Core De Force Workout Review – Fight Fat In 30 Days

By | January 11, 2017

Is BeachBody Fighting Back With MMA?

BeachBody has hit back and released a mixed martial art’s workout DVD, the last couple of DVD’s have seen more of a dance theme with the famous Cize and Country Heat, Core De Force Workout Review will find out if you still get the same results as other BeachBody DVD’s

Although popular, the dance theme DVD’s seen criticism from the High-Intensity fans who love Insanity, p90x, and T25.

Core De Force Workout Review

In Core De Force Workout Review, I want to see if this is going to leave you wanting to throw the towel in or use the towel to wipe your sweat-drenched body just like your hard-hitting high-intensity titles did.

What kind of results can you expect from this sort of training and how easy is it? Keep reading as all your questions I will answer in this review.

If you have ever had a BeachBody product then you know how damaging it can be to your body fat plus you get seriously toned, and your fitness levels have gone to a level you have never experienced before, can Core De Force be as good?.

BeachBody seems to be notorious for switching up their game, and this time their promising Core De Force will give you a knockout body.

Train Like A Fighter.

Have you no desire to step into the octagon or ring? Me neither! But I do desire a body like a professional fighter and the fitness levels to match.

I don’t think I ever remember seeing a boxer, MMA or martial artists that are overweight or unfit for that matter that’s why I am super excited about core de force workout and the very fact you don’t have to go to an intimidating place and feel afraid makes this exercise even more appealing.

What’s In The Box

Core De Force workout brings a whole heap of tools to help you Knock out the belly fat and tone your entire body in just 30 days, let’s have a peek at what will arrive in your mail.

In your box, you will receive eight great workout DVDs, a quick start calendar, an eating plan, and three bonus items that include two more workouts and 24/7 online support for FREE.

Workout’s Breakdown

MMA Speed – Short but tough, the quickest DVD in the series this is focused on boxing moves and core intensity to shred your midsection, find your self-sweating through 6 rounds over 27 mins to get the metabolism fired up.

MMA Shred – Prepare to assault your body from top to bottom with the most brutal form of kickboxing on the planet “Muay Thai” punches, kicks elbows and knees will give you all over shred.

You are driving your body through nine intense rounds over 37 mins.

MMA Power – Cranking the time and rounds up to 47 minutes and 12 rounds will take you to the next level, fat burning and all over sculpting.

Fast-paced cardio conditioning session that will see you using explosive moves while learning defensive motions.

MMA Plyo – Sticking to the same time and rounds  as MMA power this workout will spike your metabolism to burn more calories than the last few exercises, combining boxing Muay Thai and plyometrics

Power Sculpt – Time to build your endurance up and push yourself for even more excess body fat burning moves focusing on highly successful interval training and explosive power.

Another 47 minutes and 12 round session that will have your heart pumping and sweating like you never sweat before.

Dynamic Strength – Low impact but full intensity using real bodyweight and no equipment to carve out a real definition that others will notice.

Again this runs for 47 minutes and 12 rounds.

Active Recovery – Time to recover from the grueling week you just had it’s crucial to follow this 21 one Minute workout as it will re-energize you and make you stronger

Core De Force Relief – Just 5 minutes to help soothe tired and aching muscles ready for your next workout.

Free Bonus DVD’s

Core Kinetics – Lower paced but equally important, this exercise builds your core for a solid foundation for power and endurance, giving you flat abs and tight obliques.

5 Min, Core On The Floor – Exactly what it says you will hit the floor making moves such as the plank to strengthen and stabilize your core

What To Expect From Core De Force Workout.

You will be following along with two trainers Joel and Jericho, who are both new elite coaches at Beachbody for 30 days, follow the workout, and the eating plan, and you are guaranteed to lose weight and be satisfied, or they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Core De Force focuses massively on core movements that will see you with a flat and toned belly once you lose your belly fat. If you have ever tried Insanity or T25, then you will love this has the intensity is on par with those workouts all though many different movements.

If you haven’t tried either of those programs, then your in for a real shock, in fact, probably the best workout’s, you have ever had.

Unlike Insanity and T25, this is for 30 days, but don’t let that fool you, it’s not as effective; this will have you drenched, panting, and begging to stop.

Don’t be put off, though, as there is a modifier, so if you aren’t quite there yet, you can follow along at a more comfortable pace and still get fantastic results.

core de force workout review

My Thoughts On Core De Force

When I first saw Core De Force, I was super excited as I loved Insanity and T25 and been waiting for another high-intensity workout; although Cize and Country Heat had moderate Intensity and excellent results, it just wasn’t me.

What I love about this program is the structure; it’s broken down in comfortable 3-minute rounds giving the perfect blend of interval and explosive training.

Core de force is no doubt another exceptional product and highly recommend buying one if you want to lose weight, tone up,  next-level fitness or just bored with your current workout, you can do it over and over and well worth the money

I can’t wait for my box to come in the mail and get stuck in and will undoubtedly be doing some videos and a write up on my daily progress.


Q: Does Shaun T lead this workout?

A: No, Shaun T doesn’t lead this one or even features in the DVD, Shaun’s last DVD was Cize.

Q: Do you need any equipment? 

A: You don’t need any equipment, but some space is required as you will be twisting, punching, kicking, etc.

Q: Do I need to have any previous experience with martial arts?

A: No, need The GRIT to push through the workout.

Q: Is Core De Force High Impact

A: There is a mixture of low impact and high impact; you can keep it little impact if you choose; however, don’t choose low intensity!

Q: How Long Is Each Workout?

A: Each workout is 27-45 minute long, most being 45 minutes

Q: Will I Lose Belly Fat?

A: 100%, and if you’re not satisfied, Beachbody offers a 60-day money-back guarantee; follow the plan and the portion control diet, and you will see less body fat everywhere!

Q: Is There A Modifier In Core De Force Workout?

A: Yes, as with all BeachBody workouts, you always have someone you can follow who makes it less intense and provides simpler versions of the exercise being performed by Joel and Jericho.

Q: Will I become bad-ass?

A: You already are; you don’t know it yet!

Final Word on Core De fore Workout Review

regardless if you have tried any other BeachBody products, this looks amazing, and I have no doubt you will be satisfied, and if you’re not, you can get your money back, so you don’t have anything to lose with this product apart from your weight.

Although Joel and Jericho are new, they are a superb addition and offer a unique perspective on MMA style training; training this way will see you develop next-level fitness, power, and confidence, and you don’t need to have any martial arts or combat experience to enjoy this.

I also think the value for money is superb with ten workouts, an eating plan, a calendar, and 24/7 support.

The days of buying expensive gym memberships with little to no results are gone home workouts are the new gym with quicker and guaranteed results, and BeachBody leads the field.

If you feel you need more answers from Core De Force Workout review leave me a comment below

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22 thoughts on “Core De Force Workout Review – Fight Fat In 30 Days

  1. Mike

    Great review, thank you.

    It’s really good to see the money back guarantee, although I’m not sure how they can ensure users have been following the program as they should? I usually do my own HIIT training either at home or in the gym, however have been starting to get bored of the repetitive burpees etc recently. This looks like a great way of mixing up my training whilst maintaining the intensity. I’m guessing you don’t need any additional equipment?

    1. Steven

      if you like HIIT training then you will love core de force and your absolutely right all you need is your own body weight

  2. Abrielle

    Wow this looks like quite the workout. I am pretty sure I’d fall over after about 5 minutes lol. It does look like a fun way though to do some serious cardio! I’m guessing you have to have a decent fitness level to start this program though, right? Very informative review!

    1. Steven

      you can actually do this workout at any fitness level! There will be a modifier to the side of Joel and Jericho who takes it “Easier”

      You will see your fitness improve very fast.

  3. Linda

    Wow. Intense Workouts! I think that is a great plan. A DVD is convenient. Workouts can be done at home. Which works for me just fine! 3 minute rounds are cool, especially if you get tired or fatigued easily like me, being asthmatic. I would try it. But is this exercise program suitable for asthmatics? Is there are low-intensity workout option? Can the Core De Force Workout plan be adjusted to accommodate those with specific health concerns like asthma. (If it’s under control)?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I can’t give you any medical advice regarding your condition you must see your physician for that.

      If the physician says it’s fine then you must give it a try as exercise does help with asthma.

      Do you currently exercise at the moment.

  4. Paul

    Hi Steven,
    Great review very thorough and well written.
    I have worked through T25 before and had pretty good results,
    The only downside was being 40 years old my joints ached quite a bit from the high impact and jumping lunges etc.
    As a former martial artist however core de force does interest me especially as it seems to be based around martial art technique.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Always listen to your body, muscle ache is good but joint ache not so much, try doing exercise on soft surface such as carpet or grass

  5. simon watson

    Wow, thank you for a really detailed review of the Cor de Force workout. It was incredibly easy to read and digest and you even answered a couple of questions that I had lingering, so I thank you for an amazing post.

  6. a.habil

    Hi, may I know whether this kind of exercise is suitable for people with previous slipped disc injury that is trying to get back in shape? Thanks

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Unfortunately, that isn’t something I am qualified to answer, I would check with your physician as Core De Force is quite high impact.

      Something a little less impact like Country Heat or Cize may be better but again check with your physician

  7. Gordon

    This looks tough but then you would expect it to be. Last course of anything like this I tried was Tae Bo with Billy Blanks years ago. The problem I have with these programs is keeping up with the moves while trying to get them right. How does Core De Force work in that way? By the time you get the hang of an exercise it has moved on to the next. I am talking as a beginner of course 🙂

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Gorden,

      Nothing to worry about with BeachBody products! They understand that the have a beginner fan base as well as hardcore fitness fanatics so in all their products they provided a modifier and Core DE Force is no different.

      A modifier is a person who takes it “easier” and provides simpler moves to follow along.

  8. matts mom

    I love Beachbody, so I really love this workout series. I think I prefer this type more than the dance and music type. I like that it will knock out my belly fat. I have one question, do I need to have any extra equipment or weights with this workout? I have P90X but it just isn’t my type of work out.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Mother of Matt,

      The great thing about this is it’s all body weight so all you need is a TV and DVD player and a bit of space and you will see belly fat melt within 30 days.

  9. Dinh

    I just watched the video and thought it looked great. I love the it combines martial arts in it (i used to do karate) and that it has low and high impact moves to change the tempo and give you a little break.
    30 days…I may give this a try as nothing else seems to be working.

  10. Kenny Lee

    Wow. Aren’t these overkill just to get some body fat off? You may even turn into a MMA fighter yourself. Well, probably not, but with the less than perfect health condition I’m in, I’m not sure how I’m going to last even 5 minutes without passing out.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Best thing to do Kenny is to follow the modifier to build up your fitness and once its next level follow Joel and Jericho it won’t take long, who knows you could be in the cage by the end of the year….

    2. Neil

      Agreed Kenny, haha, I would get a headache just getting changed…

      There is a huge amount of info on here though, and I suppose everyone could start somewhere….given the right guidance and advice…

      Thanks for all this…


  11. Ilario Sepulveda

    wow, 3 things I love about this..

    -The fact that they guarantee that you lose weight or your money back
    -The MMA training without actually getting into the ring
    -Very convenient because I can do it in my living room

    Great info here. Definitely will be checking into this
    How old/new is this product?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hey Ilario Sepulveda,

      Love all your points they resonate with me two, I love working out at the gym and at home depending what mode im in but nothing beats working out to a BeachBody DVD none of them have failed to please yet.

      Core De Force is brand new only out since December for general public!


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