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Low Carb Green Smoothie Recipe – It Looks Horrible

It Looks Worse Than It Tastes. If you can get past the green sludge look then this low carb green smoothie recipe will do wonders for belly fat, it’s packed full of powerful nutrients that will start your day off just right. In this post, I am going to break all the different foods down… Read More »

Baked Milk Fish Recipe – Lose Belly Fat

1 Incredible Belly Fat Busting Recipe I Asked my online colleague Chef Charred from if he would like to Share a good weight loss recipe, he did! this succulent baked milk fish recipe, however, this is not his recipe it’s actually his wife’s, I’m not sure if they have kids but if they do they are… Read More »

Homemade Weight Loss Recipes

Eat Your Favourite Home Made Dishes Whilst losing Weight When we want to lose weight we tend to either go all out and starve ourselves from what we really want or go into a new diet plan half-hearted and unprepared, both give you slim chances of success, However, all we need is some homemade weight… Read More »

Weight Loss Lasagna Recipe

Home Made Lasagna Recipe Without Pasta This may sound strange but this weight loss lasagna recipe contains no pasta (lasagna) by leaving the pasta out you shave off so many calories, like most pasta dishes that’s where most calories are found and they are not the best of calories either nor does it offer much nutritional… Read More »

How To Make A Healthy Burger

Love Burgers But Want To Lose Weight? Is this a joke, it is a joke, right? This is the usual response when I tell people how to make a healthy burger, but honestly, you can enjoy a good burger and still lose weight and not feel guilty. Before we start I want to make clear… Read More »

Weight Watchers Recipes | Two Free Easy Recipes

Weight Watchers Recipes You don’t have to be a member of Weight Watchers to know they have some great recipes, I will give two of my personal best Weight Watchers recipes. These are quick easy and relatively cheap to make, there also absolutely delicious and nutritious and you have to try them. if you haven’t… Read More »