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Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad For You

Overview   Many people favour sweeteners instead of sugar for losing weight, but what most people want to know “are sweeteners bad for you” There are so many foods and drinks containing the artificial product and even more contradicting information to go along with it. Do they cause cancer? Do they ruin your gut? what… Read More »

Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados

Health Benefits Of Eating Avocados Working in the fitness industry I see and hear so much about avocados, I only tried one the other day but curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to know what the health benefits of eating avocados are. You only have to log in to facebook, Instagram or… Read More »

Heart Healthy Foods List

Heart Healthy Foods List I think we all agree that having a healthy heart is important , and if this is true then having a heart healthy foods list should be just as important. Being overweight carries many health risks one of them being the strain on our ticker, I appreciate not everyone is into… Read More »

High Protein Shakes For Weight Loss |

High protein shakes for weight loss Following on from my article on why should we eat proteins, I thought it was best to write about high protein shakes for weight loss, after all, protein is confusing in itself, no doubt the synthetic side of proteins will be just as bad. Before we get into different proteins… Read More »

Why Should We Eat Protein | Key To Weight Loss

Why should we eat protein After talking to an extended family member who has poor health with diabetes and is prone to strokes, it dawned on me, people with conditions are not properly in the know even when there under the guidance of health professionals. On the phone call I received, it went like this “Hi… Read More »

How To Cure Diabetes Naturally

How to cure diabetes naturally Being overweight carries all kinds of health risks. Diabetes is a serious disease that needs treatment, it’s closely linked with being overweight and obesity, how to cure diabetes naturally is a big concern for people who already have this. In fact, if you are obese you have an 80-85% chance… Read More »

Infused Water Benefits | Best Fruits For Weight Loss

Infused water benefits Water water, It’s literally every were, in fact, two-thirds of the planet is covered in the blue stuff, but yet most of us don’t drink enough, why? for me, everything else tastes better, until I was introduced to infused water.  Infused water benefits are immense and not just for weight loss, every… Read More »