Best Home Workout DVD’s For Weight Loss

By | August 13, 2016

Lose Belly Fat In Your Front Room!

Discover what the best home workout Dvd’s are for weight loss.Then, look no further. Some I have personally tried. Others on the list I have researched the hell out of. We bring you the ultimate one-stop guide to working out at home in front of your own screen.

With every celebrity jumping on the highly profitable workout DVD’s it’s hard to know if there going to be any good or not, I personally believe there are no rubbish home workout Dvd’s, just some are better than others.

I personally find the celebrity ones a bit “faddy” and a bit of cash cow, however, you will still lose some weight doing them as your burning calories, the reason they are so popular is that you “trust” the celebrity who is going to take you through your paces, making the release more likely to be a hit on their name rather on the results it produces.

There is one company that is pumping out quality powerful results-driven workout time after time that will feature on this list over and over.

Best Home Workout DVD's For Weight Loss

Dance Workout Dvd’s


A global sensation with an estimated 15 million people taking part in classes at gyms every week! Designed and put together by Columbian dancer Alberto “Beto” Perez , this latin style of dancing has been going since the 1990s in gyms and the home, Zumba is dominated mainly by females and is a sexy kind of workout with a lot of hip movement.

Zumba is sure to get your heart pounding and your metabolism fired up to burn your body fat in a fun and exciting way dancing to hip-hop, salsa, samba, mambo and merengue.

Although females have dominated this workout I know couples who have great fun with this sexy kind of dancing!

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Beach Body’s end to exercise! after delivering some of the best high-intensity workouts on Dvd they have decided to tap into the family market and make dancing more accessible for families and fellas.

Cize is led by Shaun T, A professional dancer and fitness enthusiast, I have followed some of Shaun T’s other programmes and I have to say its hard to find anyone as motivating and passionate as this man, you will be learning crazy new hip-hop dance moves to blast every part of your body, torching body fat and sculpting muscles.

The best thing about Cize is you don’t feel like your exercising you’re just having great fun in the comfort of your own home, does it get any better than that?

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Country Heat

Another Beach Body production but this time it’s Autumn Calabrese who leads the dance country and western style! After the massive hit of Cize Beach Body continue to capture the family essence.

This workout is great for the family to lose weight, get fit, tone up and feel great, just like Cize this will have you sweating and your heart pumping as you jive to songs you have heard on the radio.

Putting your cowboy boots on is optional but “turning up the heat isn’t” with country heat you also get autumn’s famous 21-day fix as a bonus that will really help you lose weight throughout the 30 days.

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High-Intensity Workouts


The clue is in the name! for 60 days you will be doing the most insane workout you have ever thought of, 45 mins a day Shaun T will have you dripping in sweat and begging for a rest but the results are phenomenal.

If you want quick results then Insanity is for you, this is a year worth of results crammed into 60 days so you better believe this will be tough to keep you fueled up for this insane ride you get a nutrition guide.

I have personally done this and if you feel its too hard for you don’t despair as there is always a modifier in Beach Body Dvd’s to help the less experienced and to take it a bit easier.

I dare you to take this challenge!!

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Focus T25

Another Beach Body production that made Insanity for the masses whereas Insanity was 45 mins Focus T25 runs for 25 mins but don’t think that this will be easier all Shaun T has done is condensed it for the busy person.

Think Insanity but for 25 mins, the way it’s been condensed is there are NO breaks, again expect crazy results with this all powerful workout in even less time.

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ChaLean Extreme

Released in 2009 from BeachBody and hosted by ChaLean, this program may be old but it’s definitely not outdated. well worth a try.

Chalene has developed a system called lean phasing. The workout is for 90 days and split into three categories. burn, push and lean.

Every 30 days you will notice visible results. Just when your body starts to get used to the three sets of circuits in each phase you move to the next. Thus, making sure your metabolism is fully fired and ready to melt fat.

To make sure you look your best after 90 days you perform your workouts with weights or resistance bands, if you’re looking for weight loss or tone then look no further.

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Core De Force

Another Hight intensity Beachbody Product this time focuses on MMA fighting techniques to melt body fat and destroy stubborn bellies.

A fast-paced 30-day challenge where there are no days off! Lead by new super elite trainer Joel and Jericho who will motivate you every step of they.

With Core De force your core is the main focus. Even though this may be true, your whole body will be ripped once you complete this DVD.


Final Word On Best Home Workout DVD’s For Weight Loss

Didn’t find your best home workout Dvd’s for weight loss? Don’t worry as this list is going to be getting bigger and bigger so make sure you bookmark this page to come back at a later date.

Is there a particular home workout you would like me to review if so please leave a comment below and ill be sure to check it out and give you a full honest breakdown.

Also if you have done any of these workouts please let me know how you got on.


10 thoughts on “Best Home Workout DVD’s For Weight Loss

  1. Rene

    Body Groove? It looks fun and engaging but how much weight loss is there?

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Not sure what you mean by body groove. However, all these DVDs are exceptional for weight loss and I have done a full review on each one.

  2. Lindsey

    I totally agree with T25! I thought it was going to be easier than Insanity but I was so wrong! It’s way shorter but it definitely is not easier. It is the same intensity, if not harder than Insanity. But as long as you can push past the pain, you’ll definitely see results and your fitness improving. It’s a great workout DVD and I highly recommend it myself.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It felt to me like the took Insanity and just condensed the intensity for individuals who didn’t have 45 minutes to spare.

  3. matts mom

    I love these videos. I think would have a hard time with the Zumba…keeping up with her. I do like the Cize because he goes through step-by-step what you need to do. Country Heat also looks fun, more like dancing and less like exercise. I have always been a fan of Beach Body. Thanks for sharing, I think I might enjoy getting Country Heat.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      She is quite energetic! I love the beachbody series as well and the good thing about these they have a modifier aswell.

  4. Charred R.

    Your post about best home workout dvd’s is very informative. I believe zumba is one of the sexiest among them all and even the old folk can move and shake with the steps. I actually owned a gym before and more of my client’s keep asking for Zumba lesson. I will share this post to my friends. Thanks for the info. Cheers!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      When I used to work in gyms it was extremely popular then however not many men did Zumba back then but it is becoming more and more popular amongst men.

      Excellent way to burn belly fat and get toned

  5. dawn oconnor

    Well I doubt I’ll be trying the Insanity one lol but something a bit gentler is definitely what Im looking for and thanks to your post which is well written and informative I have other choices. I so need to do something instead of sitting infront of my TV doing nothing, thank you

  6. simon

    A really great post Steven Varley. It was really informative and makes me want to move and shake a lot more. 🙂 You compartmentalise the 5 styles really well thank you for this post!


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