Belly Fat and Heart Disease

By | February 21, 2016

Belly Fat and Heart Disease

Does heart disease scare you? ever thought about it? belly fat and heart disease are closely linked and the chances are, you have never thought about it until you have been told you have it, or someone you know has been diagnosed, am I Right?

We should be scared of heart disease as its the number 1 killer in the UK and USA, that shouldn’t really come as a surprise as both nations currently have obesity problems.

However, reduce belly fat and heart disease will reduce itself!. Read more here on how to lower your chances of developing this fatal disease and what heart disease is.

Disclaimer- This post contains general information about medical conditions. The information is not advice, and should not be treated as such. 

You must not rely on the information on this page as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or another professional healthcare provider.

What is Heart Disease?

Also, know as cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease is when the blood vessels become blocked or narrowed and leads to conditions such as angina (chest pain) stroke or heart attack.

There are other conditions that are called cardiovascular disease such as anything that affects the rhythm, valve or muscle of the heart.

When the lining of your arteries become blocked or narrowed from fatty deposits it becomes harder to receive oxygen-rich blood causing pain and discomfort (angina) if fatty deposits were to break off this is what can cause a heart attack or stroke.


What Causes Cardiovascular Disease?

In a nutshell, a poor lifestyle. Massive contributors are smoking, drinking, diet and not enough activity!. So prevention in theory is pretty simple, right?

Like mentioned a fat belly and heart disease go hand in hand, if your over weight you have an increased chance of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, all these are risk factors for developing this fatal condition.

Poor diet with lots of added salt and saturated fats will not do you any favours when you are trying to look after your heart!


You may not present any symptoms until diagnosed, most common symptoms would be chest pain (angina) and heart attack, you may find the pain will come apparent during stress or when performing something physical.

Angina pain isn’t just exclusive to the chest, pain may present itself in the neck, jaw or shoulder some may feel pain in the back and possibly stomach. Its reported to be a similar feeling to indigestion.


Prevention of Heart Disease

Here at we always look at prevention rather than a cure for two reasons 1) It is always easier cheaper and more pleasant 2) were qualified in fitness and not medicine.

See below how you can lower your chances of developing heart disease-

These are all easy adjustments you can make and significantly lower your odds, smoking is probably one of the hardest, but there is help and support out there.

Most food packaging in the UK now comes with easy to read warnings about salt, sugar and fats. It’s advised not to consume more than 14 units of alcohol within a week.


Hopefully, you understand the relation of belly fat and heart disease now, this post was created as preventative means and if you have already been diagnosed follow the recovery treatment plan and medication set out for you.

The cardiovascular disease should defiantly be a concern if you are overweight, however, you do have the power to change that simply by losing weight and making some adjustments in your daily habits.

Start with the easy ones such as salt and sugar reduction and limiting saturated food being active for 45 mins 3 times a week, once you’re feeling the benefits then try and cut down on the addictions such as smoking and drinking.

If you require any more information click this link to the NHS

Hope you enjoyed this post please share and leave comments if this disease has affected you or anyone you know.

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3 thoughts on “Belly Fat and Heart Disease

  1. Peter

    Great article, I do exercise regularly but can sometimes over indulge with treats, but after reading this I think it’s time to get out the rice cake. I think it’s a real shame our food standard agencies don’t clamp down harder on the added sugar in food.

  2. Jaime

    Great article and definitely worth the read. After reading your article, it makes me think I need to slow down on my sugar intake. Thank you for the tips and great advice. have a great one.

    1. Steven Varley Post author

      Hi Jaime,

      How much sugar do you consume per day, suger is fine in moderation but now days it tends to be added to lots of food


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