Busting Fat

Busting Fat

I am going to take a wild guess and say you have probably arrived at this site because you have some sort of issue with your weight, whether that maybe lose a couple of pounds or many pounds, I’ll also guess this isn’t the first site or your last that you will be visiting in that never ending pursuit of gaining the right knowledge and tools For busting fat

Lets face it the internet has a wealth of information that could be very overwhelming, complicated and dangerous, I have been in your shoes and spent many hours digesting conflicting information and very often the site I am reading from is aiming me towards their product of some fad crash diet or a plan that costs many hundreds of pounds and only last three to six weeks.

I promise you it won’t be easy nor will it be quick, any product that suggests this “lose weight quick” in my opinion isn’t worth the time and stay well clear.

Reason being is this…. yes you will lose weight quickly but your most likely to feel like crap, then soon as you finish the faddy weight loss programme you will pile the weight straight back on, does this sound familiar? however what I will promise is it will be worth it.

Let’s get on to busting that belly fat, it is stubborn believe me I have tried and failed so many times. The basic principle of losing weight and busting the gut is this formula….. Calories in vs Calories out and that is virtually it.

So, in theory, you could eat 5 big macs burgers a day, every day and still lose weight…..don’t sound true does it? however  as long as you had more calories going out you could theoretically lose weight. I certainly wouldn’t encourage that as your insides would be absolutely ruined and the amount of activity you would need to burn that off would be exhausting and not fun.

To lose weight, it’s always best to make it fun, grab a partner,a friend or even your kids,if you do together you will have more fun, more likely to stick to it and a better chance of success!  if it’s not fun and you won’t stick to it and you will remain unhappy, unconfident and still have the same issues you did when you started thinking about your journey to that happier you .

Let’s put oncropped-download-1.jpge thing straight calories are not the enemy and you can’t turn fat into muscle and “fats” don’t make you fat we will cover more about good fats bad fats calories etc in the Food & Diet section of this site.

Motivating Triggers

Right so lets now move on to your “emotional triggers” what I mean by this statement is what is driving you to lose weight, as when your motivation is dropping we can revisit these and at some point it will drop and that is ok as it happens to most fitness professionals I know!  I am including myself in this statement.as my motivation has left me in the cold a few times.

What I would like you to do is answer these question in your head or jot them down in a book.

  • Why is losing weight Important to me?
  • How long have I been thinking about losing weight days, weeks, months or years?
  • What would life be like if I lost weight?
  • How much longer am I going to think about it?
  • Is this a lifestyle commitment?
  • Who else will benefit from myself being more healthier, happier and active?

With that in mind check out the other tabs about exercise and diet  and let’s begin this journey together of busting my fat belly.

Healthy Regards