5 Ways To Deal With Food Temptation

By | March 14, 2018

Do you ever feel like you are full and still tempted to have that dessert you are offered at the feast? Do you feel like there is no full stop when it comes to food and you are always ready to have a bite or two even when it is completely unnecessary? If yes, you need to know some of the ways you can at least minimize your habit, if not completely get rid of it.

Getting tempted to aromatic and ravishing dishes is quite normal, but you must know how to get a hold of yourself and not go overboard with eating. Here are some tips using which you can deal with all kinds of tempting situations.

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One Bite Rule

There are many times when you are offered sweets like birthdays, Valentine’s Day or anniversary. You might always end up stuffing in a large slice of cake and then regret taking more calories than expected. It is normal and controllable if you follow the one-bite rule. Make a vow to yourself to take only one bite of anything you are offered no matter how much you want it. This way, your temptation will get a rest while you are saved from getting fat too.

7 ways of avoiding food temptation

Find a Healthier Alternative

In case you are craving for a sweet like ice-cream or any unhealthy snack which you cannot afford to eat. Do you want to satiate your cravings without exceeding your calorie intake limit? All you need to do is find a healthier alternative. For instance, if you and your friends are going out to an ice-cream parlor and you feel tempted, just get yourself frozen yogurt or fruit slush instead.


Be Specific about What You Eat

Grabbing a burger on the go is not completely unacceptable as long as you know how to stay away from ingredients that are unhealthy and fattening. Try to avoid all the ingredients like mayonnaise, cheese, deep fried stuff and the like. Be specific about what you can and simply cannot afford to add to your meal. Making healthy choices will prevent you from falling for just about any food that comes your way.


Eat Smart at a Fancy Restaurant

Eating at a fancy restaurant gets you a little excited to try everything in the cuisine. You can do so by making smart choices. Always order an appetizer and share it with your friends and family. Also, make sure you order fresh vegetables in the sideline rather than going for fries and rice. Switch to healthy fresh juices rather than getting sugary sodas and soft drinks overflowing with calories.


Healthy Snacking on the Go

Whenever you are in transit, either going shopping or traveling to another town, your energy drains out before you know and you start craving for some snacks. Instead of eating an unhealthy snack, make a healthy choice by keeping some dry fruit, corns, and apples in your bag that you can munch on and regain your energy.


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