 Pillars To Change Your Life)

By | January 12, 2019

Finding an easy diet plan to lose weight isn’t easy. In fact, the internet is littered with confusing and contradicting information. Moreover, a lot of it can be misleading and ineffective. Not to mention, dangerous!

When looking for a diet plan to lose weight, it needs to be set in solid foundations. Furthermore, there is only one way to lose weight. The fat loss industry doesn’t want you knowing. Instead, it wants you to fail; it wants you to keep coming back and spending money.

You only have to look at social media to see the constant fads, such as weight loss shakes, herbal teas, and crazy diets that are impossible to stick to.

An easy diet plan to lose weight

What if I told you, you could lose weight FOREVER and never put it back on for less than $20! Think I’m lying? Probably the same as the fads I’ve just spoken about?

You’d be wrong, and I wouldn’t be selling you a product that promises any weight loss. Instead, I would be giving you the tools and education (Plus, an actual diet plan to follow) to make the change from fat to fit and brimming with confidence. The genuine diet part is up to you! That said, it is possible to lose up to 15lbs in 30 days.

As mentioned above, there is only one way to lose weight. You’ve probably heard of it but don’t know how it works or where to start. Simply put, Calories in Vs. Calories out. (1)

Any good diet plan to lose weight needs to have this essential function backed by science. In fact, using this method allows you to eat what you love. (in moderation)

Tell me, how well does it sound now?

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An easy diet plan to lose weight

A Good Diet Plan To Lose Weight Has To Be Based On A Calorie Deficit!

As stated, the only way to lose weight is by burning more calories than you are eating. However, Where do you start? What is your calorie deficit? How many calories are in certain food types?

Well, this is simple and calculated through an easy formula, and it goes like this –

Your weight in lbs x11 = starter point

Your starter point + 400 = calorie needs

Calorie needs – 750 = Target deficit amount

As for knowing how many calories are in certain foods, I provide a full 25-minute video tutorial on an app called My Fitness Pal.

As you can see above, any diet plan to lose weight needs to be centered around this principle. If it isn’t, you won’t lose weight or, you will lose weight and just put it back on in a few weeks or months.

It’s important to remember this formula needs to be recalculated once a week. The reason being, you will be losing so much weight over the first few weeks that your calorie needs will be changing!

You Have The Choice To Continue Being Overweight Or To Act Now!

Over ten years, I have read countless diet and nutritional guides and combined the best aspects of each, coupled with scientific theory, to create a “Lifestyle Diet Makeover.”

Lifestyle Diet Makeover is an easy diet plan that works unlike fad diets such as Atkins diet, Herbalife, Nutricleanse, and the like. Moreover, Lifestyle diet Makeover won’t leave you with nasty side effects such as bad breath and double vision.

Because this diet plan is a lifestyle change and not a starve yourself thin kind of program. You will have long term success not just in weight loss but in many aspects of your life.

15 weight loss myths exposed

The fact you are reading this page is proof that you’re not happy with your weight right now

You have two choices:

A) Keep *thinking* about making the change, but you don’t have to start right now. You can begin tomorrow, next week, next month or

B) Take action and start losing weight right now!

If you fit into category A, then I’ve got some bad news for you. Tomorrow will probably never come. You see, you’re already making an excuse to continue with your unhealthy lifestyle and losing weight is practically impossible if you’re in the “excuse business.”

Think about how unhappy it makes you that:

  • Clothes were comfortable on your a few years ago are now too tight to fit.
  • You look back at old pictures and wish that you “still looked like that.”
  • You feel embarrassed to take your top off at the beach or around the pool when you’re taking a vacation.
  • You have to concentrate on holding your belly in during sex rather than enjoying the moment.
  • You’re not sure if your partner finds you as attractive as when you first met and you were much lighter and fitter.

And those are just problems that you are experiencing now. Imagine how it will feel in later life when you visit the doctor with chest pains, and he tells you that you’re a heart attack patient waiting to happen…

You have the chance to change your life before that conversation ever happens…

With that in mind… Starting the diet right now is the only way to go…

The Lifestyle Diet Makeover is a fantastic program for anyone who is trying to lose weight regardless of your situation…

What’s Included In This Easy Diet Plan To Lose Weight?

In contrast, other diet plans, programs, and fad products will cost you 100’s if not 1000’s of dollars. With the help of several dieticians a nutritionist, and hours of dedication and research, I can bring you a whopping 31-page ebook.

Here are some of the features of The Lifestyle Diet Makeover

  • The 5 ‘Secret Pillars’ of Weight Loss (ignoring these keeps most people fat!)
  • The healthy foods to eat that “make the cut” and even help shed pounds
  • Essential rules of eating (you think it’s just about the foods? wrong)
  • How to eat healthy if you’re on the go
  • The key to healthy meal replacements and my favorite meal-subbing strategies
  • The “real-deal” low-down on supplements and what does work
  • The ‘Secret Sauce’ to making the Lifestyle Makeover Diet Work… Permanently!

The Lifestyle Diet Makeover is more than just the science of food and drink.

Furthermore, to help you lose more weight at a quicker pace, I have included a 4-week workout guide.

Bonus Free Content When You Purchase Lifestyle Diet Makeover

When You buy this easy diet plan to lose weight, you will receive three bonuses FREE!

Bonus #1 Visual food reference. (Value $19)

Using this visual food reference while out shopping will help make the best choices when choosing the right food that fits within your lifestyle.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to take the computer everywhere you go; just a smartphone will do. In fact, to make life easier, there is a clickable table of contents to make life easier and find what you want with a touch of the finger.

Bonus #2 Online calorie-tracking program video tutorial (Value $19)

People who track what they eat have twice the weight that people who don’t. That’s why I have included a 25-minute video tutorial on how to use “my fitness pal.”

Don’t worry its a free app that has a massive database. This tool is essential as to what calories you are putting in. That way, we know exactly how many you need to be in a calorie deficit.

Bonus #3 pocket workout cheat sheet (value $17)

Going to the gym is optional. However, going to the gym does add some benefits. Not only will you be in a safe environment, but you will also have a level of commitment. Although joining a gym is another outlay, and you will still lose weight with this diet plan.

If you do choose to go to the gym, then the pocket workout cheat sheet has everything you need –

  • The exact exercises you need to do for maximum effect
  • What days to work out
  • The number of sets to do
  • The number of reps for those sets
  • How to select the correct weight to lift
  • How to switch up your regime to avoid hitting a plateau in your weight loss
  • …And much more!

The Part You Won’t Like!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how easy a diet plan to lose weight is if you don’t start one. I will give you all the tools for success and guarantee you will lose weight immediately and keep it off if you follow the advice and guidance in this ebook.

You’re going to be doing the hard work, and I thank you in advance. You should be proud of yourself and stop with all the yo-yo and fad dieting.

Ask yourself this, how will you feel if –

  • The old clothes that were previously too small for you finally fit again?
  • Could you look back at old photos and think, “now I look even better”?
  • You could take your shirt off on the beach or around the pool and knew that you looked great?
  • Did you look better than ever when naked?

Now obviously, this program can’t eat healthy FOR you. It won’t lift the weight for you, either.

You’re going to be doing the work. You won’t be lost for a single second using this guide, but when it comes down to it, you will have to do the work.

Nothing can replace that! Not a stupid product from a late-night infomercial, no “brand-new” elixir or pill, and there’s certainly no “easy button” for getting the body you want.

But can you make it happen? Yes, absolutely! This is the most manageable diet plan to lose weight and for  a no brainer price of just $19.97



46 thoughts on “An Easy Diet Plan to Lose Weight (5 Pillars To Change Your Life)

  1. arnaiemhasan

    Hi ,

    This is really a great information about an easy diet plan to loss weight . I believe, if you follow  this article, you can be help to lose weight . Many people are interested in your plan as a strategy for a weight loss . In addition to a weekly food plan , you receive an extensive list of food to avoid .The diet also encourages exercise 2-3  times per week . I will follow this information . Thanks for providing this information with us .

  2. Barbara

    Finding the right diet is alwayas a very difficult task. When you are on the net there are plenty of ideas and diets that are being promoted and all promising the world, sometimes I even find it overwhelming becasue I really do not know what to chose and which one is the right one for me. Truth is, like you say it, dieting requires exercise and the right frame of mind before anything else. I am definately interested in finding out more from the e book and I look forward to more insights, maybe this time I will be succesfull and thanks to you

  3. Luke

    Hi Steven, very good and informative article about easy diet plan to lose weight. As you mentioned, the people who search for some easy diet don`t have an easy job, there is a flood of information about this topic everywhere. The diet with a concept of calories deficit seems reliable and it really could work, it is actually about changing lifestyle. I`m sure your article will be helpful for anyone who is dealing with problems with weight, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Louis

    Hello Steven,

    It’s really true that a lot of information on the internet can be misleading and dangerous like diets that encourage people to starve to lose weight. I believe the key to losing weight is based on the diet one indulges in. However, it’s difficult to stick to a clean diet especially for people who are always on the move. It’s always better to start now because the perfect time would never come.

    Warm regards

  5. Lok Which

    I’m so glad I came across this post. One of my goal for this year is to loose weight and I have really been looking for how to go about it and no good result yet, so reading this article, it seems this is really a nice product and I will give this a try by purchasing one of this. Thanks for sharing this information.

  6. Michel

    I have never been a firm believer in fad diets, but eating fewer calories than you burn makes a lot of sense. Obviously, if you eat more calories than you burn each day the weight will slowly pile on, so we need to figure out a way to reverse this.

    I am trying to do this by putting my food choices into an app on my phone each day, and it is not as easy as it sounds. I am also trying to swap out for healthier salads more, which fill you up and have fewer calories. I think changing your lifestyle is a process and it takes time and patience, which is something most people don’t have.


    Hi there, Steven!A very informative and helpful article especially to those who have been striving to lose weight and eliminate that stubborn belly fat. I also had belly fats before but it really takes patience and hard work to work it out at the gym to eliminate them and I’m just maintaining what I have now. The product you’ve been trying to promote here seems so cool and you gave me a great idea what present I should give to my brother who really got a big belly and he’ll be celebrating his birthday next month. However, I’ve been trying to access any links to know more about the product but couldn’t find any. You’re perhaps working on those links yet but I’d love to visit your site back to probably grab one of your product for my bro.

    Thanks though for the great read and some really good inputs.


    1. Steven

      Hi Jules,

      Great to hear you’ve done well with losing weight. Heres the thing, it doesn’t matter if it’s my product or someone else’s. As long as it is set with good foundations such as calorie in vs calorie out has my seal of approval. 

      Anything else claiming to lose weight without this basic requirement isn’t sustainable or going to work in the first place.

      If you want you can always get your bro to email me at for a chat around what steps he can take next.

  8. Zayn Hiew

    Hey Steven,

    A great article to lose weight. I am fit for category A who always think there is a tomorrow and making a lot of excuses which had caused my health deteriorated. I am pretty interested in your Lifestyle Diet Makeover 31-pages ebook, and where l can buy it. I unable to locate any link to purchase this e-book.

    Thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hey Zayn,

      Thank you for reading an easy diet plan to lose weight and reminding me about the link. At the time of writing this, it was still in production but all is finished now so the link will be up ASAP.

      I too can be a type A kind of person. if something is important to me ill get it done if it does not I will find an excuse. unfortunately, most people take their health for granted until either it’s too late or something bad has happened to them.

      The good thing about this diet plan is it allows you to still eat the things you like.

  9. Matiss

    “Finding an easy diet plan to lose weight isn’t easy. In fact, the internet is littered with confusing and contradicting information. Moreover, a lot of it can be misleading and ineffective. Not to mention, dangerous!” 

    These are some very wise words. Couldn’t be truer!!!

    Overall I really liked your message. I liked how raw you were and how true it all is. One has to take action right now if that one really cares. There is no starting next week or starting next month, or making it your next year’s resolution.

    Not wanting to do it or procrastinating on it is your brain tricking you into not becoming who you really want to be. There is a lot of neuroscience out that proves that our brain is naturally wired to resist change and divert to old patterns.

    Don’t trust your brain.

    Rather recent research has shown that it takes 66 days to form new habits and solidified pathways. The good news is that after 66 days it will get much easier. But here’s the bad news – before that it’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be hell for you. Your brain will be screaming at you that you can’t do it, that it is stupid that you’re doing it. 

    But if that is what you really want in your life, you have to ignore that critic in your brain and do it anyway. One step at a time. And do know that it’s completely normal to have your brain going bonkers on you. Don’t listen to your brain. Remember who you really want to be. 

    And then just step into it!!!!!

    It is a great thing you’re doing here, Steven. I wish you the best of success!

    Have a Great One!


    1. Steven

      Hi Matiss,

      thanks for the extremely detailed comment I feel very humbled you’ve taken the time. I couldn’t agree more about the habit-forming.

      I don’t eat clean every day. In fact, I eat what I want so my brain doesn’t scream at me. All I do is make sure I stick to my calories. I don’t even count calories anymore because I’ve formed a habit and know roughly whats in what when it comes to food.

      I don’t have a six pack nor do I aspire for one but I’m in pretty good shape and I still enjoy cakes, crisps and even pizza.

      Losing weight doesn’t have to feel like a punishment if its done right and that’s why this easy diet plan to lose weight is perfect for people who don’t want to give up all the foods they enjoy

  10. Henry

    Hi Steven! I agree with you! Finding an easy diet isn’t easy! I hate all that misleading information we find online. And I’m grateful to persons like you that save us time by truly delivering quality.

    I’ll take action. And I really like all these bonuses this diet has. As you say, it doesn’t matter how easy a diet plan to lose weight is if we don’t start one! And I’ll start today! Thank you very much!

    1. Steven

      Hi Henry, 

      Yup, you have to start to see results. Usually, this is the hardest bit. Normally if you get through the first few weeks you start forming habits and becomes a new lifestyle.

  11. Seun Afotanju

    The first step to take when trying to loose weight is making up your mind to finish up, keto diet was a start for my girlfriend when she was trying to loose weight and she backed it up with daily exercise which really is exhausting for her based on her schedule but would it be advisable for her to go vegan too? 

    1. Steven

      Hi Seun,

      There is a lot of studies detailing the benefits of a plant-based diet. one of these benefits is weight loss. However, it usually comes down to eating fewer calories. 

      None vegans have access to a high carb diet and food groups with carbs in usually have sugars in. Especially if they aren’t complexed carbs. 

      I’d advise your partner to do research first and see if vegan is right for her. It certainly isn’t for everyone especially if you like the taste of meat.

  12. Kinggold19

    This is the real deal because many are struggling about losing weight. That means to lose weight is based on some principles  not just any way around it. This principles ranges from the fact that you must know the calorie in the food you eat, the one the body require and the one to expend. You need not to look further to lose weight because the solution is here. Good job.

    1. Steven

      Thank you Kinggold19

      Its all about educating yourself. That way, you don’t have to live the rest of your life in starvation mode and still eat the things you enjoy.

      Its all about calories in vs calories out. its the only way.

  13. Pam

    Hi Steven,

    Thank you so much for your diet post! Wow! a diet plan for under $20 thats amazing! I have some family members that will benefit from this diet plan but I fair that they might not believe me when I tell them that it is only $19.97 so I will be referring them to your website. Thank you so much and have a great day!



    1. Steven

      Hi Pam,

      I want people to buy this product with confidence and not spend dollar after dollar trying to attain the right size. its important to me for people to get the help with a one-time payment and achieve results.

       Thanks for telling your family about this easy diet plan to lose weight 

  14. Clement

    Thank you for this content filled post, your post is well detailed and very easy to comprehend. Thou there are many products out there making appealing claims about weight loss. But at $19 I find this really affordable. I will share this post with my friends.but how fast can one lose weight when placed on the right diet? 

    1. Steven

      Hi Clement,

      Its a very complexed question. You can lose weight super fast if you cut out carbs (I don’t recommend that) However, it’s not fat you will be losing initially. It will be water retention. guess what, soon as you introduce carbs again it comes straight back.

      From a good lifestyle change, you could lose up to 21lbs in just 3-4 weeks comfortably. but everyone is different. getting started is the important part.

      Furthermore, try not to concentrate on what the scales say. if you are exercising then you will be building muscle. Thus the scales won’t go down as quick as you think but you will look leaner and have a lot of confidence.

      especially when people tell you how good you look! 

  15. Dhayours

    Yeah, very true. A good diet plan to loose weight has to be on a calorie deficit. Many people are gaining unwanted weight nowadays therefore the number of those wanting to lose weight are increasing daily. Many methods and drugs for weight loss are just everywhere. I believe that the best way is through diet planning. 

    1. Steven

      People just want a pill for everything now. If not a pill then a sharp instrument to cut you and suck the fat out. I find it crazy that people will go to them lengths but not try something that works. Calorie deficit!

      Its not even hard work and you can still eat the things you enjoy, just not as much. obesity has fast become an epidemic and your big pharma’s are rubbing their hands and counting the money that’s about to come in.

      Not only that you have your charlatans circling like hungry sharks waiting to sell you the next miracle in a bottle or shake.

      I strongly believe that Doctors should work with the fitness industry but it will never happen. The medicine industry stands to lose to much if they do.

      It’s rather sad really, as people are suffering and don’t know where to turn to

  16. -johnny

    I’m currently on a weight loss Journey then I couldn’t agree more on multiple points throughout. Number one those fad diets are dangerous even though you didn’t mention any details in particular I remember losing lots and lots of weight doing the lemonade and maple syrup diet thing but I think I also screwed something up doing that I did it for so long for so many years ( you know doing it 10 to 30 days at a time)  but I started having” dietary issues”. anyway plus one for my fitness pal as well not only is it great for tracking everything but it also has a community element to it.

    1. Steven

      Hi Johnny,

      There is a couple of reasons why I won’t mention any particular detail’s

      1) There are too many to mention for this post.

      2) They often have cult-like followers who will troll me and people commenting on this thread. I really don’t want to spend my days deleting and arguing with those types of people. 

      If people want to try fad diets and it works for them then I’m really happy for them. however, almost every fad diet I’ve seen encourages you to be in a calorie deficit. This begs the question –

      Why do you need that product then? couldn’t you just be in a calorie deficit without it? of course, you can!!

      Ive never heard of the maple and lemonade diet before I will check it out…

  17. Ayobami Fakolujo

    This is an awesome piece of information.
    I’ll be back to do business soonest

  18. Lydia

    Found this article really helpful as I’m in the process of losing weight at the moment. I would recommend this article to anyone who wants to lose weight or want to maintain their targeted weight. Thank you.

  19. Josephine Jennifer Crawford

    I am tempted to order this package but would appreciate if you would share a bit more with me before. I was diagnosed with diabetes. Does this package cater to my needs of fewer carbs and sugars? I also do better on a plant-based diet. Can I still use this plan to lose weight?

  20. Si Watson

    A brilliant post you have done here, and yeah, you’re right, procrastination does lead to no ACTION being taken when it comes down to losing the weight. Although, I don’t wish to rush headlong into something lol? However, your diet plan sounds very intriguing. I’ll return when I have thought some more.

    Thanks for such a great article


  21. Jamaar sampson

    Love how you break down exactly what to do and how it will benefit definitely will pass this along boss!

  22. Stella

    A very well put together article with the info one needs to make a decision. It is all about choices you say … but do we have a choice? When you health is at risk you need to know all the important facts.
    Thank you for making the right choice so easy!
    Bush Lady

  23. Nuttanee

    You are so right, losing weight is just as simple as calories in and calories out. In my lifetime, you name it, I tried all the fads diets. They don’t work but I think deep in my mind that if I follow some fad diet I will lose weight and keep it off. I think it is all about your mindset. I know that a whole pie of pizza isn’t good for me or drinking too mich isn’t good for me, but I still lose it from time to time and eat. I am talking about me in the past, no I have slowly changed my relationship with food. Now I only food in moderation, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy, if I really want it, I portion it out. When I go out to eat I use my fist to comepare with my food portion. (Someone told me that the size of your fist is the size of your stomach, not sure if it’s accurate but I have been using this trick) Changing my relationship with food was hard and still is, there are so many temptations when I go to work or meet up with friends. In my opinion, it is a process, you need to love yourself and forgive yourself more when you over eat. Great article will share this to my friends.

    1. Steven

      Hi Nuttanee,

      The problem you have with these fad diets is this, you see highly attractive male and females with amazing bodies promoting it. I can tell you know they didn’t get it from the fad diets.

      Combination of calorie deficit and genetics. I really despise some of these companies and the tactics they use to hook desperate people in.

      They know too well the overweight category is a vulnerable set of people and will pay 100’s and even sometimes 1000’s. the problem is it puts people off buying genuine plans.

      P.s, I’m not sure about the fist and stomach size either. I can sure eat more than a fist full!

  24. charles39

    I am one of those guys who needs to start planning their diet  it can be very flustrating to be gaining wait and you can’t control how heavy you are  becoming but all this could have been prevented if I had been taken diet seriously . I really need to change and that changes begins know with this kind of diet I know I will win

    1. Steven

      Small changes of time make big different Charles. Start by lowering your calories by a few hundred a day and see what happens to your weight.

      Thank me later. 

  25. Sujandar Mahesan

    Having a diet plan is very important for anyone in this world right now. Nowadays in this busy world it is so hard to keep up the diet plan. This article has a step by step plan fr anyone who needs a great diet plan. It was really easy to understand and read this article.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

    1. Steven

      Sujander, think of it as a lifestyle change. Like if you start a new job you change your lifestyle to accommodate without even thinking about it.

      when it comes to our own health and well being we put it last. 

  26. Myles

    Gotta say that is a lot of program for only $20 (19.97)… as you say there is way too much fad diet offers on the internet. It is good to find an approach based on the “calorie deficit” that you talk about. I get tired of reading all the BS ads and hype and unrealistic devices or pills that make fat magically disappear. We all want it to come easy but the reality is it takes some work a few changes and an honest plan to get the job done. Thank you for delivering the good stuff.

  27. Alejandra


    I was looking for good information to help me to lose some weight, I’m happy I found your website today, I’m not looking for a fast diet to follow, I’m looking to find a place where I can learn from and change my bad eating habits for the right ones.

    It sounds interesting, I will take a look to your ebook!

    Thanks for sharing a good article to read today, about the right way to lose weight!

    1. Steven

      Hi Alejandra,

      You have the right idea about not wanting a fast diet. Very rarely do they work long term. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.

      How much weight do you want to lose? what do you class as bad eating habits at the moment?  I could try and help you before purchasing this product. However, if you want to really educate your self then its well worth the $20 

      Let me know how you get on…

  28. Chrissie Spurgeon

    The diet plan you advocate sounds really interesting and effective.

    I like that you emphasis that losing weight and keeping it off does actually mean a change in lifestyle.If you opt for healthy foods, and keep away from calorie rich snacks, you are well on the way. Plus exercise makes any diet more effective as it helps to burn the calories that you do have.

    And the app that you offer sounds like a really good idea.

    I think that I may well take a look at your plan.

    Very many thanks for your information

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Steven

      Thanks Chrissie,

      A lot of people choose to go on a diet for a quick fix. Don’t get me wrong, quick fixes are ideal in some situations but an overhaul on your lifestyle is much better.

      I really want to educate people about choosing the right product. Products that are set in good foundations. As I have stated you only lose weight from being in a calorie deficit.

      If I can deter one person from being ripped off then I’ll be super happy. whether they buy this product or another similar Ill also be happy.

  29. Jermy

    Hi really great article as am a average size guy being seeking other ways as to lose belly fat and I most say its bing a hard task doing crunches an other working out that had to stop also trying stuff that doesn’t seem to work, and to be honest I had lost hope as to getting ridbof the excess a fat but this article give me a jump to say I’ll try again some am a try it your way to see what happens.. thanks much 

    1. Steven

      Hi Jermy,

      General speaking crunches don’t work for fat loss. This was a dream sold many years ago by the weight loss industry. Thinking on a logical level the belly area is quite small so the muscles there won’t require as much energy (calories)

      So you could literally do hundreds and see no improvement and in some cases actually appear to be fatter. Reason for this is you are building muscle under the fat. So, if you aren’t losing fat and building muscle you will weight more and appear bigger.

      The easiest, healthiest way to lose weight is through diet. Eat fewer calories and burn more off. some say 80% diet and 20% exercise is the key.

      I say the same as science says. Calorie deficit is the only way or you will never lose weight.


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