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Depression is back

Depression is back Not the easiest post I have to write as it is a real personal issue that my depression is back, I can’t exactly tell you why and where the depression demons come back from I just don’t know, in fact, I didn’t even notice my behaviour my fiancée did!! I imagine with most… Read More »

Belly Fat and Heart Disease

Belly Fat and Heart Disease Does heart disease scare you? ever thought about it? belly fat and heart disease are closely linked and the chances are, you have never thought about it until you have been told you have it, or someone you know has been diagnosed, am I Right? We should be scared of… Read More »

Types Of Body Fat | Yes There Is More Than One

We all generally know what “overweight” looks like. However, what a lot of folks don’t know is the different types of body fat and the relation to our health. When it comes to types of body fat, there are two primary sorts, brown fat and white fat, both these types of fat look different, act different, and both are… Read More »