Does 21 Day Fix Diet Work – Why are people going crazy for this

By | August 18, 2016

How skeptical are you when you hear something like lose weight in 21 days? I am for sure, dDoes 21 Day Fix Diet Workoes 21-day fix diet work? Is this another fad? are you going to be out of pocket again? Keep reading to find out…..

As a massive fan of beach body products my heart sank when I heard about the 21-day fix, I have seen so many people get suckered by losing fat fast schemes and really don’t want to lose my love for Beach Body.

I have covered Insanity, Cize, Country Heat, and Focus T25 and would recommend every single one of them for losing weight so I am hoping they haven’t ruined their brand, trust, and affection with this product just to fill the gold coffers.

I assume you also have your doubts about this as well. Keep reading to find out what its all about, my thoughts, what others think, any pros and cons, and frequently asked questions, and on top of that if the product is any goodwill also give you the best place to buy 21-day fix from.

What Is 21-Day Diet Fix


Essentially it’s a portion control system that allows you to eat what you want, coupled with a 21-day workout plan to make sure you get the maximum results each and every time you perform 1 round of this fix.

It was designed by Beach Body coach Autumn Calabrese who also designed the extremely popular Country Heat see below what Autumn has to say –

“I’m a bikini competitor—and a single working mum. I don’t have time for complicated meal plans and hours of exercise, and neither do my clients. That’s why I created 21 Day Fix. It’s simple, fast, and will help you get results. All you have to do is follow my programme, and you WILL lose weight.
I promise—or your money back.”
—Autumn Calabrese

21 day weight loss

As you can see Autumn is extremely confident about her program and also made it so simple to use, There are 7 different color and sized containers, if it fits in the tubs you can eat it, it’s that simple so no more boring or rigid calorie counting.

Also, you will be following a powerful 21-day workout that will see you burn massive calories to see a huge difference not only in your fitness but in your body shape, your body fat will be torched for sure.

21-day workout fix schedule

Classic Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 Cardio Fix Upper Fix Lower Fix Pilates Fix Cardio Fix Dirty 30 Yoga Fix
Doubles Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Week 1 & 2 Cardio Fix Upper Fix Lower Fix Pilates Fix Cardio Fix Dirty 30 Yoga Fix


All workouts are 30 heart-pumping minutes long and the first week you do just one workout a day but for the second and third week you are encouraged to do two of the workouts per day to see real fast results.


21-day eating fix

The part where you say goodbye calorie counting and hello portion control, let’s face it, counting calories is no joy, and having bigger portions than necessary may have got you where you are now.

Let’s look at how the color-coded system works and how it’s going to help you lose body fat.

  1. Green Container- Vegetables
  2. Purple Container – Fruits
  3. Red Container – Protein
  4. Yellow container – Carbs
  5. Blue Container – Healthy Fats
  6. Orange Container – Dressings

61nzUYppauL._SL1000_ (1)

To find out how many containers you can have a day you first have to work out your starting point, basically how many calories you need to be in a deficit.

It’s a simple formula that goes like this –

Your weight in lbs x11 = starter point

Your starter point + 400 = calorie needs

Calorie needs – 750 = Target deficit amount


After you have found out your number you can then work out how many containers of each color you can have per day Let the science behind the program do the hard work all you have to do is calculate your requirement below.

Weight <169 lbs <169 – 195 lbs <196 – 220 lbs <220 lbs plus
Containers 1,200 – 1,499


1,500 – 1,799


1,800 -2,099


2,100 – 2,300


Green 3 4 5 6
Purple 2 3 3 4
Red 4 4 5 6
Yellow 2 3 4 4
Blue 1 1 1 1
Orange 1 1 1 1

As you can see Beachbody hasn’t done a one size fits all, it takes into account that if you’re carrying more weight you will need more calories.

My Thoughts


I headed into the 21-day fix with horror but the more I read about it and talked to people who have done it, the more my love as amplified for BeachBody.

It’s not a one size fits all and nor should it be as too many people churn out a generic plan to suit the masses and they just don’t work.

What I also like is the fact that it’s sustainable and you can do the diet for more than 21 days if you choose, however, you will get used to the exercises after a while so you will need to find something to keep the metabolism stoked.

It’s clear to see a lot of thought and effort have gone it to this program to give you the best results possible in a safe and natural way and that is what you should be aiming for.

I do think this will be a challenge for the heavier people as after 220 lbs your calories a day will always stay the same, the flip side to that is your going to see massive weight loss if you can urge the need to eat.

Overall this is great and will easily find itself in my number one recommendation list which is no easy feat.

What Others Think


It’s taking the internet and social media by storm and won’t take long to find someone praising it and its hard to find anyone criticizing it, I have come across a few people who think the portions are too small but they are meant to be and is done on science rather than guesswork.


See below for some consumers views on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
on August 8, 2016
So easy to do 30 minutes a day. Now i look forward to that 30 minutes!
5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars
By Celia Messenger on August 6, 2016
2 weeks in and loving it!

The final word on does 21 day fix diet work


Forget about all those crazy plans out there that will cost you hundreds of dollars and see nothing for your money, there is no way you can go through the 21 days and not lose weight you’re in a deficit too much to not see any results.

This isn’t something to take lightly though it’s going to be tough you’re going to want to eat more and the exercise is gonna make you sore, but I like to look at like this it’s not as tough as everyday struggle being overweight

People’s testimonies speak for themselves and if you want to start losing fat click the get started below!! To answer the question does the 21-day diet fix work? You bet it doe!

6 thoughts on “Does 21 Day Fix Diet Work – Why are people going crazy for this

  1. Jeremy

    Thanks for this review I actually have a family member that is about to give this a try. I like how they dumb the diet part of the plan down so that all you have to do is fill each container and not even think about it. Looks like a great product

  2. Wendy

    It sounds like this may be a good option for someone wanting to lose weight. I think everyone is a bit different, and what works for some, won’t work for others. So if someone hasn’t been able to lose the belly fat using other methods, the 21-day fix may be something to try. I found for me, I don’t do well with counting calories or portion control. At my age, I get the best results by cutting the sugar, starches and carbs from my diet.

  3. George

    I’ve always believed you can lose weight (a reasonable amount) within 21 days. But losing as much as 85 Pounds in 21 days does take some real effort, and discipline. Kudos to Autumn on such a successful training program! Proves that when you really love what you do in a job, you can positively influence many people around you!

  4. David

    This looks like a good plan. Sensible, healthy eating combined with an exercise regime giving a realistic loss.
    I an see this being a real success.

  5. simon

    A very well detailed post Steven, I think it an awesome post with every bit of information about the 21 day diet fix that I need. The video is very interesting and I will definitely research a little more thank you very much for the very informative post!


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