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By | February 22, 2017


I love reviewing BeachBody products, although old, 22 Minute Hard Corps Workout is well worth a review.

BeachBody is a real force when it comes to home workouts, and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to lose weight, get fitter or tone up, every BeachBody product I have reviewed so far has been jaw-droppingly good.

You probably guessed by the title that this workout has a military theme and we all know how tough boot camps can be from reality and military programs on the T.V.

Although an older BeachBody DVD, you can’t write it off as Tony Horton puts you through your paces on this DVD.

What Do I Get In The Box?

22 Minute Hard Corps comes on two discs, the first disc is cardio based while the second disk is resistance based, I will go into more detail about each workout shortly.

As well as the workout DVD’s, BeachBody also give you fitness tools to “get the job done” and four bonus gifts that will help you drive even better results throughout the eight weeks.

Disk 1

Cardio 1  

Just seven moves will see you sweating and begging for a break; Your seven exercises will be bear crawls, t jacks, burpees, twisting lunge, a-skips, lateral shuffle and lunge squats,

Each move will is performed for 20-50 reps that will fire up your metabolism for maximum calorie burn.

Cardio 2  

Same structure as cardio 1 with seven moves performed over 22 minutes with just 22-second breaks, however, time to up the intensity with these killer moves! Mountain climbers, gorilla crawl, Jimmie jumps, water bug, frog burpee, sprint and straight leg sprint.

Expect your legs to be on fire from this workout as all though all body cardio it’s particularly intense on your lower body.

Cardio 3

Brutal three rounds this workout you will be alternating between floor work and plyometrics if you think the other cardio workouts were challenging then this will surpass all expectation!

Again seven powerful moves that are completely new to master, sphinx kickers, skip flys, spider crawls, cross climbers, knee drop lunges, spin burpees and fast feet on command.

Disk 2

Resistance 1  

Five simple moves over three rounds, a result driven intense workout comprising of push-ups, squat thrusts, pull ups, chopper lunge and sit up and punch.

These five moves are going to ramp up the calorie burn and develop lean muscle.

Resistance 2

Disc two brings more sweat, more muscle soreness and more muscles used with five more moves to conquer with burpee press,  weighted jump squat, chin-up l crunch, corkscrew lift and weighted punch pull.

As with the other workouts, this will also be over three rounds with a 22-second break!

Resistance 3  

Your endurance is going to be pushed to the limits with plyometric exercises in this DVD thoroughly challenging your muscles with split lunge thrust, scissor clappers, mountain squats, pump jumpers, and arm balance.

Your body will feel broke and everyday task will be a lot harder, but it will be worth it!

Fitness Tools

Inside the box, you will also receive some helpful tools to help you get through the eight gruelling weeks, see below the items you recieve:

Quick Start Mission Guide

If you fail to prepare, prepare to fail that’s why this book is essential to your progress, take your fitness test before you start 22 minute hard corps to see what level you at and ultimately at the end of the eight weeks you can see how far you have come.

Rations for Results

An essential food guide that will help you to fuel your body right to make it through to the end and give you out of this world results.


A simple follow along calendar to track your workouts and let you know which DVD workout to do the day after plus you find out when your well-deserved rest is.

 3 Bonus Gifts

As with all BBeachBody products you always receive some bonus or free products, 22 minute hard corps has three, see below the gifts that come in the box:

Hell Card

An extra week to literally push you to the max, double up the time, double up the results! Two workouts one day followed by three the next, for the seven days of hell.


To fit the real workouts in just 22 minutes the warm up had to be dropped, don’t worry though as this DVD is on hand to make sure your body is ready for the punishment ahead.

24/7 Online support

A valuable tool to grab some advice, support and regular tips from Tony to push you through times when you just can’t motivate yourself.

My Thought On 22 Minute Hard Corps

22 Minute Hard Corps is without a doubt a powerful workout, however, with the resistance DVD making up the backbone of promoting lean muscle growth for greater weight loss and definition I feel a little let down by the fact you need equipment.

Sure using equipment will see more significant results but who has a sturdy pull-up bar in their front room or a sandbag lying around?

To get a decent pull-up bar for your doorway will be an extra $40, I just feel there could have been alternative exercises to do without spending extra money.

If I put the negatives aside for a moment and concentrate on the good, then this is a cracking workout that is going to see some great results.

As always if you think you’re not quite ready for this intensity think again, Beachbody always provide a modifier, this is someone who shows you an easier alternative to what Tony is doing.

Alternative To 22 Minute Hard Corps

If you don’t have the right equipment for 22 Minute Hard Corps try this BeachBody alternative, no equipment needed and you will lose a tonne of weight and will see heaps of definition.

Core De Force is an MMA inspired workout that will challenge your whole body in just 30 days and make you feel like a total bad ass!

You will learn boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai plus moves for a sexy toned stomach, read my full review by clicking the button below.

>>> Core De Force Full Review <<<

22 Minute Hard Corps Workout Review


Q: Do you get money back guarantee?

A: Yes, as with all BeachBody Products you receive a 60-day guarantee

Q: Is it suitable for someone with bad knees?

A: It’s always best to see a medical professional before any workout programme, be warned though some exercises will be very heavy on the knees.

Q: I am overweight and extremely unfit is this suitable for me?

A: Absolutely, BeachBody provides a modifier for individuals who can’t keep up with the tempo or do the exercises.

Q: Do you need equipment?

A: you could get away with most of the exercises, but you would certainly need resistance bands at the very minimum so you could do the modified pull up as this is a big part of the workout.

Final Word On 22 Minute Hard Corps

There is no doubt that Tony’s routine is great and will drive results, I just don’t like the idea of spending money for extra tools to get the workout done.

I do love the military theme and how the bootcamp stick to real army exercises, and we all know that soldiers are pretty fit!

If you have some equipment at home, then go ahead give it a go, but for the same price, you can get Core De Force which I think is much better value for money.

If you still feel that 22 minute hard corps is for you then hit the button below!!


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