ChaLEAN Workout Videos – Weight Loss Review

By | August 30, 2016

Another BeachBody Review, this time, I am going to be looking at ChaLean workout videos, I am on a mission at the moment to try and find a workout from BeachBody that does not work!ChaLEAN Workout Videos

So far I have covered Insanity, Country Heat, T25, Cize and 21-day fix, Although the 21-day fix is more of a diet programme it does come with video’s to workout too.

I am yet to find a BeachBody programme that fails to deliver on it promises that’s why I am keen to look at ChaLean as it doesn’t have the hype the others have, either that or I have missed it.

This particular outing doesn’t involve Shaun T nor Autumn Calabrese, is it going to have the same drive, passion and fan base as the highly popular Insanity or country Heat?

One thing that did catch my eye about ChaLEAN workout is you don’t just rely on body weight so there could be a longevity factor with this programme, to find out what I mean to keep reading!

ChaLean promises to burn extreme body fat in 90 days and has visible results every 30 days or your MONEY BACK this is a bold claim, let’s find out if it can deliver…….


About ChaLEAN Workout Videos


It seems like I missed the hype as this was released way back in 2009 and was a massive hit, hosted by BeachBody coach Chalene Johnson, it pretty much brought a whole new meaning to “home Workout’s”.

If you think back then there wasn’t a lot of choices when it comes to home workouts sure you had celebrity videos and aerobic step kinda workouts that kept you in the “fat burning zone” something that has proven to be less effective in recent years.

ChaLEAN was virtually a pioneer for High Intensity and woman lifting weights through resistance training as Chalene uses sports science to bring you a “real” fat burning sweat-inducing results!

Chalene uses a technique called Lean Phasing, see below to see what Chalene says –

“My proven technique shifts your fat-burning focus from cardio to resistance training. By adding resistance training in 3 steps, you’ll build lean muscle, and that’s what helps supercharges your metabolism so you burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep!”

With this programme, you will burn up to 60% of your body fat and will see visible results within weeks or your money back.

To keep your metabolism fired up you will be doing resistance training three times a week and cardio two times a week, you get to rest for two days of the week, however, due to Lean Phasing, there is no rest for your metabolism so expect extreme results.

Your 90 days are broken down into three stages, Burn, Push and Lean with each stage offering visible results, each DVD phase has three powerful workouts see below for what each phase is…..

Burn –  The first phase is a moderate workout that will fire up your metabolism that will burn your fat reserves, working upper and lower body to guarantee visible results in your first 30 days.

Push – In this next phase you’re going to need grit as your going to be lifting heavy, putting your metabolism into overdrive and really driving them visible results by increasing your lean muscle.

Lean – You conquered the first 60 days now its time “get lean” and really melt your body fat and be blown away by how different you look and feel, Chalene will be showing you new dynamic moves to really beat any plateau!

Extreme Cardio – Time for High-Intensity Intervals to make sure you’re in the best shape ever and finish off with some rejuvenation with some invigorating stretching.

Before you start this phase though Chalene teaches you how to use your weights or bands properly making sure you have the correct technique.

If that wasn’t enough you also receive five FREE gifts and fat to muscle guide book and callipers so you can see how much fat your melting, see below for your FREE gifts –Fat burning guide

  1. AB Burner – A workout DVD to tone and shape your abs.
  2. Extreme AB – Another workout DVD that will flatten and carve your midsection.
  3. Fat Burning Food Guide.
  4. Pro Grade Fitness Band.
  5. Thigh Toner Band.

Chalene is so confident you will have massive success BeachBody will give you a 90-day money back guarantee.

My Thoughts On ChaLEAN Workout Videos


In a way, I am disappointed that I didn’t come across this when it was first released as this sort of workout was virtually unheard of and not a great deal of science was behind it and woman certainly wasn’t lifting weights back then as the myth was a woman who lifts get big muscles.

Well, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth and science is fully backing lifting weights and high-intensity interval training for weight loss and seems this workout combines them both you’re going to see visible results no doubt.

One thing I would have liked to see is the inclusion of weights in your box as well as your resistance bands don’t get me wrong you will still feel the burn with the bands but personally feel the weights would have been a better option!

As with all BeachBdy products you get free gifts and the gifts here are perfect for the task in hand the fat to muscle guide and callipers is great as we find it hard to see results in our selfs but if you can see the fat shrinking it will only motivate you even more to complete.

If I was to be really picky BeachBody’s nutrition guides are usually quite thin and don’t offer a lot of value, of course, its better than not having one but would love to see a more in depth meal plan but hey this is a workout DVD and not a diet programme, so I really am being picky.

With all BeachBody programme’s there is always a modifier, someone who takes it a bit easier and bit slower than the main host, in this case its Chalene.



Final Word On ChaLEAN Workout Videos


This is a great workout that’s been around for a long time, not many workouts last the test of time, this has been going for seven years and is still popular so that is a true testament to how good this is.

I would have preferred to see weights instead of resistance bands but this is a minor issue and more of a personal preference as the results speak for them self.

I have no doubt in my mind that this an extremely powerful programme and you will look massively different by the end of it, not only will you look massively different but you will be positively glowing with a new found confidence and body.

Would love to know if you’re going to try this or have tried any other BeachBody products before, just pop a comment below and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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6 thoughts on “ChaLEAN Workout Videos – Weight Loss Review

  1. Brandon

    Wow, what a great review! I often workout from home, due to gyms being too far away from where I live, and for the simple fact that it is completely free when done at home 🙂 This program seems like a valuable fat burning method for me. I might have to come back to this before Christmas for an early present.

    Thanks for this post,

  2. Lawrence

    I love these kind of workout/exercise programs. They always get me pumped up and inspired to get fitter and in shape.

    The last one I did was P90X by Tony horton (Beach body) and I saw some great benefits.

    I will be bookmarking this site because I am interested in these programs.

    Thanks =)

      1. Lawrence

        Hey Steven =)

        I didn’t actually complete it, but when I was doing it on a consistent basis, I had some awesome results =)

        1. Steven Varley Post author

          With anything weight loss related its all about consistency or we just pile the body fat back on, and that’s when the vicious circle begins again.

          Try and make it a habit they say it takes 30 days to make an habit


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