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An Easy Diet Plan to Lose Weight (5 Pillars To Change Your Life)

Finding an easy diet plan to lose weight isn’t easy. In fact, the internet is littered with confusing and contradicting information. Moreover, a lot of it can be misleading and ineffective. Not to mention, dangerous! When looking for a diet plan to lose weight, it needs to be set in solid foundations. Furthermore, there is only… Read More »

Reebok Deck Review – Best Workout Bench?

At first glance, the Reebok Deck is an expensive piece of chunky plastic. Well, in this Reebok deck review, we will show you why it isn’t. In fact, we will show you why you need it right now as part of your weight-loss toolkit. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to Reebok Professional Deck… Read More »

Sandbag Fitness Equipment Review – Tried & Tested

We can all agree that fitness products are always evolving. In this post, sandbag fitness equipment review we will show you why we love this product. We do sandbag training at every gym session. All in All, sandbag training is great for warming up and for main workout sessions. Sandbags will help with – Weight loss Strength… Read More »

Does 3 Week Diet System Work – Finally, The Truth Exposed

Truth Is Your Not The Only One Concerned About The 3 Week Diet System! The ultimate question, does 3-week diet system work? Likewise, Can you lose 23lbs in JUST 21 days as it claims? Of course, these are claims we’ve heard before. However, is the 3-week diet plan different? Nevertheless, any concerns you have will… Read More »

Weight Watchers Online Review

Do You Need To Watch Your Weight Or Watch Your Wallet? In this Weight Watchers Online review I want to cover if it’s a good program for losing weight, as you have probably realised there are hundreds of online slimming options. However, how many of these can be discredited 80-90%? I don’t know for sure,… Read More »

TRX Training Kit | Product Review

The TRX training kit is fairly new in the fitness world compared to equipment such as free weights and cardio machines. The popularity of suspension training has boomed and most gyms and health clubs will have them in place for customers and personal trainers to give their clients a powerful workout. The Birth Of TRX… Read More »