2017’s Best HCG Diet Drops Exposed!

By | March 14, 2017

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HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, whereby it works by limiting like 500 calories per day within a period of eight weeks while on dosage while taking HCG.

Hcg drops can be taken by taking oral drops, pellets, and sprays. Hence making it not effective for women because it produces hormones during pregnancy.

It may also prove efficient during pregnancy because of the hormone produced may help the baby grow during pregnancy. For decades now the shots of the dosage have been used for different purposes in the societal perspective of medicine.

Some of the protein foods can be used together with shots these foods are like beef, fresh water fish and seafood also like shrimps.

HCG drops are hormones produced during pregnancy that in turn helps baby grows, for different purposes it has been used in the community for different purposes.

Recently a centerpiece of fad diets uses HCG pills and shots that suppress appetite hence causing weight loss, at first it is not approved by the FDA this is because in the past it was used to treat fertility issues nowadays it is used to treat obesity and controlling fats in the body for obsessing people.

Also, this hormone is low on calorie it allows five hundred to eight hundred calories a day on average. Statistically, it is one fourth of what professionals on nutrition may approve.

Medical Research on the HCG Diet

Research on HCG clinic wise in studies it was first disapproved by the FDA because the experimental tasks that were carried out failed to show that it helps in weight loss, why? It does make people with obesity and those in need to lose body fat lose weight differently and not faster. 

To date clinic, wise no study has proven it being a safer method. Hundreds of patients and have been conducted on to this test analyzing their blood samples on HCG found that patients who use oral and pellets HCG are not visible in their blood samples. Hence the conclusion in the study meant that HCG is rather hard to be absorbed by mouth.

HCG diet: Is it safe and effective?

How can one use HCG drops in an effective way? When taking the drops one is not supposed to take anything for at least thirty minutes before taking the drops.

Also while taking the drops orally one is supposed to place the drops in the mouth for at least a minute in the mouth till they dissolve into liquid form then can be swallowed from there.

Scientist’s have insisted that it is better to hold them under the tongue for a minute because it is important but not necessary.in a day five hundred to five fifty calories are efficient but note that one should not exceed the drops by one hundred or less than one hundred.

Water is efficient in the body hence one can take water, but water has a limitation of time not after seven pm. On  HCG one should always aim for two litres of water per day.

Note that breath mints should not be taken while one is taking the drops if it’s a must you take gums only gums with stevia and xylitol are recommended.

When it comes to foods a snack per day is efficient. Only fresh seasoned foods go well with the drops. Foods that can be approved are like tea, water and coffee.

Protein food should be limited in your day with HCG drops, two protein portions of food per day is advisable but not at the same time; eat them at different durations but if possible proteins are approved for three times a day with the drops.

Two pieces of fruits per day are also recommended because fruits are rich in vitamin C. vegetables per day, may also be two but advisable to take those with fiber. This is a point to note that fruits and proteins may not be taken at the same time with proteins.

Also while taking the drops orally one is supposed to place the drops in the mouth for at least a minute in the mouth till they dissolve into liquid form then they can be swallowed from there.

Conclusion and Recommendation:

To conclude is that HCG drops are an efficient way of weight loss but only with the specifications of a balanced diet. Follow instructions where you place HCG drops under your tongue for just a minute for them to dissolve first then swallow. Also, follow specifications on taking snacks and balanced diet as listed below. Hence this allows the maximum absorption of HCG hormones into your system. Eating and drinking anything after taking your HCG is a key thing to remember.

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