Does Weight Watchers Work |Find Out The Truth

By | December 9, 2015

Does Weight Watchers Work

Over the years I have known many people try different diets, some good, some not so good. One company has been around for decades, so does Weight Watchers work?.

In the UK between 2004 and 2014, members lost in total 8 million stone collectively!. In 2011 two million brits joined this programme and I know of at least 5 people who have had great success.

Even the NHS has officially approved Weight Watchers by actively referring patients to help the overweight shed them extra pounds,  this partnership works fantastically well the NHS saves money, Weight Watchers makes money and the end result, you lose weight, everyone is a winner!

Does it work….. most defiantly, its the biggest and most trusted weight loss programme globally for a reason.

This review is all about the online plan that gives you access to loads of tools to help you combat your fat through dieting.

does weight watchers work

Eat cake lose weight, anyone?


The Birth Of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers didn’t set out as a business concept, it was formed by a lady called Jean Nidetch in 1963, who, herself had a “fat” problem. Jean weighed in at 214 lbs (15 stone) and a size 44 dress.

Jean, by her self-admission, had a “cookie obsession” like many people today Jean tried and failed at many different fad diets, her last attempt at a clinical diet in queens New York helped her lose 20 pounds, however, it

made her life “grim” sticking to it. Sound familiar?

A phone call to her friends about her experience shown her she wasn’t the only one with “Frankenstein’s” (her word for obsessions) before long Jean invited her friends around to her house and they all made confessions about their Frankenstein’s and the foundation for Weight watchers was set. They all started losing the extra rolls and word started to spread and people started to come for help.

Jeans approach was to build empathy, rapport, support and show care, which is still there during meetings and throughout the company today and it didn’t take to long before 30+ overweight people were crammed into her house all looking for support.

As you can imagine 30 people in a small place wasn’t ideal so they expanded and a business was born, eventually going global and being recognised by Heinz food company, the Secretary of Health and Human services and the NHS in the UK.

How does weight watchers work?

The concept is similar to counting calories, and the system is called pro points, the reason they opt for a point system instead of  counting calories, members would be confused between an orange that is obviously healthy and a bag of crisp that isn’t so healthy would both have the same amount of calories.

The support at Weight Watchers is second to none, you never feel alone as the person next to you is in the same boat and your feel accountable if you don’t  meet your goals, of course, the meetings are totally optionally, but you does weight watchers workdo stand a far greater chance of long-term success.

The fact that the company cares a great deal about you and your weight issues goes a long way in your fat loss journey,when you join the programme you will notice this yourself, and the leaders have all been in your shoes.

The main reason for its success is the education you receive, this knowledge is invaluable to you and your family and if you ever do leave the programme you have the right tools to continue to succeed as Weight Watchers is a lifestyle change and not a fad diet.

My Thoughts


This programme speaks for its self in terms of numbers and now with the online version, you don’t have to go to meetings which put some people off taking part in this programme.

personally, I think the meetings are great as you meet other like-minded people who have an issue with their weight and can be quite inspiring and also can learn any little tips they have got.

an alternative to weight watchers is slimming world, also popular uses a different kind of system to lose weight.

The thing I like about WW is you can eat what you want but be warned you may have to without food until your points reset the next day.

The only thing I would suggest against unless you want too, don’t buy their branded food, it can be quite expensive and you can do the programme with smart food choices and prepare your food.

This is a sustainable programme and if you think you’re going to lose weight overnight then you will be very disappointed this is a lifestyle change and not a fad or lose weight quick diet plan.

What Others Think


Members and governing bodies alike speak highly of this programme, there are a few who have spoken of the programme being a money trap, stating once they have finished the programme they put the weight back on. (hardly surprising if you go back to old habits)

A lot of people like the fact you can eat what you want and it’s relatively cheap compared to other programmes that are out there with ludicrous claims of losing weight.

Some vegetarian and vegans would also like more choice as a lot of low points foods are meat or animal based.

On the whole, most do enjoy WW but like most things people who are unhappy tend to shout the loudest.

As always it’s up to you to make your mind up about this plan it’s your body and it’s your weight.


Does Weight Watchers work? YES most certainly and is Ideal for everyone, especially Ideal for people who just not ready or dislike exercise.

You can join online here and find your local meets if you want to go down that road, I would recommend going to local meets, you never know, you might find a whole new social circle.

This programme is sustainable so you will lose weight safely and you can still eat pretty much what you want, the pro points just make you eat in moderation and that is what you need to succeed.

Join millions of others who have all been down this road and lost weight by clicking here today!!

P.S click here for 2 free Weight Watchers recipes.

Healthy Regards



49 thoughts on “Does Weight Watchers Work |Find Out The Truth

  1. Dave

    Although I won’t go to weight watchers personally, I might recommend it to other people who want to lose weight. I lost about 60 lbs in the last year and have kept it off. So I know how difficult it could be. I will definitely research it further. Thanks for the info. and the history.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dave Weight Watchers is not for everyone but certainly is for people who need support and guidance and the online element make it so you dont have to go to meets

  2. Kyle Jones

    Some good info on here! A lot of ‘health experts’ say that weight watchers make it very easy to relapse and gain all the weight back so they continue to go back and pay them money, whats your view on this? have you had long term success? theres no doubt that people lose weight just curious how many people have kept the weight off!

    1. Steven

      Hi Kyle,

      Like any business they allways want your money! I dont have any figures to give you on relapse but I imagine it does happen frequently.

      It boils down to self motivation and weight watchers offers the education to keep it off its just if you can resist temptation. I have never used weight watchers out of all the research Ive done on slimming groups and from talking to people this is the one i would reccomend plus the NHS back it so its safe

  3. Haraldur

    A great read. I love ideas that spread because of the value they offer to people. There are so many scams on the internet only caring about the money and not the costumer. Weight Watchers does not fall into that category. I have been looking for something like this to help my parents, I am going to recommend Weight Watchers to them now 🙂 Thank you !

  4. Mark Grundy

    First off great website name there Varley haha!

    I have never used weight watchers or even considered it for when I was losing weight.

    But I have friends who I definitely have to show this article to, maybe they will consider using the program and shed them much needed pounds off!

    Great review,

    Many thanks,


    1. Steven

      Weight Watchers is great for people who find motivating them selfs hard, provides a great platform for support and education.

      To be endorsed by the biggest health association in the UK the NHS speaks volumes

  5. Laura

    I recently joined Weight Watchers myself. I’m using the points system. I suffer from chronic fatigue so I’m limited by how much I can exercise, so it’s slow going, but I’m not giving up.

    The program is very easy to follow. I like that I can eat my favorite foods. I use the point system to control the portions.

    Good weight loss program.

    1. Steven

      I dont envy you with that condition, slow and steady wins the race!! just keep at it and no doubt you will feel and look much better

  6. Mara

    Hi Steven,
    It’s a great time of year to be letting people know about Weight Watchers and what it can do for them. It’s nice that you have covered how it actually came about and there is some reassurance there because the founder herself had a weight problem. I particularly like that you recommend the support group that goes with it, as I think a lot of people get stuck from time to time, and the moral support probably helps to keep up motivation! This is a really informative article, so thank you.

    1. Steven

      Hi Mara,

      Thank you for your comment, Weight Watchers does have the moral boosting side to it and that is what helps with the popularity with the programme.

      And with the founder having weight issues her self makes it that little bit unique.

      Have you ever tried it your self?

  7. Njogah Njihia

    Hey Steven, I had not heard of Weight Watchers before, It seems to be a good programme, with the monthly meetings…When it comes to weight loss, the more people you get around you for support, the better
    I am glad you also shared the history of weight watchers, and it was so inspiring!!!

    1. Steven

      Thank you for stopping by the meetings are really good but some people prefer not to take part either way you still receive great support.

      What country are you from if you don’t mind me asking

  8. Derek Marshall

    Hi there,

    Obviously, I have heard of weight watchers. Nice tie in with the NHS, would be interesting if NHS actually receives a commission (and they should! as there are big tie-ins for the big Pharmaceutical giants!)

    Good that they have a points system that is easier to understand than calorie counting, as foods can be confusing because saturated fats can and do help to keep your body firm and to lose weight. This is due to the saturated fats and cholesterol helping to give testosterone (present in both sexes) and boost and lowers the estrogen levels. (Estrogen fattens you up and and kills testosterone) It just depends on what type of saturated fats (grain fed cattle that are given estrogen to fatten them up Vs Organic or grass fed cattle (for example))

    The Organic beef (in example above) boosts testosterone levels helping to keep slim and healthy, the other, does not a lot of testosterone levels and augments estrogen levels as the hormone is often stored in the animals fat.

    If it organic – there’s no need to panic! as I say!.

    you might want to edit to a more understandable form for global market of blogging what 8million stone is in weight American would want that in pounds (8millionx14), Europeans, metric divide weight in pounds by 2.222222 to get weight in kilos, then divide by 1,000 to get the weight in tonnes!

    1. Steven

      Hi Derek,

      Really like your comment, very informative and very true about hormones, I strongly believe we have a right to know exactly what our food is sprayed with.

      Also very good point about making the weight universal

  9. Nusrat


    I wish I could PERMANENTLY bust my fat belly! 🙂

    Weight Watchers is well established and has been around for years and years. My sister lost a lot of weight with them and lost a good amount. She still speaks highly of them.

    But I have never tried. Your article is very convincing though and I hate exercise too. You’re right about the fad diets – they really do NOT work!

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you for leaving a comment, it really is worth trying and now with online support and access to recipes there really isnt any excuse.

      has your sister stuck to her diet?

  10. Holly

    This is a great post – gosh I never knew that; members have lost 8 million stone collectively since Weight Watcher had been established… amazing.
    I know a lot of people who have tried Weight Watchers, some of them have had success and some haven’t although I would put this down to the individuals more than anything. Weight Watchers strategy is very simple and effective – counting calories & reducing you in take, eating healthily but still enjoying foods you love in moderation.

    1. Steven

      Hi holly,

      Thank you for leaving a comment, I think its important to try Weight Watchers it may not suit everyone but its like anything you have to learn from it and not slip in to old ways as it is a lifestyle change.

      Do you do any kind slimming or exercise?

  11. Julian

    Thank you for talking about weight watchers. I have a friend that goes to the meetings every week, which is a huge support for her. She has lost over 15 pounds and continues to drop. I recommend WW especially if you need extra help from others so you know that your struggles are not isolated to just you.

    1. Steven

      Thats fantastic news Julian, I bet she feels a lot better for it, the support at Weight Watchers makes it the success it is

  12. Andrew

    I know a couple of people that have really benefited from being a member of weight watchers. Like you say its the simplicity of being able to follow something where you don’t need to count calories. All good in my opinion.
    The only thing that i don’t like about the weight watchers group meetings is that it costs quite a lot of money even if you can only stay to get weighed. Still I guess you are paying for the support and experienced help.

    1. Steven

      Hi Andrew, In the UK its roughly about £5 per group session not sure about USA, a good way to look at it is think of it as that £5 is from saving money on buying fast food or other junk food

  13. Miles

    Steve, I love your emphasis on a lifestyle change. Watching friends who have struggled to overcome weight challenges, I have frequently noticed sudden weight loss that was not followed up by a lifestyle change…the result, in many cases, is a return to the previous weight.

    Weight Watchers can be a great tool to achieve weight loss goals if it comes with a sustainable lifestyle change.

    Thanks for sharing so much background!


    1. Steven

      Hi Miles,

      Its the only way to look at it, it has to be a lifestyle change or it simply wont work

  14. fmwaniki

    I can bet that many people out there have being frustrated by their bodies.Doing great exercises but no positive results!. Though i can not say i am healthy enough,every body should watch on their weight.I am happy you have mentioned on a company that can help people do these with ease through diet.I believe this post will be a guide to many who have not yet gotten solutions to their weight problems.

    1. Steven


      Weight Watchers is great for people needing support and in my experience alot of overweight need support, and a good diet is a diet that you can learn from and sustain for a lifetime or there simply is no point in starting.

      Have you ever took part in a slimming programme?

  15. NemiraB

    Hello, I like your topic because it is an actual and important one. People need directions and advices from more informed person.
    I guess in whole world more and more people are obese.
    I do not think that they are happy with this condition. It takes a toll on their health and lowers self-esteem.
    I heard about Weight Watchers. I think that it is easier to achieve results when somebody has support.
    Keep up good work , people need information about ways how to be in good shape again.
    Happy writing, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Steven

      Hi Nemira,

      Your right many people are not happy with there condition, but the fear of going some were like Weight Watchers or the Gym is far greater, my aim is to make people feel at ease and to let people know there really isnt nothing to be afraid of

  16. Pat

    Great post about Weight Watchers. I had heard about it but never knew that much about it. It sounds like a program that would really work.

    To lose weight and keep it off you really do need a lifestyle change, otherwise you lose the weight and then gain it back. A lot of diets are too hard to continue for an extended period of time. Weight Watchers sounds like it gives you a sustainable way of doing this.

    Is it economical?


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Pat,

      Weight Watchers is great for educational and sustainability, if you was to buy in to the whole weight watchers concept then it can become expensive, i dont believe you need to buy there products there are plenty of free healthy recipe

  17. Aiden

    Hey Steven,

    This is a great article.

    I have only ever heard the negatives on Weight Watchers.

    I watched a documentary where they interviewed the CEO of Weight Watchers asking why so many people relapsed and gained the weight back within 5 years, an astonishing 80%!

    She stated that Weight Watchers provides all the tools to help people succeed, but if they are not willing to do the work then they can not force them.

    This I found to be true in every aspect of life.

    You have provided a great article which shows off the good side of a great business, thanks!

    Freedom Weight Loss

    1. Steven

      Hey Aiden,

      hit the nail on the head you do have to commit to any programme whether it be quit smoking, gym membership or dieting you need the desire to succeed, if you have that desire then there is tools out there to help you weight watchers being one.

      do you do anything yourself to stay healthy?

  18. Sasa

    Hi, Steven, I don’t see the link to get the free recipes, could you please share with me. I have always wanted to try out the weight watchers, but really do not know how to start. Glad that there is group or community to help or support each other. I think we really need some support or motivation when comes to lose weight. thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Steven

      hi sasa,

      If you want to get started click the banner or link in the article. Sorry about no link just touching up the post and should be live tomorow.

      How long you been thinking of starting?



    Great Post and very informative.

    Losing weight isn’t something that I personally need to do but I can think of at least 10 female friends and family members who have used weight watchers successfully to achieve their weight loss goals.

    One of the things that is unique about Weight Watchers is the accountability that is placed on participants to achieve their goals and this is probably the greatest contributory factor to the achievement of their goals.

    I’m sure people sitting on the fence will consider weight watchers as an option after reading your post.

    1. Steven


      Really hope the people sitting on the fence do make a start then I know I’m helping people. That’s what I’m really trieng to convey here

  20. Marcus

    Weight Watchers has been around for many years, but I’ve never really known how successful it actually is. I suppose I always viewed it with a skeptical eye because I thought they were just trying to make money from people. But now that you mention that that they have NHS backing, that is a really positive sign. I can definitely understand that having the support of others in a similar situation can be of great benefit to you. For a lot of people, trying to struggle on alone can be the thing that causes them to give up.

    1. Steven

      like any personal issue it’s always best to have a support network around, I always thought it was a money spinner, that is until I researched it

  21. anthony

    I feel very fortunate saying that I have never had weight issues. My sister, mother , and father all have and they tried weight watchers but were not big fans of it, the food was too pricey and tasted like garbage. However they did really enjoy the personal weight coach that was provided to them.

    1. Steven

      Hi Anthony,

      I have heard alot about the food, that’s why I purposely didn’t promote that side of it, they do have a lot of fresh healthy recipes.

  22. Luke

    Hi Steve,
    I can vouch for Weight Watchers too!
    I lost 12 kgs a few years ago and have kept it off.
    Funnily enough I pulled out my old tracker the other day to have a look at what I ate, made for interesting reading.
    While the points system is no doubt updated the principles remain the same.
    Enjoy your site!

  23. Ravel

    Sound good to me.
    Have you tried it?

    Where can I get more information about the meeting.
    Where are they held and so?

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Ravel,

      I havnt tried Weight Watchers, I have stole plenty of there recipes lol, if you click the link in the post it will give you lots of information

  24. Stephen

    Hi. I’ve known enough people over the years who weight watchers has helped and has been around for literally as long as i can remember so it clearly stands for something. The trouble is people need to understand and discipline them self that if you work at it, it will work at you, like anything in life.

    Interesting history too.

  25. john

    Weight Watchers does work if you work at it. Many people go to the meetings for a social event. My aunt lost 45 pounds in the early 90’s going to this program and she still keeps it off today even though she no longer attends meetings. It is a change in the way you track what you eat. It makes you very accountable for every meal.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi John,

      This is why I personally recommend it as it’s a lifestyle change and not just a fad.

      So glad it worked for her as I know battling weight is tough Weight Watchers educates as well as introduce you to nee people

  26. Kim Gattari

    Wow thanks for the history of Weight Watchers. It amazes me how people have a great idea that eventually turns into an awesome worldwide business helping people be the best they can be. Nice job on your site!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you Kim, I was genuinely inspired by her rise to glory, if only she was alive today to see her legacy, have you ever tried a slimming group?


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