Best Free Fitness Apps

By | February 7, 2016

Best Free Fitness Apps

We live in an age where everything is at our fingertips, why not take advantage of the best free fitness apps to help you with weight loss? There are some fantastic apps that don’t cost a penny  but finding them can be tricky as there are loads out there.

Reading this post on the best free fitness apps will give you the opportunity to try out the right one for you, there will be apps for diet and apps for exercise, you don’t have to stick to the one you can combine different apps for best results.

There in no particular order there all good so just have fun try them out and let me know how you got on. keep in mind that I have used all these on android so may differ from different operating systems.



This app is available on all major platforms, ios,android and windows and is the most popular out of all the calorie counters out there. This app has to feature in best fitness apps as it has had 1.2 million downloads from google play alone with an average rating of 4.6 out 5.

This app takes the hassle out of counting calories and boast a database of five million food items, simply scan the barcode in and all the information is there for you, it also makes it easy for food you cook at home.

With MyFitnessPal it also has exercises you can follow if you choose to this will seriously help out with weight loss if you can combine exercise with diet.


30 Day Cardio Challenges

The second app to feature on the best free fitness apps list is a 30-day cardio challenge, this is purely a fitness app, the design is quite basic and isn’t as popular as MyfitnessPal, and because it’s free there will be ads.

This app two stages to each level, beginner, intermediate and advanced so depending on what level you’re at it can keep you going for some time, you can do it at home or at the gym which ever you choose this is a really handy trainer to have in your pocket.

30-day fitness challenges also give you step by step guides to each exercise. and is very user-friendly.

The science behind this app according to the theory of biorhythms is that everyone’s body runs on the same  body clock cycle and 30 days is what it takes to break a bad habit or create a new habit such as exercise.

Once you have finished your thirty days you should be into a new routine and much more likely to keep it up.Screenshot_2016-02-07-17-07-42



I personally love this app but isn’t as user-friendly as the previous two, however, this will seriously get you in shape focusing more on promoting lean muscle through some equipment and body weight.

This isn’t for everyone and has nothing to do with cage fighting but purely made it on to the best free fitness apps down to raw power for results.

Some of the workouts will require equipment such as dip stations, pull up bars and dumbells,all workouts come with videos to show you how to perform the exercise.

You can get your pull up and dip station here

No dumbells no problem click here


 HIIT Workouts and Tabata Timer

This simple app works on the HIIT concept, you can expect your fitness to improve considerably using this app and you can also use it from home or the gym which is great.

There is a good description of how to perform the exercises and there reasonably easy, even for beginners,  there is also no equipment involved, making HIIT Workouts and Tabata Timer the last app to be featured on the best free fitness apps list.

What I like about this app is the fact it has an HIIT timer built in with voice description and you can even customise your own workouts to keep your body guessing so it has great longevity.



These are my 4 best free fitness apps, there literally hundreds out there to choose from but these 4 I have tried personally and recommended to others and had some fantastic results.

My Personal favourite from this list is the MMA SPARTAN app, purely because I love combining bodyweight and HIIT, this is a proven formula for weight loss results and would highly advise giving it a go.

Like anything though these are just tools to help you have to be motivated to lose that weight enough to stick the duration or unfortunately you will remain the same.

If you have enjoyed best free fitness apps or have tried any on the list or if you would like me to review any personally for you please leave a comment.

Healthy Regards


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  1. Brian

    WOW i found fitness heaven. Thank you so much for your suggestions. I love technology and that doesnt always work well when it comes to working out. Really glad you shared your suggestions ima go download that app.


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