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Does 3 Week Diet System Work – Finally, The Truth Exposed

Truth Is Your Not The Only One Concerned About The 3 Week Diet System! The ultimate question, does 3-week diet system work? Likewise, Can you lose 23lbs in JUST 21 days as it claims? Of course, these are claims we’ve heard before. However, is the 3-week diet plan different? Nevertheless, any concerns you have will… Read More »

Free Food Apps

There are a whole bunch of apps that count calories and nutrition but what about free food apps? You know the ones that actually give you recipes that will help you with losing body fat. It’s alright having calorie counters but if you’re still eating junk then they really don’t mean a lot do they? I… Read More »

Kiqplan Fitness App

Kiqplan Fitness App  I come across kiqplan fitness app when I was going through google play looking for free fitness apps to try out, Must admit, it just looked like any other fitness app. I was ready to dismiss Kiqplan fitness app and carry on scrolling as the rating wasn’t great and a few complaints, after reading… Read More »

Best Free Fitness Apps

Best Free Fitness Apps We live in an age where everything is at our fingertips, why not take advantage of the best free fitness apps to help you with weight loss? There are some fantastic apps that don’t cost a penny  but finding them can be tricky as there are loads out there. Reading this… Read More »

Fitbit Charge HR | Good For Weight Loss?

Fitbit Charge HR Review……… Product: Fitbit Charge HR Price: £92.49 Cheapest place to buy: Amazon Guarantee: Yes My rating: 8.5/10 Product overview Take control of your lifestyle with the Fitbit charge HR and track your activity all day every day. Accurately track your heart rate, steps, stairs climbed, distance, calorie expenditure, water consumption, active minutes, sleep patterns, weight gain/weight… Read More »