Burn Belly Fat Quickly

By | October 11, 2018

Burn Belly Fat Quickly

Belly Fat is Sneaky and is more of a problem than actually the clothes fitting in. The type of belly fat which surrounds your visceral organs which are actually known as the “visceral fat” exposes a person more to Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. Though losing fat from this area of the body is difficult but if you can try hard it is also possible that you lose belly fat within a week.


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Here are some of the scientifically proven ways that you could get rid of Belly Fat:

  • Eat Plenty of Soluble Fibre: The soluble fiber is very quickly absorbed by water and forms a gel that helps less craving, as the gel takes a lot of time while going down the digestive tract. It also cuts down the number of carbs that a person takes in while eating. Sources of food that are rich in soluble fiber are flaxseed, shirataki noodles and loads of Brussel Sprouts.


  • Avoid food containing high levels of Trans Fat: When you pump hydrogen into saturated fats, just like soybean oil, that’s how actually trans fats are created. These fats are very much linked to inflammation that might lead to heart disease, cholesterol and also abdominal fat gain. To reduce fat, it is very important that you check the label of ingredients before buying.


  • Bring Down the level of Alcohol: It is true that if taken in small amounts alcohol might have some health benefits, but taking in too much alcohol can also make you gain those extra pounds of belly fat. Bringing down the alcohol limit, by cutting it down by one glass a day can add heaps of benefits to your extended waistline.


  • Diet must contain higher levels of protein: Protein is a very basic nutrient for weight control. If there is a higher intake of protein, there is a full release of the PYY protein which helps in the decrease of hormone which lessens the sense of craving in the body. Be aware, so that you include at least one source of proteins in meals like eggs, dairy products or beans


  • Reduce your stress levels: Your daily stress levels also amounts to the body fat that you gain. This is because the adrenal glands produce cortisol which also affects our body weight. It has also been noted that women who have extended waistline have greater levels of cortisol when in stress. Practicing Yoga can be of great benefits.


  • Reduce the amount of Sugar Consumption: Sugar has a lot of fructose which is linked to a lot of diseases, many of which are chronic in nature. It’s important for us to realize that even the natural sweetener like honey, should always be used sparingly for the sake of lower abdominal fat.


  • Do a lot of aerobic exercises: Aerobic exercise is a very effective way to improve one’s health and burn more calories. A study found out that women who had menopause lost a huge amount of weight when they practiced

Reduce the carb intake, it can actually work wonders for weight loss. Diets which has less than 50g of carbohydrates cause more than 50 percent weight loss in people, especially female. Coconut Oil is the healthiest of all forms of oil, therefore, try to substitute your cooking oils with coconut oil, which is very beneficial in reducing weight.

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