Does 3 Week Diet System Work – Finally, The Truth Exposed

By | December 8, 2016

Truth Is Your Not The Only One Concerned About The 3 Week Diet System!

The ultimate question, does 3-week diet system work? Likewise, Can you lose 23lbs in JUST 21 days as it claims? Of course, these are claims we’ve heard before. However, is the 3-week diet plan different?

Nevertheless, any concerns you have will be addressed right here! When you hear claims such as 23lbs in 21 days, whats your honest thoughts?

We have uncovered a lot of nonsense, and we are hoping this isn’t another fad diet. Below are products we have reviewed recently that turned out to be a scam, rip off, or just unbelievable.

  • Body Wraps
  • Magic Potions
  • Magic Pills
  • Miracle tea

Generally speaking, these were all garbage—also, the above weight loss products aren’t backed by science. Unfortunately, something we feel is missing these days.

Brian (the guy who developed the 3-week diet) isn’t offering magic tea, potions, pills, or a restricted girdle. Instead, a real diet with real food. (how rare is that?)

There may just be something to his system. Too often, rubbish products are promoted online. Furthermore, the only weight you will lose from said products is from your purse.

Naturally, a 3-week diet grabbed my attention. Soon as we see “real” food and exercise. Furthermore, the 3-week diet is backed by science. We are hooked. After all, how often do you see diets that don’t require you to starve?

On that note, how many diets have you tried? how many have worked? our guess very few to zero. You never know, this could be the last diet you ever need.

How Does 3 Week Diet System Work? Simple Really!

Firstly, this isn’t a fad diet (sigh of relief). Instead, Brians 3 week diet focuses on real sports science. Also, this diet system works by changing the mindset and covers food that’s best for your metabolism. Moreover, 3 week diet system helps balance hormones. a MASSIVE factor for weight gain.

One of the main reasons people DONT lose weight is because it takes to long to see results and just give in! Brian Flatt’s system is short sweet and to the point making success a lot higher.

The 3-week diet focuses on foods that will speed up your metabolism. Furthermore, it avoids food that can slow the process down. With this in mind, you should expect a lot of high protein food groups.

Another essential part of any weight loss program is mindset and motivation. That’s exactly why you get a manual helping you power through the rough days. combine this with exercise that’s also prescribed and you will most certainly see results.

Brian understands that diet is the most important part of any weight loss program and you simply can’t out-train a bad diet!

In a Nutshell –  A Tailored programme to suit your dietry needs and not a one size fits all approach.

What’s included?

  • Introduction Manual – The introduction introduces you to the 3-week diet program and how it’s going to work for you. Explains the science behind how the body loses weight and gains weight

 This manual discusses what’s the best nutrients to melt your body fat and why you haven’t been successful with other diets.

  • Diet Manual – This is where “the rubber meets the road” and you will learn all about your tailored diet plan and any supplements (not necessary and I don’t believe in them) this manual will teach you how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat giving you the best chances of success.
  • Workout Manual – You will lose weight just with the diet manual, so adding exercise will help burn more calories and tone you up, these are quick and straightforward with just 20 mins needed 3-4 times a week.
  • Motivation Manual – Mindset is a massive part of any weight loss plan and shouldn’t be underestimated this could be the difference between succeeding or failing. Changing your mindset will give you your internal drive which in return will give you the results you crave.

With these four manuals, you will be fully prepared for your incredible journey ahead.

Is It A Scam?

I can’t begin to tell you how skeptical we were when we first come across Brian Flatt’s system. On balance, it had all the hallmarks of a scam. Including, the “lose weight quick” tag, “cheesy” website, and token testimonials of success stories.

After all, scams play on your emotions and feelings. For someone desperate to lose weight 23lbs in 21 days is very appealing. Also, this online program doesn’t do it’s self any favors.

After we looked past the terrible way it’s presented we noticed something remarkable. In fact, our suspicions were squashed.

To explain, 3 week diet doesn’t take any money. A third party called Clickbank processes all sales and even offers a money-back guarantee.

Secondly, Brian explains the system in depth through a video. Furthermore, the video makes the system easy to understand. For instance, Brian talks you through the science, something that other professionals make sound complicated.

My mind was changed

I never used to believe in quick natural weight loss until I come across the 21-day fix by Beachbody and this takes a similar approach with the primary focus around low carbs and exercise plan. Another great feature is the mindset manual as not many fitness experts look at this aspect and let’s face it that is a massive part of losing weight.

You will be going from eating whatever you want and genuinely being inactive to restrictive eating and being very active, and it’s a massive shock to the body so again Brian has done great here.

If you’re a vegetarian, then this most likely isn’t for you as with most diets they mainly cater to meat-eaters and three weeks of eggs won’t be enjoyable I imagine.

Could I shake the skeptical feeling?

Still being a bit skeptical. I googled some independent forums to see what others thought about this system. What people said surprised me.

I was expecting to hear scam, waste of money, don’t work, etc. but NO, people were shouting how good it was, sure there were a few that didn’t sing its praises but on the whole excellent feedback.

Another impressive feature is its instant access. No waiting for delivery soon as you purchase this system its there on your computer, phone, or tablet. Furthermore, it’s less than $50

All in all, I think this is a substantial program and won’t break the bank, after all, what have you got to lose apart from your belly fat?

My only concern is I can’t find much information about Brian Flatt himself is that him in the picture on his site or is that even his voice? I don’t know; personally, I don’t care as long as the product works.

In a nutshell – An incredible well rounded online weight loss plan at a reasonble price that has a 60 day money back garuntee


Q: Who should avoid this diet?Toned woman from 3 week diet system

A: Anyone who is already on a medically supervised diet including diabetics.  Diabetics should look at this post about putting diabetes into remission. Also vegans and vegetarians.

Q: How is it delivered?

A: An electronic download straight to your device. PDF format.

Q: Is it safe to share my personal details such as credit card?

A: Absolutely, Clickbank processes all information. Clickbank is a long standing reputable company.

Q: What happens if this program isn’t for me?

A: This is a big concern for a lot of people and Clickbank offer 60 days money back guarantee.

 Final Word On 3 Week Diet System

I thought this was going to be another frightening and dangerous program or a complete scam; I am so glad I took the time of day to research this phenomenal plan thoroughly.

You won’t be disappointed. In fact, this is based on real science and personalized through your own metabolic rate. (the rate your body converts fat to energy)

It’s clear, the 3-week diet system has had a lot of thought put into it. After all, most online programs tend to concentrate on two things.

  • Diet
  • Exercise

However, this plan also focuses on hormones and equally important motivation. Both of these are hardly talked about in the weight loss industry.

Moreover, this isn’t a one-time plan. Think of this system as an educational piece rather than just a “diet” Something you can keep coming back to.

Be mindful it will take a few days to fully adapt to this system as your body won’t know what hit it! However, it will be worth it as that belly fat will disappear along with any other wobbly bits. You have tried or thought about losing weight for a while now its time to start and JUST do it click the button below to take you to the site!

You have tried or thought about losing weight for a while now its time to start and JUST do it. Click the link below to take you to the site!

Does 3-week diet system work….. you bet it does!!

——>Buy 3 Week Diet Today<—-

Want something i bit more long term? have a read of an easy diet plan to lose weight

123 thoughts on “Does 3 Week Diet System Work – Finally, The Truth Exposed

  1. M Charles

    ‘the only weight you will lose from said products is from your purse.’ Ah ah ah…
    So those scammers are targeting the weight of our Pocket and not the weight of our Body?
    Man, thank you for the great review.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      They certainly do. Like anything online, the weight loss industry has rogue people in it. Some diets arent as much scams as they are a waste of time. I mean, you will lose weight with some but its through starvation more than anything.

  2. Jeff

    You have done an awesome review on the 3-week diet system, and even though I am not one to usually consider a weight loss program you have a great job of tempting me to give this one a try. I will have to think this over, but you have me tempted


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I try and give my readers enough information to make an informed decision and they will be happy about it. Let me know if you have any questions ill gladly answer whatever I can

  3. Alex

    It’s good to know that this diet is science based. It’s really exhausting trying to filter through all of the fads out there. Thank you for taking the time to research this diet and providing your analysis.

  4. Lee

    I’ve read the article thoroughly so I’m not sure where I missed the explanation of what the diet actually is?
    I clicked the YouTube video but I didn’t watch it all, is that where it is?
    Can someone fill me in a little on what the diet actually is?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Lee, This diet plan is aimed at people who want to lose weight in a short amount of time. Its principles rely on a calorie deficit but without starvation. Moreover, it educates the user about foods and the body. On top of that, it addresses the mental challenges you have when dieting and tackles exercise as well

  5. Preston

    Never heard of this before! It’s so awesome that this is backed by science. Thank you for sharing, will check it out.

  6. Jean

    Hi Steven

    Thanks for this interesting review. I am with you – any diet has to include real food! Also I agree with Brian about diet winning over exercise. I read very recently that only 10% of weight loss is generally achieved through exercise as it is mathematically impossible to out-exercise what we put in our mouths!

    This does seem like an awful lot of weight to lose quicky – I would imagine (though could be wrong) that it will work best for people with a significant amount of weight to lose.

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles.



    1. Steven Varley Post author

      You are 100% correct. Like any diet the more weight you have to lose the quicker you see the initial response of weight loss. After a while, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. That said, This diet plan doesn’t leave you hanging and shows you how to continue past the 3 weeks with great success.

      The be-all and end-all is a calorie deficit. The good thing about the 3-week diet plan is you don’t starve throughout the plan.

  7. Satz

    What I like about this program unlike many other weight loss programs are, it is both a diet and exercise program. The exercise plan consists of a walk each day (not too strenuous!) and an optional workout which accelerates fat burning. Thanks for sharing this info…

  8. Silvia Coletto

    It does sound legit indeed, thank you for going through it in such great detail. I think I’ll give it a go.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Let me know how you get on with the 3-week diet system. Glad you found value in this diet. Wish you all the luck (Not that you’ll need it)

  9. navi wisdom

    Is it possible to melt away one to two pounds of stubborn body fat every single day?
    It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already done it themselves using this secret — the answer is YES.

    You will never guess how it’s done… (Hint: It’s NOT about taking sketchy pills or killing
    yourself at the gym).

    That’s right – and it’s important to know that this isn’t about some “magic weight loss shake,” or the “calories out-calories in” model that the medical community has been
    trying to brainwash us with for decades.

    Not at all.

    It’s about a simple yet potent method developed and perfected by Brian Flatt – who is a health & nutritionist coach, and also a personal trainer who has been in the fitness world for over a decade.

  10. carol

    For me, watching my portions, eating balanced meals and exercise work best, but right now I am taking a 21 day challenge with my sister. We are using the Simply Fit Board and following the nutrition guide. This is the first time I am doing something like this, and so far it is working. So going through a 3 Week Diet System to lose over 20 pounds can work, but how long can we keep the pounds off after the challenge?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Carol,

      The 3-week diet system is designed to shock your body into losing weight. During the 3 weeks, you learn new habits to take with you and change your lifestyle to maintain a good weight.

      Like with any diet if you go back to what you were doing before you started you will simply be what you were before!

  11. Matts Mom

    You know that it has to be legitimate when they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. I like the idea of this diet. One problem for me is that I would prefer to have the book(s) in hand where I can flip through the pages and mark pages, and just basically keep the books close at hand. So downloading books for me, generally doesn’t work. Do you know if you can order a physical book edition instead of the downloaded version? This really does sound like a great diet choice. I like that fact that it is backed by science and not just someones personal opinion that it will work.

  12. Linda

    Hi, Steven! Thanks for this review! It was explained perfectly. You did a good job. Thanks!
    I heard about many scams, so I was surprised that this “3-week diet system” works. I am sure that many people will benefit from this.

  13. Justin C.

    You can’t beat a diet that uses real food! I like how the 3-week diet system is actually science backed. By eating food that is best at increasing your metabolism you literally turn your body into a fat burning machine. Finally. Simple, yet extremely effective.

    From the looks of things the 3-week diet system is a one stop shop and i like that. No need to look for additionally material that helps build momentum. Everything is included. The introduction manual breaks down what is going to be going on inside your body so you never have any doubt or question as to what this diet is actually doing.

    The diet goes one step further by including the diet, workout, and motivation manual that not only makes things simple but keeps you in the right state of mind.

    I truly believe that everything starts with a positive mindset.

    1. Steven

      Reading this comment makes me think you’ve tried 3 week diet!

      Your absolutely right in what you’ve said.

      The importance of each step is critical to success and each manual really guides you through the process

  14. Vandana

    I always wonder if these actually work, so thank you for exposing these for what they are! This is one of the things i’m struggling with is giving in and giving up. Very helpful as I’m in the process of trying to lose some excess weight right now. I’m intrigued with Brian’s plan. Do you know if you can do this with a vegan diet?

    1. Steven

      Unfortunately, you wont get the best results from it being vegan. As a lot of the food will be animal products. I am currently research products for vegans so will keep you updated.

  15. Dani

    Admittedly, it does sound “scammy.” But, so did the 21-day Fix from Beachbody. I did the 21-Day Fix and it worked! I like that you eat real food and don’t rely on some magic (and expensive) supplements to achieve results. Thanks for breaking this program down. How would you say it compares to the 21-Day Fix?

    1. Steven

      I also did a review on 21 day diet fix. they are both viable diet programs and very similar in terms of how much weight you will lose.

      3 week diet is more educational as 21 day fix is portion control. Also, 3 week diet is slightly cheaper  and an instant download.

  16. Sierra

    Hi, Steven.

    The burning belly fat is a very important concept that majority of Americans struggle with. I have seen a site where they offered a 2-3 week program to lose inches. Although I don’t have this issue I’d recommend it the folks that it would benefit most.

    Great site.

    1. Steven

      It seems Americans are becoming a nation over weight. A lot of diets you need to stay well clear of but th 3 week diet is legit. in fact, some of my clients have tried it now and swear by it.

  17. Maria

    The 3 Week Diet System sounds almost too good to be true, but I trust your word that it isn’t. I am also happy to hear that Clickbank offers a 60-day money back guarantee. That makes the decision of buying the program much easier, even though the price is not that high anyway.

    Is the idea to keep up with the diet plan even after the 3 weeks are gone, or could you just go back to the previous eating?

    Thanks for a great review!

    1. Steven

      Dont think of it as a diet you need to make a lifestyle change. You cant go back to eating what you want. However, with less weight your hormones such as leptin will be in better shape.

      You can do the three week diet as much as you like, plus it educates you about eating habits and how to go back to life after the 3 week diet is over.

  18. HSF

    Great idea to make a honest review of the product, there are so many fakes out there it is difficult to to trust what is really and what isn’t. Also, I’m glad you have split the paragraphs up, this makes it so much easier to read. What results did you achieve from this and have you tried it with other body types?

    1. Steven


      I haven’t tried this diet personally as I am not overweight. For me to try this diet would not be beneficial. However, I have given lots of my clients this product to follow with different body shapes and is excepional weight loss tool.

  19. Robert

    Hi, I read your review of the 3-week diet system. I’m like you, I have a suspicious nature when it comes to fantastic claims. I’m glad to hear that this one isn’t a scam.

    I do have 2 questions. First, you mentioned that you don’t believe in supplements and I was curious as to why? Second, Have you tried the 3-week diet program yourself?

    Anyway thanks for an informative article and sharing your findings.

    1. Steven

      I am not totally against supplements I just don’t believe the majority of people need them. Also, I feel I am protecting my readers from buying “dodgy” supplements by not recommending any at all.

      I like to say this, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable giving them to your own kids then you shouldn’t have them either.

  20. Dustin

    I’m skeptical as you were initially. I appreciate that you did your research and looked into it, but I’ve found that any program that makes you lose weight that quick, that the weight just piles back on once your off. What’s worse is that you tend to lose a combination of muscle and fat, and then when the weight comes back it’s mostly fat. I did about two or three rounds of a diet that made me lose weight fast and this was my experience both times.

    Slow and steady wins the race. Two to three pounds a week is much more sustainable weight loss.

    1. Steven

      Hi Dustin,

      Majority of programmes do make you pile the weight back on. Reason being, they are not a lifestyle change. Furthermore, they require you to starve.

      Starving yourself isn’t a sound plan or foundation. The 3 week diet teaches you about food and how to work with your own body. After All, everyone is different.

      Also, the only reason you lose muscle on diets if you don’t up your protein and do a little exercise. the 3 week diet takes care of this. 

  21. alifedesignbyme

    Very useful information! This is great for people looking for losing weight fast and safe.
    I love to come across these blogs that care about others health and help them to achieve their goals. It is never easy, but when you have support and the right knowledge it becomes much more achievable.
    Awesome review and interesting reading. Nice website in general. Congrats!

  22. James

    I think a lot of the advertisements for quick weight loss programs play on people’s desperation. If you look at the intro videos to P90X, Insanity, or any program promoting muscle building and weight loss, you’ll find that 75% of these programs are center around a diet regimen focused on speeding up your metabolism. Your review reinforces the science of losing weight without all the hype. Good job!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hey James,

      We love BeachBody products and done quite a few reviews. in Fact, all their exercise products come with basic diet needs to help you lose weight and tone up.

      Diet is more important than people think. Some people exercise but then eat junk and expect to look really good. This couldn’t be further from the truth

  23. Ronnie Jordan

    I think that if this actually speeds your metabolism as said, you got a winner. I have been little all my life and I am 57 with no gut. When I was little my parents took me to the hospital because I was so skinny the wind could blow me down. The doctor said I had a super high metabolism and I was fine. Well, he had to be right. I am not sickly to this day and I still only weigh 180lbs at 6’4 in height. So a raised metabolism in my book will show results.

  24. Manika- Nia Dixon

    You had me super hooked on this post until the part about it not being for vegetarians :(. It is good to know that you approve of this system and that it can work for the carnivores out there, I’m sure that will make many people happy. Just curious, do you know of any similar systems that are vegetarian or vegan- friendly?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Manika,

      I am currently in the process of researching a product for vegetarians to see if it’s legit or not. I will review it either way as i like to expose crap products as well as promote good products.

  25. Rob

    Hi there, great info here! A nutritious diet with the proper healthy compounds is essential for a good diet. I personally go low on carbs and try to increase my protein as well as consuming my vitamins, omega 3’s, and minerals! I find exercising as well as implementing a healthy diet is essential not only for a healthy body but also a healthy mind!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Rob,

      This is sound advice. people looking for weight loss should aim for about 70/30 ratio. 70% diet 30% exercise. you can’t out train a bad diet but you can lose weight by dieting alone.

      We go through different stages I do love foods in the carbs group but to many will see the lbs pile on.

  26. Angela

    As you said any weight loss program is actually a life style or you don’t keep it off. Hormones have a lot to do with gaining body fat especially in your older years. Unfortunately, I have recently found out that if you don’t have your hormones in balance there isn’t a diet period that will keep the weight off so I would recommend making sure all of that is in order first. Have anyone actually tried this?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hey Angela,

      Hormones are a real problem. Unfortunately, the weight loss industry rarely tackles this problem. In fact, most companies advertise the quick miracle products. Surprisingly there are none!

      The 3 week diet system does a great job at resisting hormones through the natural clean food it represents. I have no clients and even suggested to my clients to try this product all with great results.

      As mentioned, 3 week diet excels as it’s personal to your body metrics and helps with the mindset side of dieting. Again, something else the weight loss industry shies away from.

  27. Furkan

    I have been doing intermittent fasting for so long and I actually stopped losing fat. I want to change the diet program and this 3 week diet system can actually work. However, as you know I am hungry for a long time and eat one big meal. And switching to another diet plan can affect my metabolism badly. Should I be concerned about that at all?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Furkan,

      I understand your concerns around switching diets. There is a lot of false information out there. The first thing to remember, your body is an impressive machine that can adapt to new stresses.

      Intermittent fasting can be really good but like you say you’re not losing weight now. Primarily, this is due to your body is used to this type of diet.

      If you are concerned I would slowly introduce more food and then try the 3 week diet as it could be a shock to the system. personally, I think you will be great.

  28. Anna

    This is a very great idea to create a diet speeding up your metabolism. I tried so many diet systems that were totally fail on me. And I always felt that all these diets are based on generic information, not taking into consideration individual types of bodies and obviously metabolism! I personally have very slow metabolism so lots of the diets I tried either did not work or worked but very very slow. I am very intrigued to try this diet. Thank you for the post.

    1. Steven Varley Post author


      The best diets are the ones that work with your body naturally. Most diets just require you to starve. this isn’t suitable short term or long term. furthermore, it can be harmful to your health and even social relationships.

      Thats what I like about 3 week diet it works personally for you.

  29. James Crabtree

    My wife has been on and off losing weight for many years now and she always said to me that you should never call it a diet as diets you can stop and start. You should always implement losing weight as a change of life style. Potion control, exercise and eating the right food are the ABC to losing weight.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi James,

      Your wife is correct. It should always be viewed as a lifestyle change. There is also a D, hormone management. one of the easiest ways for this is to sleep right.

  30. Wenda

    THanks for doing the research, I’ve never heard of this diet and I will definitely check it out. I like that it concentrates on the mindset, because that’s where it all starts, right?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Absolutely. I actually found 3 week diet looking for scams. I was about to tear it to shreds until I found out people I know have tried it and done really well.

      Also, once I started researching it became apparent it was a decent plan.

  31. darwell

    Wow 23 pounds in 3 weeks! Is this for real? I guess it is possible it this is the only thing you will do in 3 weeks. Can this be done if you are busy working?

    I have been having problems with belly fat for months now. I am working night shifts and I only get like 3 to 4 hours of sleep during the day, everyday. I read an article that a lack of sleep would make you pack in the pounds. I guess it is true.

    Before it was easy to lose weight now I have difficulty shedding off the fat around my waist even though I go to the gym at work regularly. I guess I will give this program a try.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi darwell,

      You have read right. I was sceptical to start off with. It certainly can be done when you work.

      With 3 week diet system the more weight you have the more you will lose. Also, the more body fat you have the quicker it will go aswell. however, it will slow and eventually stop regardless of diet and training if you don’t mix things up.

      Two factors that are holding you back regarding your belly fat –

      1) Age – as we get older it does become harder. however we have to become smarter and work with our body
      2) Sleep – This is without a doubt not helping you. When you don’t sleep properly and don’t have a good routine your hormones don’t balance. Three in paticular that is holding you back.

      Cortisol, leptin and ghrelin. have a look at most post it may help you out. Lose weight why you sleep

  32. Matendi

    I like the way this information is presented. I have to say that I have seen many diet reviews like this one though. Like every diet, I suppose it will work for some and not for others. I think that an important part of this diet plan in addressing the psychological aspect of dieting. I can attest that if one is not mentally prepared for the changes that one has to contend with during dieting, failure is almost certain. Addressing the mental aspect of dieting may be where this diet would succeed over similar ones.
    What were your results from using the program? Is it sustainable?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Matendi,

      If you need to lose weight then this diet works for everyone. However, if you are slim and generally in good shape, you will have limited results.

      The reason this diet works so well is its based on science. In fact, its personalised tour own basal metabolic rate (basically your bodies ability to burn calories)

      On that note, I have to confess I haven’t used this diet as it wouldn’t be successful for me. However, I do have first-hand experience with clients who have tried this diet and lost a substantial amount of weight.

      Also, like you mention the psychological aspect is a great addition as this what makes most people quit.

  33. Steve

    Hi I have been looking at this and must say I have some scepticism.

    If it’s a low carb Diet then it sounds almost certain to work. As in the early stages of Low Carb the Body releases a lot of water that is retained with the high levels of blood and muscle glycogen stores. So yes in only a few weeks alot of weight can be lost. But it’s not particularly useful weight. and as soon as the diet is over it will pile back on.

    Does the Diet include a more long-term strategy for keeping the weight off? As this is far more crucial for long term success?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi steve,

      This is typically true of low carb diets but if you up your protein and good fats you find you retain muscle mass, couple this with exercise and you have a long-term plan for weight loss.

      the body doesn’t need excessive carbs and in this day and age, the carbs we consume are low-quality carbs made up of sugar.

      I alway think when I hear low carbs it means low carbs but it doesn’t as it’s just lower than modern day society food companies supply, in reality, we should be eating a low carb diet the problem is we just not used to it.

      With all the sugary drinks and snacks about no wonder there is a global epidemic of obesity.

      3-week diet does help with educating around the best foods to eat so even with losing water retention there is a long-term safety net. as with any “diet” it shouldn’t be a diet it should be a lifestyle change

  34. Marc

    awesome article. However, I think the results on any diet plan or routine would vary on each individual on how it responds to the stimulus given. For someone who has a bigger body frame and higher fat % would definitely benefit from this (depending on type of exercise as well). But for someone who has smaller body frame with medium amount of body fat %, 3 weeks might be impossible for them, like for me it takes me couple of months to get to a small body fat %.

    1. Steven

      Hi Marc,

      Your absolutely right, all diets and exercise programmes will see quicker results if you have a higher body fat percent.

      This doesn’t mean however that you cant benefit from 3 week diet system as you will learn new habits and fuel your body right and maybe you may lose a percent or two and a percent is massive how ever big you are.

      If you only need to lose a bit more weight I suggest the best way for you would combine a strength programme with High intensity, something like Insanity by BeachBody

  35. AlexRockin

    Hey Steven,
    Thanks for the review on 3-week Diet System you really answered a lot of my questions. Diets are all the same in some ways, you just have to follow the right one for yourself. This is something I would really consider trying.

    So is it all electronically done there is no food to send away for, you just buy your food at the grocery store?

    Do they tell you what portion sizes?


    1. Steven

      Hi Alex,

      3 week diet system is downloaded straight to your device in a instant, no long waits so you can hit the ground running (literally)

      You dont have to send away for food or resubscribe! all the food can be obtained locally and its a tailored programme.

      What that means is its done on your BMR (not to be confused with BMI which is useless) BMR is your Basel Metabolic Rate and depending on many factors will determine your ability to burn calories and use stored fat.

      Thats where 3 week diet system comes in it shows you what foods to eat and avoid and how many calories you need to be consuming for your starting weight to make an impact.

  36. Mr Bing

    Hey watsup Brian! Although I’m in good shape now, I can attest to the point you made about loosing weight with just your diet. I lost about thirty pounds a few years ago just by going vegan for 3 months. I wasn’t a full vegan, I did eat meat occasionally -but I did notice my cravings for meat started to disappear completely!

  37. Mr Bing

    Hey watsup Brian! Although I’m in good shape now, I can attest to the point you made about loosing weight with just your diet. I lost about thirty pounds a few years ago just by going vegan for 3 months. I wasn’t a full vegan, I did eat meat occasionally -but I did notice my cravings for meat started to disappear completely!

  38. Travis Smithers

    The one thing I have learned through the years when it comes to losing weight is the more you have to lose the faster you lose in the beginning until you start to taper off towards your proper body weight.

    That being said people with less to lose will naturally not lose as much or as fast.

    Have you done the system and what was your progress from your starting point to where you are now?

  39. Kat

    I lost 25 lbs in a period of 6 months, which i always was told that it’s best to loose your weight not too fast because you will actually keep it off!
    Now I do need to maybe loose another 5-8 lbs. Would you think that this program would be able to help me ?
    I hate doing extreme diets – I actually follow a very healthy lifestyle, exercise, practice yoga 4-5 times a week, eat super healthy.
    I am a little skeptical, how to loose weight so fast- 1lbs a day!
    I am curious:) thanks for letting me know!

  40. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Varley,

    Great site and a fab and highly informative review on what is one of the most popular diet systems on the internet. Thanks for creating and sharing it with us. Really appreciated – thanks.

    What sort of foods are we permitted to eat on this plan and what sort of portions?

  41. Cris Santos

    This is unbelievable to be true. But according to the author and mostly from people who used it that it is real and they even have a written comment that this is effective. I guess I have to try it before my belly fat gets worse. Thank you for this article surely it would help a lot of people to stay in shape.

  42. Sue

    After reading your review, I am curious just how they can tailor the program specifically for everyone without a personal interview. I like the price and the fact that I could get my money back if I didn’t like the program.
    I also like the idea of being able to look the program over and try it before deciding.
    Thank you for your review. I will certainly think about this.

  43. Jennifer

    This diet does look interesting. Many good diets explain that it’s high carbs that cause the body to get fat. So it makes sense to me that eating mostly protein and fat for a short period of time will cause rapid weight loss. I believe that a person should make sure, during the diet, that they are getting the vitamins they need, Very low carb vegetables would probably provide those vitamins. Overall, sounds like a winner.

  44. Linda

    I’m always wary of quick weight loss ads. As a health coach I want people to make lasting changes. However, it seems this program is on the right track to get people to jump start their metabolism. For most people, their metabolisms have taken such a hit and they are in such a rut, a program that fast tracks metabolism boosting is sorely needed. I also like the journals where people can and should write down their goals, their emotions etc which is such an important part of the weight loss process. Great review!

  45. Kent

    I’m planning on setting new years resolution for 2017 to lose some weight and get lean. I want to get it done as quick as possible. I only have a few pounds to lose, so if I go on this program, I probably won’t even take the whole 21 days! if this works then this would be pretty awesome to get lean in the first couple of weeks of 2017. as they say, summer bodies are built in winter.

    1. Steven

      Its best to follow the whole 3 week diet system even if you only have a bit to lose!

      You will be more educated and success off keeping it up and adopting a healthy lifestyle going forward, Where about do you hold your weight, I tend to hold mine around the belly.

      Belly fat is so hard to shift and this programme will help massively with that.

  46. Sharon Whyte

    This sounds very interesting and you have covered alot in great detail here. It is always about what we consume of course. I am about to follow a low carb diet and high protein and knocking out sugar and dairy and wheat which I will find a little challenging as I do love my cup of tea in the morning. But I will make the sacrifices definitely of no alcohol or more to the point much less of it. May have to check this one out as well.

  47. Sharon Whyte

    This sounds very interesting and you have covered alot in great detail here. It is always about what we consume of course. I am about to follow a low carb diet and high protein and knocking out sugar and dairy and wheat which I will find a little challenging as I do love my cup of tea in the morning. But I will make the sacrifices definitely of no alcohol or more to the point much less of it. May have to check this one out as well.

  48. Jenna Fox

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the 3 Week Diet System! I often have the same feelings about fad diets that make audacious claims! But this system does seem to focus on educating you how to eat appropriately and add exercise. Can you give me a few examples of foods the diet focuses on that speed up your metabolism versus foods that slow weight loss down?

    This is great information! Thanks again!

  49. barry

    I have been into fitness for years. Certified personal that I did for a living for a while. It’s easy to get clients to train but I can not stay with them 24/7, well I could but nobody would pay me enough.

    Anyway the point is for most people trying to lose weight that I have trained the battle is not the physical training part, it’s the nutritional part. Bad habits can be hard to break. I think we can all attest to that.

    Even if our bad habits have nothing to do with food. One line especially stands out to me and that is “you can’t out train a bad diet.” Truer word were never written.

    You can spend 3 hours every day at the gym but if you eat Big Macs, fires and soda every day the weight will not leave you. Life long habits are hard to break, hard yes, but also doable.

    Good nutrition does not have to taste bad and you may even grow to like it. After all, 3 weeks is not that long.


  50. Karim

    ​​Hi Steve, First of I would like to congratulate you on a great blog. I have been in the fitness industry for a very long time (over 30 years) and as you can imagine have come across so much hype and pseudoscience, particularly in the fat loss category. Glad to see that there are more sites like yours highlighting the systems based on sound scientific fact. As for 3 Week Diet System, sounds interesting and I will be looking further into it.

    1. Steven

      Hi Karim,

      One fitness guy to another what do you think about pseudoscience? I really tickles my pickle as people dont have the best interests of the client or consumer at heart!

      I think its disgusting its allowed in the industry it would be allowed in the medical industry as everything is highly regulated.

  51. Pitin

    Hi there,

    I came from Dukan diet to South Beach and then 21-day fix. I have been bouncing from one program to another and while the above three did make me lose weight, I always hit a plateau. After which I will start gaining back all, if not, more than what I originally lost.

    My question is, can you point me to testimonials about this program that it will help me keep off whatever I lost? I have no doubt that it will work as it has a similar structure as most of the diets I have tried. But I am a bit skeptical about what it can offer me to help me battle plateau.



    1. Steven

      Hi Pitin,

      you can fins lots of discussions by clicking this 3 week diet forum!

      its very similiar to 21 day fix just without the DVD’s and portion containers if you struggle with weight loss plateau you are not alone and belly fat seems to be a common place for this.

      Best way to combat this is try something new in your exercise routine as with these plans you will be fuelling your body right for weight loss.

      I suggest you try High Intensity Interval Training as this will burm more calories and is easily adaptable.

  52. John

    Steven you did a great job with this review. I mean you really broke it down. I’ve been looking into many different programs to lose weight and I wanted to see what this one was all about. I too thought it was a scam but I can’t seem to find much negative information on it. How does it compare to 21 day fix?

    1. Steven

      It certainly would be easily confused with another belly fat scam but this is legit, its similar to 21 day fix in the approach it takes regarding low carb but 21 day is portion control and DVD exercise.

      I found one article that was negative but the claims they made was unsubstantiated with no evidence to back up there claims.

  53. Peteni Kuzwayo

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the review.

    I’m in the fitness industry and obviously, this has caught my attention.

    I am rather skeptical because I truly believe it is less about losing your weight quickly and more about maintaining your weight loss in the long-term.

    But, I agree with you completely when you say people get discouraged when they don’t see results quickly.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


    1. Steven

      I do have to agree with you that its about long term but also believe if its safe losing weight quickly is beneficial, losing weight quickly has great psychological affects.

      Its all about just getting started and doing something or it will never come off and the 3 week diet has a good balance with diet, exercise and motivation.

  54. Kent

    Hi Steven. Seems like a lot of people are saying low carb diets work well for weight loss, and that it works very quickly. 23 pounds in a week sounds like a lot of progress in a short time, and its good for people who want quick results like myself. seeing results fast helps to keep you going and supply motivation in maintaining the results. thanks for sharing the review.

  55. Sarah

    Thank you for the thorough review. 23 Pounds in just 3 Weeks is quite an interesting concept.
    Since it includes 20 minutes exercises 3-4 times a week, what is a number of daily calories recommended in the meal plan?

    And I also wish the companies like this would make more meal plans suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Because that would also help meat-eaters lose more weight in the given time.

    1. Steven

      Hi Sarah,

      As the programme is tailored towards each individual using your BMR and starting weight I cant really say what the daily recommended calories are as they will be different person to person.

      I agree that there should be more diet plans for veggies and vegans, especially as more people are becoming non-meat eaters.

  56. Mark

    I was just reading over your article and I think this product appears to be a good one.
    I write articles on testosterone and a diet plays an important role in increasing testosterone.
    I always recommend a clean diet and exercise program along with a supplement for the supplement to be the most effective.
    I will be looking into this 23 day article more because I know the men suffering from low levels are impatient and want to do ti all at once.
    23 days to lase a few pounds while starting a supplements is a great place to start.

  57. Nathan

    Thanks for the warning, I’m not emotionally involved with losing weight as well, but knowing about this program before buying into it is very helpful. Me and my wife have started an all natural diet that involves eating gluten free food. So far my wife keeps telling me that she’s losing weight, so that sounds like a good sign.

    1. Steven

      The important thing here is….. you have acknowledged your wife is right, they are always right, right?

      I have heard some good things about gluten free diets for losing weight especially belly fat, you will have to tell me more.

  58. Chris

    Hi Steve, thanks for a good review of this product. It would seem a pretty thorough program, and if it does the business in 3 weeks, that would be a big bonus.
    I think the fact that it is a clickbank product suggests that it is a workable program and losing people some weight, or it would be withdrawn. Certainly one to take a good look at. Best wishes, Chris

    1. Steven

      Yes, dont get me wrong I have seen a few programmes on there that look “scammy” and will be posting about them once ive researched them, however, clickbank will ban you soon as programme starts recieving a lot of refunds

  59. Marc

    Does this program offer any guarantees? I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, and it seems to be helping me to restrict the number of calories that I eat on a daily basis. What are the typical results that are seen from this program? I think diet programs can definitely work, but the issue is what happens after the 21 days, whether or not people can actually keep the weight off. I’m curious as to whether this program that you’re offering is something that is just short term, or whether it’s sustainable over a long period of time.

    1. Steven

      When you say guarantees do you mean in money or in losing weight?

      There is a 60 day money back guarantee but with the weight loss side of things thats solely down to the individual if you follow it you will lose weight its that simple.

      It is also sustainble as you can do it over and over again and keep tailoring it towards your body metrics such as body fat and BMR

  60. Mara

    How refreshing, that you have looked past the big claims to the actual science behind the plan. I’m not usually a fan of diets, in the traditional sense – especially the fad ones, that seem to do more damage in the long term. But the word “diet” should really cover how we eat as a way of life, and I agree that a diet higher in fat and protein can be beneficial. if I may share my own experience, I recently went on a gluten free diet under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist, and she advised a diet plan high in protein and fat as well. I lost half a stone very quickly, through the same principle this diet promotes – eating the right foods to speed up your metabolism. As a result, I really believe the 3 week diet system sounds pretty good, and I’m going to take a closer look at the program. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Steven

      it is very refreshing to come across something thats true to the industry and not the next big thing, more and more research is being pumped in to science and diet and they keep coming up with the same conclusion.

      High protein and fat diets are the absolute key to losing weight and add HIIT exercises to the programme and you will be losing weight so quick and so safe people will be asking your secret.

  61. Kevin McNamara

    Hey Steven,

    Love the article and your site. Great stuff.

    Yes the headline lose 23 pounds in 3 weeks does seem out there haha! But it looks legit. I don’t need to lose a lot of weight but I am always interested in new weight loss ideas so may well check it out.

    Have you had to lose weight yourself? How did you do that?

    Keep up the great work, Kev

    1. Steven

      Thanks for the feedback about my site, it does seem out there but with the right mentality it is possible, results will vary from person to person but like any product the owner always over sell it but you will lose weight following the diet and exercise.

  62. Karin

    I admit I had my doubts of losing 23 lbs in 3 weeks. I always through if those work, there would not be any obese people in this country. But then – maybe those people have not heard of this system or never bothered looking. They use the same old excuse “those never work”. However, when I read your site, it looks very legit. I have been struggling with weight loss for a long time. I am the type who works a sit-down desk job most the day so I am not getting a lot of activity. I read through this page, and I am not a vegetarian or vegan, so this would work for me. I also saw the part of “3 weeks of eggs”. I admit I eat eggs often. After reading this, I am giving thoughts of looking into this.

    1. Steven

      with any diet it’s how you stick to it and your starting weight, not everyone will lose 23 pounds bit by doing this diet they will most certainly lose weight to notice a difference.

      There is so many scams out there its hard to find credible online programmes mainly because it’s not as personal and harder to retrieve your money.

      I think we all suffer wit weight issues at some point I’ve known slim people who believe they struggle, finding right programme is key and always will be.

  63. Jim

    I’m always interested in losing belly fat. Not because I’m so overweight, but because fat just naturally accumulates in the belly area. I’ve read repeatedly that fat around our midsection is bad for us. I think the motivational part of this plan is extremely important. How would you rate the motivational aspect of it? It’s fairly easy to learn what foods are good and which are bad, but again, it’s that motivation that seems so important to me. Please let me know how you feel about the plan’s motivational success.

    1. Steven

      Hey Jim,its not so much the fat thats on the belly thats dangerous as this can be subcutaneous fat the kind you can grab and wobble about, the fat that is dangerous is @visceral@ fat this is the fat that is in the belly and wraps around your organs.

      I like the motivational aspect due to not many programmes have that at all and you are going to hit rough patches on your journey

  64. Nate Glick

    it is so true that you can do all the working out you want but without the proper diet and eating the right foods that its not going to make much of a difference. it is also nice to see that you do not have to starve yourself using this program. Great article, would recommend!

    1. Steven

      getting the diet part right is essential for any body fat reduction, although on the 3 week diet you don’t have to starve yourself it will be challenging as your going to be in a calorie deficit

  65. Jeff

    There seems to be so many different diets out there. I have always thought that a low carb, low fat and high protein diet was the best way to lose weight but had no idea that I diet high in protein and fat was recommended. I have heard this more recently. There are certain foods that boost metabolism but is it necessary to have more frequent meals (every 3 hours)? Does that matter? Or can you stick to 3 meals a day?

    1. Steven

      Hey Jeff,

      Try and think of your body as an old steam engine, you have to keep chucking coal on the furnace regularly to keep the train going, that’s the same for us!

      It can be impractical to eat every three hours but that is a great way to lose belly fat, what I would do is have a few good choice snacks in-between meals such as nuts or boiled egg maybe even a pot of veg such as broccoli these are high in fibre, protein and fats.

      Try and limit your portion size as it’s all about being in a calorie deficit

  66. louloublogger1980

    Thanks for reviewing this. As the new year is coming up in was thinking something like this would be a great way to help remove my Christmas sins.
    Looks like its mainly a pow carb plan as there’s a lot of meat eating involved. You’re right, the marketing isn’t very good, and I would have definitely bypassednthis one had I not come across your review.

    1. Steven

      the marketing sucks but so many “landing” pages on the net look like this I’m not sure if it’s just copying off each other or it actually works!

      Low carb is great for losing weight but got to be careful not to be confused with no cards as cards are not the enemy, over eating is……

  67. Vertical Veloxity

    Yeahhh baby real food! As a person with health concerns I will never give up the real food. The food that in my opinion that makes life worth living. But I also understand that you cannot eat everything you want and you need guidelines.
    When you get experts to help you with a smart well rounded approach I am all for it. I have tried to wing it and sometimes I succeed but more than not I fail. This seems like a great system. I am going to give it a try! Thanks for the review

    1. Steven

      Winging it in anything usually ends up with a fail, its always best to recieve support and now days good support is costly I think the win is online as its cheaper and get good bang for your buck.

      I would never advocate anything that doesnt involve real food or exercise

  68. Eddie S Warner

    The site is very informative and intriguing. I may get help myself. I have been training for a virtual call center at home, and putting on weight because I am inside a lot more. I really appreciate having someone looking out for us out here. I was 265 lbs in high school, and I am really self conscious not because I know how it feels to have people referring to you as “fat”. Maybe I’ll just take your advice and avoid the social beating lol.


    1. Steven

      Modern day living will increase body weight with more junk food and more “idle” jobs! this is one of those things you just have to do your life really does depend on it and one day if not sorted now money, jobs and all the other things in life wont mean a thing if we are in poor health.

  69. Eric

    Hi Steve, you have a great site, and this is a great article. I have been up and down with my weight most of my life, so I am glad this article came up in the offer comments section. I checked out your about me page also, and I see that you had depression, and that a healthy exercise lifestyle helped up through those times, and that is inspiring to me, as I am looking to do the same. The 3-week diet system looks interesting, and I hope people look into it. I have tried a lot of weight loss stuff out there, and this seems pretty legit. Thank you!

    1. Steven

      Hi Eric, what other weight loss products or programmes have you tried?

      I did and still do have depression I think it will always be there but so will my fitness plans to help fight it

  70. Nikola

    Hey Steve. I like your review on 3-week-diet-sytem. I found it very helpful and intend to purchase. I dont have a weight problem myself but my uncle does and I want to help him get over it. I also like how Brian included excersise and mindest trainig to make it easier for people to lose weight. I think those are crucial components as well, do you agree?

    1. Steven

      i do agree Nikola, and with it being Christmas could be a very good stocking filler. nothing better than the gift of life and 3 week diet is great at helping lose weight.

      The mindset is important and needs to be trained as much as the body does.

  71. Akita

    I was skeptical too when I read 23 pounds in 3 weeks! but it looks legit. did you get a chance to see what was inside the ebooks exactly? I guess they’re making you go on a low carb diet as you said. interesting product anyways! thanks for reviewing Steven!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Akita,

      I managed to get a look at the “introduction manual and it looks really well laid out, after looking at independent reviews I think this is a real winner.

      As with any programme results will vary from person to person but you will almost certainly lose heaps of body fat!


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