70 Body Weight Exercises For Fast Weight Loss

By | July 22, 2017

We all struggle to find time to exercise. In fact, it’s the number one excuse we hear day to day. Well, we have a real treat for you. In just over two minutes you will learn, 70 Body Weight Exercises For Fast Weight Loss.

Furthermore, these exercises are cherry picked from men’s health. Moreover, there fast, effective and give you the body you desire.

We strongly advise to look through the video and pick whats suitable for you. Some will be more advanced and equipment needed. However, you can substitute equipment for items in your house such as stairs.

Our favourite two are burpees and mountain climbers. You have to try these they seriously kick ass!

If Your Beginner we recommend –

  • Pick 5 exercises
  • Do for 30 seconds (doesn’t matter if you can’t)
  • 10-15 seconds rest in between each exercise.
  • Aim for 5-6 sets

Now you have seen all 70 Body Weight Exercises For Fast Weight Loss whats your go to exercise. go a head, leave us a comment below…

You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet

In addition, you must fuel your body right. You can’t out train a bad diet. In fact, many experts agree that it’s 70% diet and 30% exercise for best results.

Our Number 1 Diet Solution

The first thing to remember, not all diets are equal! In fact, the vast majority of diets are fads and ineffective.

Moreover, A good diet should educate and not starve you of nutrients. Also, a good diet should be personal.

The 3-week diet takes all this in to account. In essence, the 3 week diet allows for rapid safe weight loss. the way it does this is taking your hormones, calorie deficit and BMR (basal metabolic rate) into account.

You can find our full review here does 3-week diet system work

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  1. Get Skinny While You Sleep

    Great article! I’m familiar with most of the exercises in this article because I do them before lifting weights. The video really helpful in explaining how to get into the positions.


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