Dr. Fuhrman’s 7 Day Crash Diet

By | April 13, 2022

Straight off, the word “crash” with regard to dieting makes me cringe. However, Dr. Fuhrman’s 7-day crash diet may be the real deal. However, after seven years of reviewing various diets, I usually find them to be almost worthless. That said, there is a place for crash diets in some instances to lose weight really quickly. Perhaps you may have surgery coming up or a wedding. Regardless, I will give a detailed review of my beliefs and opinions on this diet plan.

Who is Dr. Fuhrman?

Dr. Joel Fuhrman M.D is a seven-time New York best-selling author and is recognized internationally for his work and expertise in reversing disease through food and natural practices. Furthermore, he is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of medicine and an actor staff member on the board of Hunterdon medical center

Dr. Fuhrman was a fantastic figure skating winning a medal. However, he sustained an injury this unjust set him off in his interest in helping people with natural remedies. As reported by Fuhrman, he uses alternative medicine to help speed up the recovery that was given to him by a Naturopath.

Since then, he has become a family practitioner and the best-selling author with his most popular worldwide “eat to live”I know people who have read and tried this particular plan talk fondly of it. Personally, I have not read it but intend to. Maybe do a review on it as well

Opposed skepticism within the medical field

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has received skepticism from fellow physicians. See below for some comments that have been made.

Peter Lipson, a physician, and writer of alternative medicine have been particularly vocal about Fuhrman’s health equation, stating since it’s terms cannot be quantified, it’s nothing more than a parlor trick.

Dietitian Carolyn Williams has described Fuhrman’s nutritarian diet as a fad diet. According to Williams “This can be helpful for people who feel stuck in their weight loss journey and want to totally reset or detox their diet following a holiday or vacation. Although this diet is marketed as an eating pattern, it is essentially a fad diet. Those who wish to try this diet should go into it knowing that it is not sustainable for everyone long-term, and is only a temporary quick fix to lose weight.[16]

The thing is, I do wonder if this is genuine skepticism or just rubbishing the competition. All these skeptics have their own diet plans, books, etc. there is plenty more criticism around Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to weight loss. However, I’d probably agree with Carolyn and state there is a place for this kind of diet. I will cover why further on.Dr. Fuhrman's 7 Day Crash Diet


How does the diet work?

As you can imagine, Dr. Fuhrman’s 7-day crash diet has very specific foods to eat. We will cover what you can and can’t eat later. For know, we will look at the process of how it causes weight loss.

The diet predominantly claims it offers nutrient-dense food that will stave off hunger. Not only is the food nutrient-dense it will also be low in calories. This in turn will create a calorie deficit.

The plan has three stages

Step 1:

Follow the 90/10 Rule Every

The whole seven days will follow this rule. 90% of foods will be nutrient-dense. In this case, you’ll be eating fruits, veggies, beans and lentils, seeds, and nuts. For the remaining 10%, you can have healthy oils, meat, and dairy.

Step 2: Fuhrman’s secret weapon BOM’s

BOM’s stands for berries, onions and mushrooms. Due to the fact these foods can prevent cancer by blocking blood flow Dr. Fuhrman maintains you can use this to block blood flow to fat cells. With Dr. Fuhrmans theory the more you eat of these foods the more weight you lose!

Step 3: Skinny detox shakes

The idea of skinny detox shakes is to provide you with nutrient dense foods that will “flush fat from you body”. By using pomegranate, strawberries and lemon this will help with repairing oxidative stress that can cause disease

My thoughts on DR. Fuhrmans 7-day crash diet

Look, it’s an extreme form of weight loss, and as I suspected, this isn’t a diet for the long term. Sure you can stop and start it whenever you feel you’ve put weight back on. However, this defeats the whole point of starting in the first place. For me, the whole point of losing weight is longer-term and forever. I just can’t see this being a lifestyle change and I firmly put this into the fad diet box.

Don’t get me wrong you’re certainly going to lose weight and most likely feel somewhat better within yourself. The reason being is you’re going to be eating a lot of nutrient-dense foods. However, if this was to be done long term I think you’d get tired of the same vegetables day in and day out. I prefer diets such as intermittent fasting for healthy weight loss

For me this diet is way to restrictive. I would be miserable. It certainly isn’t sustainable which I assume that’s why it’s only a 7-day crash diet.

Dont get me wrong you will lose weight but I’m skeptical to how much weight. Furthermore, is it fat loss or water retention that you lose. In either case, the weight you lose will soon return once you go back to normal habits.

My opinion is a hard no. I can start a proper lifestyle change within seven days and be through the worst part of any change such as cravings and over consumption.

The Real Secret Weapon to this diet.

The real reason you lose weight on this diet comes down to calorie deficit. I found it quite alarming that a doctor would tout the idea of cutting off blood flow to fat cells. This technique is called molecule liposuction and as yet only works on mice.

All diets I’ve ever come across are based round calorie deficit. In fact, I would go as far to say it’s the only way to lose fat.


The diet isn’t horrendous in its self. Its packed full of healthy foods that will provide a whole host of benefits. However, the problem its duration. You didn’t put the weight on within 7 days and you won’t lose it either. Sure, some weight loss will occur but you need to be realistic of you goal.

Dr Fuhrman’s 7-day crash diet does have a place in the weight loss market. Maybe you need to lose weight for a surgery or wedding and your long term lifestyle type plans such as calorie deficit just don’t cut it.

The real issue I have with crash and fad diets is there so restrictive and all said and done they are basically extreme calorie deficits repackaged as some sort of miracle cure.

They always slightly misleading with the word and slogans they use like “flush fat”. There is no flushing fat process. The way you lose fat is based solely on energy surplus or insufficient energy.

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