5 Ways Your Dog Can Assist You In Easy Weight Loss

By | July 27, 2018

Effortless weight loss is dream come true. We all want to be more confident when people are around, but those extra pounds do not let us win the crowd. Sometimes, we just have to overlook those negative yet true remarks of everyone.

It’s challenging to follow a healthy diet and workout routine. We give up before even trying because of a bundle of excuses and fear of not getting any results.

Can we hire a personal trainer? Yes, there are a lot of applications to remind, motivate and train you. But, I know we all start ignoring them too.

You can bring home your personal coach. Your lazy pooch has tons of pent-up energy which you can trigger for encouraging you daily. Your dog will greatly inspire you to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Let’s look at the 5 ways dogs will make you lose weight effortlessly:

Personal Coach:

Dogs can move mountains! Jokes apart, but they can move you. They can motivate you to prepare for a jog, exercise, and doga session. If you enjoy spending time alone outdoors, your dog can be the silent partner. Remember to use dog-collars that prevent parasitic fleas from entering your house.

Were you planning to make a morning walk routine? Share it with your dog. Dogs can wake you up at a fixed time and wouldn’t leave your side until you are fully awake.  I mean go out for a walk with your pooch. Follow the routine for a week. Your pooch will handle you later on.

Healthy Food:

Healthy food is boring as compared to the junk one. It’s hard to resist those pastries, burgers, and pizzas. However, you have to stop eating junk for a healthier and happier life.

Start off by preparing healthy and fresh home-made diets for the pooch. Keep it raw and delicious. It will ensure the longevity of the dogs. It will motivate you to cook fresh, raw and healthy for yourself too.

A healthy food matters more than active routine for quick weight loss. It will fight cancer, diabetes, and heart problems. You will have an active and agile body to keep going throughout the day.

Yoga Companion:

If you enjoy the meditative power of yoga that benefits your mental and physical wellbeing, look for doga classes. Doga classes will help you connect with like-minded people.

Just create happy experiences during your dog’s first class, he will remind you to visit the class daily. Yoga helps tone down the excessive energy of dogs and resolves their anxious behavior problems.

It’s a joy to see your dog making funny poses every day. Wouldn’t it be fun to visit the doga class each day? Maintain a toned body with zero effort!

Regular Jogging:

It’s hard to stay motivated for jogging. In winters, it’s even harder to go out.

If your dog is a hyperactive breed, let him lead you. He will remind you, motivate you and finally take you out. This will burn those extra calories that you usually put on because of eating junk and relaxing afterward.

Fun Time:

To make it more enjoyable for you, you can play throw the ball, follow the leader, hide and seek etc with your pooch. Spend time to teach him different tricks that require your energy too.

With time, you will find it to be the easiest way to shed those extra pounds.

Would you still wait for an external trainer to come and motivate you? Choose your lifestyle wisely.  

Author Bio

Fiona Appleton is a Labrador owner. She is the manager of https://ultimatehomelife.com/ that has been developed to help people solve the troubles of pet ownership. She is an active advocate of animal protection campaigns. She wants people to understand that dog-behavior is reflective of our behavior.


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