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By | July 24, 2016

I recently did write up on Life Fitness F1 Treadmill and a few people mentioned they would like to see cross trainer reviews, I am not one to disappoint so here it is…… the X1 elliptical cross trainer also from life fitness.

I decided to go with Life Fitness again as there usually quite simple to operate and I am familiar with their brand. I will say from the outset that Life Fitness products do come with a big price tag? Will it be worth the money? Is there an alternative?

Like all good reviews, there will be some cons and I will dig deep to unveil them if any……

As far as cross trainers go there one of my favourite piece of equipment to use in the gym, and little, later on, I will tell you why I like this type of equipment and why they may be suitable for your needs.

About The X1 Elliptical Cross Trainer


At Life fitness there all about high-end products that are equally good in the gym or in your home, with sturdy long lasting engineering, all their products are built to last and pride themselves on being user-friendly.

Thier also proud to bring the newest and most innovative technology and the X1 isn’t short of this, with its patented linkT6 drive system each stride you take is fluid and an extremely natural, on top of this Life Fitness have optimised their stride path to give you full synchronisation of upper and lower body making sure each workout is the best.

They have also tackled the problem of some models, in particular, the cheaper ones that make a god awful noise on each stride by introducing a new technology called WhisperStrideT making sure your experience is smooth and with minimal noise.

With the wireless heart rate strap, you can receive accurate results each and every time you exercise and  power your way to fitness, there are 13 varied programmes and an option to make your own custom programme and store two user profiles.

My Thoughts


Cross trainers are fantastic, and a great way to get fit more over losing body fat, the fact that it’s a weightless exercise you’re not going to damage any joint, ligaments or bones.

What I also like about cross trainers is the ease of  movement and the way it mobilises virtually every joint providing better joint health, especially as we get older, that brings me on to how good cross trainers are for us that are a little older or have an injury.

because there is less stress it will be more comfortable than running on a treadmill or rowing.

When using these machines they feel gentle and also not as strenuous, does this mean your not getting a good workout? Absolutely not trust me you will know you have worked out!!

But my personal favourite reason for using these machines is the ease of doing high-intensity interval training , unlike a treadmill, it’s very safe as your in control of the moveable parts and unlike a rowing machine your form doesn’t suffer. (Novice tends to curve the back on rowing machines)

What about this particular machine? As much as I love cross trainers I couldn’t have one in my house….. they’re the size of a small car ( ok, a bit of an  exaggeration) there just so bulky and frankly my misses would kill me!

It’s not just the size that would put me off its the cost, don’t get me wrong its a great piece of kit and would fit well in any home gym or even a gym itself, everything about this machine is great it has powerful features built to last and will certainly help you lose body fat.

If you can spare the money and have the room I would recommend it but there are other products out there that are much more versatile and a fraction of the price such as TRX training kit.

I understand that some of you will love the cross trainer just like I do so I have provided an alternative on this post which is cheaper, it won’t have all the bells and whistles like the X1 has but you will still get the same results.

I am quite disappointed with the X1, Where is the USB drive to upload your own custom workouts or inbuilt iPod docking station? Some of their other products have this feature.

Now this isn’t shoddy piece kit by any means but for the price there asking I would expect a little more, there drive system and whisper technology sound great but again all the life fitness machines I have used have always been fluid and reasonably quite anyway.

The only thing I can honestly say why this machine can warrant the price £1700  is that it will outlast cheaper models and brands so possibly saving you money in the long run.

The warranty is good as you get a lifetime on the frame and 3 years on parts and labour personally I would prefer more on the parts and labour and less on the frame as the parts are more likely to break than the frame.


What Others Think


I checked amazon UK and amazon USA plus fitness superstore and couldn’t find many reviews at all found plenty of reviews giving it the thumbs up but I just think there getting affiliate commissions from any products you buy from there links.

Now there were some customer reviews and they genuinely liked it I personally think their price point is wrong because its a great piece of kit but doesn’t look like many units have been sold to home users not sure about gyms though.

An Alternative

Schwinn 470 elliptical trainer

I found this cross trainer that is a  LOT cheaper, in fact, its ($)£1000 cheaper and round about the average price to pay for a good cross trainer.

This probably won’t be as smooth, however, you will barely notice the difference and in other ways, it actually beats the X1 it has 29 programmes, slightly smaller and links up to my fitness pal through USB and even an iPod jack to play your music for added motivation.

Cross trainer reviews

If you have never heard of Schwinn there a USA reputable company is known for their innovation especially for spinning bikes.

Now the drawback with this machine is the warranty its no way near as good as the X1 with 10 years for the frame and 2 years mechanical 1 year electrical and only 90 days labour.

It’s a case of spend more and know you’re covered or spend less and get a few years use.

Click here to read more about this trainer if you’re from the USA

Click here if you’re from the UK

Last Word On Cross Trainers Review


This is a really tough decision as all though I am disappointed in this model I know the quality life fitness hold and their warranty is staggering you know that you’re covered for a long time and if you were to buy the Schwinn instead to save money you may be out of pocket further down the line.

To weigh it up both machines are going to help you lose body fat no doubt! There both quality engineered with life fitness taking the lead on technology and giving you a smoother experience it will take up more room in your house and also take more money out your pocket but could save you money in the long run.

My final verdict would be to buy the Life Fitness X1 Elliptical Cross Trainer if you have the money and in fully committed to it if you do need to save money then the Schwinn is fine too as it has more programmes but lacks in security with a tiny warranty.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so leave me a comment in below and if you do want the life fitness machine just click the relevant Button below

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