Best Exercises For Man Boobs – Actionable tips to reduce moobs!

By | July 8, 2016

Don’t Let Moobs Destroy Your Confidence

I feel your pain on this one, I too sport a set of “moobs,” and that’s why I want to bring you best exercises for man boobs if you search the net you will find activities that are too hard for beginners to “pack” your chest out.

Furthermore, they only give you chest moves such as push-ups and bench presses; this isn’t going to work, and I will tell you why a little later on!

You’re not going to need any equipment to banish your moobs, just determination, motivation, and a desire to wear any top you like without being conscious.

If you have man boobs, you most likely have fat elsewhere; this is good. Well, it’s not, it’s just right in a sense you can’t target specific areas for fat. To put it another way, you’re going to lose it all over.

Don’t get me wrong; I love boobs! Just not on myself. I reckon you don’t either. I can’t speak for a woman. However, I guess they would prefer to have bigger boobs than you. Furthermore, women love a chiseled chest as well.

The next thing I want to point out is you can’t merely out-train a lousy diet. If you don’t know how to eat healthily, then I suggest you join a program such as the 3-week diet system. Equally, Invest in a book such as Lean In 15 by Joe Wicks.

Right then, if you read this far, then great, let’s get into what are man boobs. There either fat or something much more sinister; keep reading to find out what you have.

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What Are Moobs?

Moobs is a slang term derived from man and boobs, hence moobs

Moobs can be classed as fatty deposits around the chest area, usually building up from under the nipple area; however, there is another culprit that can cause this, which is harder to control and, in some cases, requires surgery.

There is a chance that your body as formed breast tissue, breast tissue, as you can imagine is what females posses and not men.


Lots of pre-pubescence teenage boys develop this, and usually, nothing to worry about can be very embarrassing (trust me) but often grow out of it as hormones stabilize.

Breast tissue in males goes by the name of gynecomastia (1). Almost half a men develop it at some point. What we need to do is do a little test to find out what you have, and then if you do have breast tissue, I will give you some tips to help reduce shortly.

Pinch the fat on your chest and around your nipples, and if it feels lumpy and hard, then this is breast tissue if your not sure first pinch some belly fat so you know what your feeling for if you worried then go and see your doctor as they can tell you how to proceed and if it’s just fat.

Tips for reducing gynecomastia

  • Check your medication
  • Don’t starve yourself this can create lack of testosterone (male hormone) that counterbalances Estrogen (Female hormone)
  • Reduce alcohol
  • 8 hours of quality sleep

These are more than easy to follow and will help regulate hormones to banish moobs we like mentioned to get a proper diet plan something sustainable. I will show you the best exercise shortly; I want to tell you a bit about my experience and the impact it can have on confidence and everyday life.

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Me Myself and My Moobs

I started noticing sore and itchy nipples when I was at school. At first, I didn’t think much of it. After all, what would I know at 13 about any boobs?

However, my friends did, and they labeled me “page 3 boy” after the woman who stared topless in the newspaper.

Now, this was a “harmless” banter in their eyes, but boy did it affect my confidence. I guess it still does. In fact, fast forward 20 years, and I still have a complex about moobs even when I’m in good shape! At present, I do have a small case of chest fat but nothing too noteworthy.

However, I base my whole wardrobe around my chest. I even catch myself looking at reflections in car windows, and I notice them. I don’t know if my friends and fiancee are being nice, but they say they can’t see anything. This is called body dysmorphia. You see what others can’t, based on insecurities and consciousness. (usually, others are right)

It rocks my confidence to the point of holding conversations with someone thinking there looking at my moobs through my top. How insane is that?

Anyway, this subject is as important to me as it is to you. Let’s get on with the Best Exercises For Man Boobs to banish our moobs and leave the breasts up to the woman.

Best exercises for man boobs

Best Exercises For Man Boobs

As mentioned earlier, you can’t just go “right, I need to lose fat off my chest,” and it goes from that part of your body to reduce body fat safely, and quickly I am going to show you big powerful moves that will involve a lot of muscle.

Lots of muscles used = equals more calories torched!

We also want to incorporate some chest exercises to help firm the muscles under your body fat, don’t worry if you don’t know how to perform any task as I will have direct links to my exercise tutorial pages you can open in a new window for reference if your still unsure leave a comment at the bottom I get back to all comments!

We are going to complete a mini circuit involving high-intensity intervals and ideally complete at least 2 FULL circuits to start with, this has to push you to the point of panting for breath and becoming sweaty your boobs are staying, unfortunately, warm up by jogging on the spot for 3 mins.

See below for Best Exercises For Man Boobs

The first part of the boob buster circuit 

  1. Warm-up By jogging on the spot for 3 mins
  2. Star jumps for 45 seconds
  3. Burpees for 45 seconds
  4. Mountain climbers – for 45 seconds
  5. Rest for 30-45 seconds depending on your fitness

The second part of the boob busting circuit 

  1.  Knee ups for 45 seconds
  2. Pushups to failure
  3. Knee ups  45 seconds
  4. Pushups to failure
  5. Star Jumps for 45 seconds
  6. Rest for 45-60 seconds

The third part of the boob busting circuit 

  1. Squats for 45 Seconds (pause for 2 seconds at the bottom)
  2. Lunges for 45 seconds
  3. Push-ups to failure
  4. Squats for 45 Seconds (pause for 2 seconds at the bottom)
  5. Lunges for 45 seconds
  6. Push-ups to failure

This circuit is crammed with powerful moves that require big muscles to perform.

Moreover, using push-ups until muscle failure, you’re virtually guaranteed to see your pecs soon. These are the Best Exercises For Man Boobs

Maybe one day soon?

Maybe one day early?

Final Word On Best Exercises For Man Boobs

If you look at your diet and use this high circuit, I have no doubt you will start seeing a fantastic result in a few short weeks, once the circuit begins to get comfortable, increase the time spent doing the moves and decrease the rest period.

It’s horrible having something that makes you feel conscious if it bothers you and wants to conceal your moobs there are special vests and T-shirts at the bottom of this page to see you through until you banish them.

If you are looking for more information on man boobs, then I found this helpful article that goes into real depth about man boobs, check it out below.

I honestly know how this feels, and if you follow this, you will feel better and look better for the best piece of moob destroying equipment, click the red button below.


Thank you for reading Best Exercises For Man Boobs. We would love to hear your thoughts. leave a message below

26 thoughts on “Best Exercises For Man Boobs – Actionable tips to reduce moobs!

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  2. Alpha Male

    Deadlift. one of the most haunting word for any newbie in a gym. Most of the people consider deadlifting only for professionals and weight lifters, that’s the reason most people never try deadlifting.

    Deadlifting is a proven exercise for intense muscle gain, more power, and stability. Deadlift is the best compound exercise, which works on your whole body.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Oh yes. I too was terrified of deadlifting. However, deadlifting is a great exercise for losing man boobs. I also believe many people won’t deadlift due to poor form.

      In fact, deadlifting can be extremely dangerous with poor form. anyone who want to learn deadlifting should do so with professional instruction.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      I would have to disagree with the fixed heart rate. HIIT training is backed by research to be superior to steady state cardio in virtually every way. High-intensity Interval Training

      The only time I would recommend fixed heart rate would be sport or event-specific such as long distance running.

  3. Craig

    Great article here. I’ve definitely noticed some serious changes in my ability to burn fat as I’ve gotten older. I know that cardio in general is the way to do it, but man, sitting on an elliptical for 45 minutes is boring as all get out. I appreciate the quick run down on some exercises you can do for short periods of time to drive the same impact!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I know exactly what you mean. I can’t think of anything worse than dragging out long cardio workouts on machines such as treadmills and ellipticals.

      High intensity is where it’s at. far superior and in this day and age we could all do with the extra time.

  4. Merry

    That was an excellent article I am going to look into the book you have suggested as I think it would pertain to either male or female. Thank you again for such an interesting read.

  5. Baukje Strawson

    A very entertaining and a great read… You had me hooked from the beginning, and i’m a lady lOL! You provided some great circuit training ideas, these will work for the ladies too, so I will give them a go!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Good news! doing these exercise will actually help you just as much. The may banish moobs but they will give you firmer breasts and bigger cleavage.

      I am glad you liked it but please give it a try.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hey there,

      Thank you for the link I’m sure it will be of great help to some of our readers. You are definitely right about men wanting to have a great chest.

  6. Robert

    It’s funny because most people think that to get rid of man boobs they should do a bunch of chest exercises or something, when in reality the best exercise to get rid of man boobs is just plain old fashioned cardio. The more intense the better! Nothing melts those pesky man boobs faster than some HIIT sprints.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      You have hit the nail on the head there, you can do as much chest exercise as you want but they won’t fully get rid of man boobs

  7. Andrew

    Hey Steven

    I agree 100% that you can’t out train a bad diet. So many think that you can train and eat rubbish. Yes, some have the metabolism to get away with it but not too many. Great post mate.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Thing is with metabolism it can change at any time and will most certainly change with age you just cant get away with bad diet when where older, plus you can still clog your arteries up without being “fat”

  8. Jackie

    I had to laugh out loud at “moobs” !! Great post. I know the perfect person to pass this article on to. thank you

  9. Matt

    I like how you said the more muscles you use the more fat you torch. It’s so true because when you gain muscle your body needs to burn more calories to sustain that muscle. I think most of us forget this and end up doing cardio to lose fat. They both are good but you can’t neglect building muscle either.

  10. Jaime

    This is a great article on Moobs. LOL! This is the first I heard of it being called that but I can dig it. I love it that you give a guide of exercises to do to help get rid of it. Not many people know the steps to take and I’m glad you give a breakdown here so people with moobs can take action and get back to that positive state of mind. Thank you for a great read.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It’s a term that gets past round the gym frequently it used to be offensive but now it’s quite light hearted.

      These exercises are great for fat loss they get the heart racing and the muscles screaming.

  11. Andrew Ngan

    Great article on how to get rid of moobs. I myself never have had moobs, but if I did I would most definitely take your advice and do the exercises given here on this blog. Great touch on how diet is also very important.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Your lucky man… I go through stages whenI let go of myself they come back with a vengeance, it can be a real problem for some people the way moobs can affect their confidence.


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