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By | November 1, 2015

With high blood pressure on the rise, it’s important to have the best blood pressure monitor in your home, even if you don’t have high blood pressure it’s always a good idea to give yourself regular checks.

By keeping on top of your blood pressure you can have peace in knowing that this silent killer isn’t lurking waiting to strike!

Also if you have this condition in the family then it is super important for you to own a good monitor if you don’t and the data is wrong there is no point in having one.

Read on for my recommendation.



Product Overview

If you are worried or have high blood pressure then owning a blood pressure monitor is an effective and essential tool. finding the best blood pressure monitor for you can be daunting.

It’s important to know about blood pressure as its a good indicator of your health and a great way of preventing further diseases and conditions that will cripple your life or even kill you.

The Beurer BM60 is one of the best out there made by a strong, trusted medical company that’s been around for almost a CENTURY.

This life-saving monitor is approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and gives exact measurements due to its sophisticated and innovative technology.
best blood pressure monitor

Specs & Details

The Beurer BM60 comes packed with functions that are really going to benefit your health long term see below for some of the specs

  • Certified by the European Society of Hypertension and the British Hypertension.
  • Approved by World Health Organisation
  • Easy upper arm use
  • Coloured LED WHO scale
  • Fully automatic upper arm measurement
  • Circumferences of 22-33 CM for upper arm
  • Warns of possible disturbances of the cardiac rhythm (arrhythmia detection)
  • 2 memory slots with 60 spaces each
  • Automatic switch of
  • patented resting indicator for EXACT measurements
  • 7-day average readout

My Thoughts


Owning a blood pressure is really handy at taking preventative measure for your health and this particular monitor does everything you need it without paying hundreds of pounds.

If you have read my diabetes post regarding my mother then you will understand why prevention is so much easier than trying to cure illness and disease, assuming it is curable!

What i like about the monitor is its recognised by WHO so you can feel safe you’re going to get an accurate read as there is nothing more frustrating or worrying that your information isn’t accurate.

Like most blood pressure monitors there for use with the upper arm get really tight this can be a bit of a discomfort, but still more comfortable than having high blood pressure, would you agree?

It does fit most arms but for the morbidly obese there could be a problem so if your not with a physician then might be worth getting it done with a professional.

What Others Think


Most are pleased with this investment and get highly accurate reads pretty much says the same as when they have had a read from the doctors, a handful of people have reported that its way out



Owning the Beurer BM60 is so simple to use and read the results, also, it will automatically adjust to your arm so no need for pumping,

One of the best features is the coloured LED WHO scale for a quick glance reading tells you if your low normal or high, the device can be used by yourself and another person with its two memory slots that can record up to a massive 60 readings.

The Beurer BM60 Gives EXACT measurements of your blood pressure due to its technology to know if you’re  in a resting state whilst taking your measurements.

This product is certified by the European Hypertension Society and the British Hypertension Society  both of these society’s are made up of blood pressure and cardiac disease medical professionals.

Another big player (World Health Organisation) in the medical world have approved the Beurer BM60 so you know this product is trusted and safe!!

Added bonus of the Beurer BM60 is it can detect heart disturbances which are absolutely critical as we all know, the quicker we detect a problem the better and more efficient treatment can be!!

Why go to the doctors for a blood pressure reading when you can do it in the comfort of your own home?

Best Blood Pressure Monitor Beurer BM60 summary

I would highly recommend this product to EVERYONE, prevention is better than cure and knowing is better than living with a health time bomb as the majority of the time there is NO symptoms of high blood pressure and left untreated can lead to heart disease stroke and other unwanted illnesses.

At a lifesaving £53.17, this is an absolute bargain and represents GREAT value for money also free UK delivery!!

what you waiting for……. click this link to take you to Amazon and purchase yours now

Click here if you’re from the USA  (please note not the same model but extremely similar)

Healthy Regards


33 thoughts on “Best Blood Pressure Monitor | Beurer BM60 Review

  1. Craig Simmie

    I used the BM60 model for about 5 yrs.
    I have NOT exaggerated on these comments.

    24 of 25 measurements tell me that I am not sitting properly….flashing seat sign…I can measure myself every 10 minutes for hours at a time ..always a flashing seat sign.
    My doctor and the cardiologist she sent me to, Both tell me that my heart rhythm is fine. The model BM60 tells me that there is a heart rhythm problem 9 measures out of 10.

    When I do get a good reading , the bp and heart rate are accurate.
    Overall, a real pain in the butt to use…i would not recommend model this to anyone.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Craig, thanks this information will be essential for any readers who come along looking to purchase this. Can I ask, could the blood pressure monitor been faulty?

  2. Laura

    This looks like an advertisement for Beuer blood pressure monitors, especially with the link to Amazon at the end, which makes the information unreliable in my opinion. However, I actually own this model and it is relatively good, but not really anything special. Digital blood pressure monitors are generally not 100% accurate, even the ones they use in hospitals. The most important thing is to check your BP regularly, always at about the same time of day, preferably not right after eating or drinking coffee or anything else that can affect blood pressure. That way, even if it is not exactly right, you can still see if there is any change. Also, there is a larger size cuff available if the regular one doesn’t fit your arm. In Canada I was able to get the larger cuff, free of charge, from the pharmacy where I purchased my monitor.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      I’m glad you have this model and use it frequently. The information is a combination of using blood pressure monitors, research on the product, and experience with clients. I suppose you can class it as an advertisement of sorts as the post is a review of the product. If a reader likes the product they may buy it. I get a small commission and it comes at no extra cost to the reader.

  3. Ben

    For the purposes of keeping track of your health this device would be very handy. Most people would only get the blood pressure monitored when they dontated blood or went and saw a doctor so having the ability to do this in the comfort of your own home would be very handy

    1. Steven

      checkimg blood pressure regulary is a must really if you want to prevent high blood pressure as you can quickly get on top of it

  4. Julie

    This is amazing – I didn’t know that the manufacturers of Beurer have been around for almost a century already! I’ve done some shopping around and research for a good blood pressure monitor and have narrowed it down with the Beurer BM60 at the top of my list. After reading your post I’m now sure that this is the perfect model for my needs. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Marcus

    It’s great that you can get a reasonably priced product like this that can test your blood pressure. My mother has had high blood pressure and she had to borrow a blood pressure monitor from her doctor. It’s an important thing to measure because it can lead to stroke, which can be utterly devastating. Somebody I work with has a sister who had a stroke recently, and it looks like she is never going to be the same ever again. Very sad.

    1. Steven

      Hi Marcus,

      My grandad had a stroke it is terrible and such a sad news to hear, i really cant stress about testing blood pressure often, you cant put a price on health.

  6. Juan

    There are many benefits of owning a Beurer BM60 and you explained them in detail. I like how you emphasize the word PREVENTION and we all should be doing that if we have high blood pressure.

    I agree with you that the quicker we detect a problem the better and more efficient treatment can be. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Darren

    This looks and sounds like a pretty high tech little device. It’s great that these home blood pressure monitors kits are on the market these days. Much easier to check it for yourself at home than always have to make a doctor’s appointment, go to the clinic and wait, then see the doctor, after which you have to pay the bill.

    This Beurer model is quite reasonably priced, too, for the quality and accuracy. Well worth the money, giving both peace of mind and savings on regular GP check ups.

    1. Steven

      ah the dreaded doctors we don’t pay a bill in the Uk it’s just nigh impossible to get in, well worth its weight in gold

  8. Jdoo

    Hi and thank you for this article. I have been pretty concerned with blood pressure recently (I drink a lot and eat very unhealthy food)

    I can see from your article that this is a medical grade device, so I’m confident in the readings. But would you recommend it for everyday use, like post-workout applications?

    1. Steven

      Its fine to use commercially everyday but wouldn’t recommend after workout as blood pressure is higher and readings wouldn’t be accurate

      1. Laura

        Actually Steven, blood pressure is often lower after a workout. In fact, it should be lower, according to the fitness instructors who runs the cancer rehab program I was in last year. There is no reason not to take your BP after a workout. In the program they always took a reading before and after each session, and I do the same when I exercise on my own now. It isn’t the same as a “resting” BP but that doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate and it can give you valuable information regarding your heart health.

  9. bryan

    great review i have previosly owned one of these machines before and there brilliant i do need another one as i seemed to of misplaced mine when i moved

    1. Steven

      Hi Bryan,

      they are fantastic machines for home monitoring and would highly recommend this brand been around a long time

  10. Josh

    Hi Steven

    Fantastic article my friend and I’m really pleased I stumbled across this as it was only a couple days ago my dad was worried about his blood pressure and getting back into the gym, So I did a bit of my own research but this is a perfect tool for him!

    Hope there’s more to come!

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Heyjosh, hope your Dad is OK it’s good hes found out that he has high blood pressure as many people live with it and have further complication down the line, well worth having a monitor so you can keep an eye on it

  11. PJ

    Yes, this is an indispensable item.
    At the Walmart where I used to shop they had a blood pressure tester you could use for free. But now I’m not living there anymore, so I need to purchase a monitor to keep track of my health. I had forgotten how I used to check my pressure regularly and I need to get back into that good habit.

    Great review of a great product. So now I know where to start looking. Thanks a lot!


    1. Steven Varley Post author

      It might be worth it if I can find any places in the UK that do free blood pressure as I know some people.reading this simply can’t afford items and as we all know we would rather pay a mobile phone contract than invest in our health, thank you for giving me an idea

  12. John

    My blood pressure monitor just broke, perfect time for looking for a new one. I like the feature of two separate readings. I can share with my aunt and keep reading separate. do you know if it is available in the states?

  13. Yared

    Hello Steven,

    Thank you for this great article of a great product. One feature i loved is the fact that it did away with the pumping.

    One question I have is how often do you have to do calibration? or does it auto-calibrate?

    Cheers, Yared

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Yared, the product calibrates it self through user memory and knows when your at rest and when your not so giving you a accurate read each and every time

  14. Chuck

    I never saw a blood pressure monitor with so many features and have the approval of so many reputable organizations. I like the 7 day read out because one can compare reading to past readings. This is very important but the feature that blows my mind is the warning of possible disturbances of the cardiac rhythm. This is much more than just a blood pressure monitor! Can one store past readings for a longer period of time than just 7 days?

    1. Steven

      Hi Chuck,

      it is a fantastic monitor great value for money to keep a keen eye on such a big part of your health it has to memory slots with 60 spaces on each so you can store more readings but the 7 day read out is a cool unique selling point

      hope thats helped and thank you for stopping by

  15. Jay

    Hey Steven,

    Stumbled upon your site and I’m very glad I found it. As I’m getting older, I’m starting to pay more attention to my health. I realize I took things for granted when I was a kid and need to do what I can to stay healthy now.

    Blood pressure is a link to a lot of different health problems. I don’t have a blood pressure monitor but you’ve made me reconsider getting one.

    How long do these typically hold up for? Do you ever need to replace them?

    1. Steven

      Hi Jay,

      this particular model comes with a 3 year guarantee and is German engineered I wouldn’t expect anything less than 5 years out of it as it is top f the line.

      we all take our health for granted when were young but boy does age come quickly and keeping a eye on simple things like blood pressure can give us a new bill of health

  16. Jess

    Hi and thanks for sharing. 🙂 I have been working in pharmacy a couple of years and the store was selling these kinds of monitors but the prices were about 100 bucks but this seems to have same options and it looks the same so I just wonder why need to pay double price then ha ha etc. 😀

    1. Steven

      exactly people tend to buy it just because of the stores name for more money even though it’s the same brand every one likes to save money…..


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