Blood Sugar Diet Book – Remission Diabetes

By | June 6, 2016

Blood Sugar Diet Book

Michael Mosley, BBC Twos’s, Trust Me I’m A Doctor Series published the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet Book for rapid weight loss, primarily for Pre-diabetic or you have already developed type 2 .

If you haven’t got Type 2 diabetes yet or pre-diabetic but you’re overweight then you’re at risk of developing this disease, and by taking part in this diet you will lose body fat to put you back in the safe zone from many conditions and diseases.

Ask yourself this do you want to either die young? live a lifeless life? or do you want to live a long full life where you can do things you can only dream of?

Before embarking on any weight loss programme especially if you have any conditions you should consult a medical physician.

8Weeks Blood Sugar Diet Book

Do You Want To come Off Medication?

How The Book Works

This book aims at cutting all refined carbohydrates out of your diet (sugars) and reducing calorie intake massively over 8 weeks.

You will be cutting your calories DOWN to 800 per day, aiming to lose 10-20% body fat over the course of 8 weeks and the aim is to lose a MASSIVE 14kg ( 31lbs)

Another aim of this diet is to reduce visceral fat which is the fat that hangs around your organs primarily the pancreas and liver.

Over the 8 week course, your insulin circulation will drop because you have cut out refined sugars to that of  a non-diabetic.

The blood sugar diet has three approaches to suit different people, there all Medateranion style with lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts olive oil and fish. you have the 800 calories per day approach the 5:2, wich is 5 days eating med style and 2 days fasting and the last approach consists of  a low carb med style diet.

The Three styles are 800 calories a day, the 5:2 where you eat med style for five days and fast for two and the last one is a more gentle approach if you don’t need to lose a massive amount of weight and is called the low carb med style diet.

Are you at the point where it has come to this many people are and your not alone

Mediterranean Style Food

Mediterranean Style Food

Is There Any Science Behind this diet?

Absolutely, in 2011 professor Roy Taylor of Newcastle University conducted a small experiment with this diet and type 2 patients.

The experiment concluded that the patients lost on average 5 inches from their waist, lost 14kg and reduced the visceral fat around the liver and pancreas.

Because the experiment was a success on the small group of patients, diabetes Uk has put  massive funding behind this programme to conduct it on a bigger group of patients and expect to have similar results, the study will be concluded in 2018 and upon success, the idea is to roll out the programme with the NHS.

Once it has been rolled out the hope is for the NHS to take over and offer this diet alternative to medication, which I think is a massive step forward for the medical industry.

Usually, they like to keep you on medication as it keeps the money coming into pharma companies.

And hopefully, the success of this will pave the way for other alternatives when it comes prevention of diseases.

Click here for the study

My Thoughts

This isn’t going to be an easy programme to follow, however, neither is going blind,feeling tired all the time and developing all manner of diseases associated with being overweight such as heart disease, arthritis high blood pressure to name a few.

When it’s put like that I know which I would rather do, 8 weeks vs a lifetime, you need to ask yourself that same question

Also, it needs to be pointed out that once your 8 weeks is completed you still have to eat healthily and preferably exercise.

The best form of exercise studies show is High-Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT)which is basically a short burst of maximum effort followed by a rest period .

The good thing about using HIIT method for working out is it’s not time-consuming and it isn’t self-defeating and you work to your maximum effort and gives you better results the long cardio sessions

If I was to say to you run 5 miles every day then you’re going to feel defeated before you even start.

I honestly think this is a great diet if you have already gone past the prevention of type 2 diabetes and although science has only conducted a small experiment it was successful and people who have taken part in this diet speak highly of it.

it stands to reason it will work in a large group and the book is written by a trusted professional in the medical industry.

What others Think

From researching this diet the common thought is “wow how am I going to do this” which is a fair statement, you probably been eating sugary foods for a long time.

However after 14 days your body kind of gets used to it and becomes more bearable and not as hard.

As you lose weight things will become more easy and satisfying just imagine now your jeans/dress to big for you, people saying how good you look and how good you feel is that worth 8 weeks of your life?

See below for a couple of screen shots of what others are saying

4.5 Stars out 5

4.5 Stars out 5

Customer reviews 5

Pros And Cons


  • Rapid Weight Loss
  • Diabetic remission
  • Reduced visceral fat
  • Cheap
  • Easy To Follow steps
  • Scientifically Proven


  • Not an easy diet
  • Big shock to your body
  • Exercise would be hard as low calories
  • It’s not a cure


If you want or NEED to lose weight fast, then the blood sugar diet book is essential for your health and possibly your life, if you live in Tyneside or Scotland you can opt to be part of the trials.

I highly recommend this book as it’s written by a doctor with a professor having valuable input into regards to it being safe.

seriously can’t stress enough how important it is to lose weight and avoid having a lifelong condition or taking pills for the rest of your life.

Don’t go into this diet half-hearted this is the last resort and you need to be fully committed as this is a tough diet, but it needs to be to get you back to a non-diabetic state.

For how much the book cost you can’t afford not to try this.

Buy Now Here 

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If you have any questions or concerned about anything please leave a comment below

19 thoughts on “Blood Sugar Diet Book – Remission Diabetes

  1. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    I am always interested in a new health self-help book, the sugar diet book sounds like a very good book to add to anyone’s library. Is does not sound actually like a diet, it sounds more of adjusting to a new lifestyle which I approve of and think the concept of this book is a positive way to make changes to your new lifestyle.

    1. Steven

      Its not the easiest of diets to adopt if you have spent years with sugary snacks and pre packaged food but it certaily is rewarding and you will adapt to it very quick

  2. Jane

    I used this book and it’s great, hard to get used to at first but you will feel a lot better and look a lot slimmer.

    It really works for diabetes as well as if my levels stay like this I can stop taking medication

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      So glad this book is working out for you, is it hard to stick to long term or as your body fully adapted to it?

  3. Janice

    Thanks for this, I have just ordered I will let you know how it works out

  4. Michel

    This book it seems is not only for diabetics but for everyone. We could all do well to cut out as much sugars and carbs from our diet as we can.

    Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, and my willpower is about zero. I find it far easier to take in moderate amounts and try not to overdose on these two poisons for our system.

    Do you have any advice on how best to stay motivated and stick to a diet like this one, especially if you have to do it, in the case of diabetics.

    1. Steven

      The best motivation is to look in the mirror and if you dontlike what is staring back at you then 8 weeks is nothing, you can have a lifetime of unhappiness or 8 weeks of discomfort and in reality it will only be about 2 weeks until you get used to not having sugar in your body

  5. emmanuel

    This is a great program. I think that people that will benefit the most are people that have really high blood pressure, diabetes and need to loss weight immediately.

    It is great to know that this program can really help out people that want to really change their lives for the better.

  6. Dinh

    I have not heard of this 8 week blood sugar diet book for people with type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes. I have pre-diabetes and have to watch what I eat all the time. I try not to eat cakes or dessert too often but it’s hard to give up regular carbs like rice, bread and pizza.

    It does look interesting and I love the sound of the results. Lose 31 lbs in 8 weeks is fantastic! Now the question is, does it work? It seems to work for the short term but what are the effects in the long term of doing this? Is it healthy?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Dinh,

      After the 8 weeks, you eat healthily and partake in exercise to keep to maintain the weight loss and blood sugars level normal.

      If you sleep back into high sugar then simply go back on the course

  7. Diana Worley

    This diet sounds like a pretty intense, but weight loss is essential for blood sugar control if you are overweight. Although 800 calories is sparse, it is mediterranean based so it’s bound to be yummy.

    It is written by a respected professional in the field so I am sure it is sound advice, and the Amazon reviews speak for themselves!

    I get a little nervous about following from books so I guess I will have my doctor monitor my progress. I’d be happy to report back my progress. Thank you for the recommendation!

    1. Steven

      Hi diana,

      This is an intense course but it needs to be as the people who generally need this diet are at the last stop of ill health.

      Its understandable about being nervous as a lot of books are not very helpful, if you do try this diet you will definatly lose weight

  8. Wing

    Glad to see a book like this is out there in the public. Blood sugar is one of the culprits of weight gain and obesity. There is also another book that aims at curing diabetes through diet and it has worked great for my mom, who is a type II diabetic. I think the diet prescribed by this book will do great for her as well.

    1. Steven

      Hey Wing,

      Great that your mum as seen results from the book she uses what book is it?

      The good thing about blood sugar diet book the food is quite tasty so that does take half the struggle away

  9. Peter

    Hi, I had a look at the post and it seems like a really tough diet. I always have a problem with sleeping on a low-calorie diet and as this one seems very low calorie what would you recommend to help with sleep.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Peter,

      If you struggle with the lower calorie diet try the other two options to see what fits you best.

  10. Larry

    This is great information. Not only for those suffering from diabetes, but anyone who wants to live a healthy life style.

    We are trying to eat healthier as a family and this will definitely help. thank you for the information.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thank you Larry for stopping by, this diet wouldn’t be suitable for children as they need their food for development and may suffer academically.


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